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      We will be introducing forum ranks, which are essentially member groups that auto change when a certain post count is achieved. Right now the groups are as follows.... Member - Default group Not a Newb - 200 post Casual - 350 post Mid-Core - 500 post Hardcore - 750 post Semi-Pro - 1000 post Pro - 1500 post No Life - 5000 post If you have any issues, or your group needs to be change, plz post in the following.... http://www.ksiforums...um-group-issue/
    • Responsibility: You and Your Forums and Access Denied Accounts

      With regards to Forums accounts and their usage: (includes the Member Management System) Your account is yours and yours alone.
      You do Not need more than one account.
      You do Not pass your login details to other people.
      You do Not allow other people onto your account.
      IF you are banned from these forums, then it is due to the conduct of your account or personal interactions with these forums.
      IF you are banned from the forums, that also means you will most likely permanently be disqualified from attaining the rank of general since a general must be able to use both Access Denied and the forums
      You are held personally responsible for Any-/-All content it publishes on these forums.
      You are held personally responsible for any violations of the terms of service and the Code of Conduct.
      It is YOUR responsibility to ensure your forums account is kept secure.
      You are NOT allowed to sign into other peoples accounts on the forums to "help" them.
      You are NOT allowed to create forums accounts for other people to use.
      Any issues with forums or Access Denied accounts MUST BE DIRECTED TOWARDS THE ADMIN TEAM FOR THE FORUMS
      For more handy hints to help you avoid getting yourself banned....read this helpfull document in the link underneath. its called the Terms of service: http://www.ksiforums.org/index.php?app=tos Sincerely, The Forums Staff
    • False Military Member Clause

      False Military Member Clause Here in KSI, we are proud of members that are part of the military and law enforcement. We strive to do whatever we can to help facilitate these members being in KSI despite their rigorous time consuming training, deployments, and etc. That being said, impersonating a member of our Armed Services will not be tolerated in KSI. Upon discovering that a member is falsely presenting themselves to be a member of the military, they will be immediately banned from the forums until an investigation by the KSI Military Liaison, and the individuals leadership can take place. Disciplinary action will be decided by the Military Liaison with the consent of the Board of Directors/senior leadership, and could range from a rank suspension to being blacklisted. Understand that KSI views this as an extreme integrity violation and breach of the CoC as it a federal crime in the United States, those we will punish it accordingly based on the severity of the transgression. If a member is dissatisfied or wants to appeal a disciplinary action that has been taken against them in a "stolen valor" case, they retain the right to appeal their punitive action in the court area. If said members punishment does not equal to a Blacklist from the community, they will at a minimum be required to write an apology letter to be publicly displayed on the forums, apologizing to the members of KSI and its military personnel for their actions. If you have any questions feel free to contact me KSI Mufasa 7 KSI Military Liaison/Web Ops
    • IPS 4.0 Update and Concerns   07/25/2015

      It is to be noted that we will be updating our forums soon to the newest version of IPB/IPS. With this being said and with any update, there will be issues at hand with certain features not working properly or being utilized at all. We will be resetting the economy's point system as well as a couple other small changes during this transition. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns at this time, please don't hesitate to post in the topic we have provided for everyone in the general area.   http://www.ksiforums.org/topic/28958-ksi-forums-update-questions-concerns/   Also, if you wish to contact someone privately and work 1 on 1 with an issue, please send a message to one of our forum staff here on KSI Forums. Thank you for your understanding and patience through this time of transition.

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