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    Are You A Wasteland Wanderer And Lost Your Wasteland Survival Guide? Well This Is The Club For You. We Will Help Each Other Out In Ridding The Institute From Existence

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    Not sure what creating a club can do so I figure I'd make one. Chill, post and play. Socializing is what clubs are about so feel free to join! Accept the movement. Be the movement. #WeOutHere

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    Halo 5 has an amazing community within itself, and we are just a small part of it.

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    If you have multiple platforms like myself. This club is for having more of our Family to play with. My primary platform is Xbox One. This is where my squad and division are at. However, I have a pc as well and wouldn't mind play with some people on there. Any platform is welcome!
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    Come! Join me peasants and I shall show you the path to salvation! I shall guide ye to Hope and Wonderment! Forsake the and thou shall burn in the lowest pits of the abyss! *All for the low price of $19.99 Apply within, No logical individuals allowed! Prices expire soon!*

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    Club for AAP Staff

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    If you love black ops 3 come and join find other people in KSI who wants to play and get to know other people in the community

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    for anyone that's plays something different besides COD. For players that like to work together as a team and use strategy to gain a win lookin for XBOX one players two tanks two assault and a healer

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    Just make a post asking to start a group and then go destroy some noons

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    you can lfg and share your clips

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    Club for the Court Judges of KSI.

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    you can post your clip and look for a group

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    So, clubs are new. Well, anyone can join in really. Gonna try this out

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    I am making this club for those in KSI and looking to join as well so that you guys can find people to play games with and just have fun overall like we are here to do! :)

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    Let's see what you got!

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    Club for members of Banshee ES