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    • Monkey Twerker  07:35 AM
    • KSI Mr Leon  07:35 AM
        haven't talked to you in a while, how are you?
    • Monkey Twerker  07:34 AM
        Thank you and hey
    • KSI Mr Leon  07:33 AM
        hey my old gen
    • KSI_SANDMAN  07:32 AM
        Best name ive ever seen
    • Monkey Twerker  07:32 AM
    • KSI_SANDMAN  07:30 AM
    • MRS PRIMAL  07:29 AM
    • MRS PRIMAL  07:29 AM
        Okay if not I'm gonna hung you down and beat you with a stick
    • KSI_SANDMAN  07:28 AM
    • MRS PRIMAL  07:28 AM
        Lol u sure
    • KSI_SANDMAN  07:28 AM
        It will be fine
    • MRS PRIMAL  07:26 AM
        Nah they hate me
    • KSI_SANDMAN  07:26 AM
        A court judge is supposed to provide an unbiased opinion so that wont matter.
    • MRS PRIMAL  07:25 AM
        Yeah I've been trying they just hate me I swear
    • MRS PRIMAL  07:25 AM
        My kik name is loveforever11_22_13
    • KSI Mr Leon  07:25 AM
        thats my div lol
    • KSI_SANDMAN  07:24 AM
        MRS PRIMAL. See if you can get a one-strike policy in WI. Its an old policy but its worth a shot
    • KSI Mr Leon  07:24 AM
        ight what ur kik?
    • MRS PRIMAL  07:24 AM
    • MRS PRIMAL  07:24 AM
        My love is down right now you can add me on kik though
    • MRS PRIMAL  07:23 AM
        I'm only dnhd not blacklisted
    • KSI_SANDMAN  07:22 AM
    • KSI Mr Leon  07:22 AM
        and if either of u got kik just lmk
    • KSI Mr Leon  07:21 AM
        i cant get on right now becaues im being lazy but ill add u from smartglass
    • KSI_SANDMAN  07:20 AM
        If yall want to talk on XBOX 360: SyCo Sandman 7. let me know
    • KSI Mr Leon  07:20 AM
        good point, im just pissed at many things right now
    • KSI_SANDMAN  07:19 AM
        Just be honest and straight forward with it MRS PRIMAL. If it is a level 4 or 5 offense you may have a rough time.
    • MRS PRIMAL  07:19 AM
        So? Lol isn't that how all friends start
    • KSI Mr Leon  07:18 AM
        u sure? u dont know me tho....
    • MRS PRIMAL  07:17 AM
        Leon we can be friends
    • MRS PRIMAL  07:17 AM
        Yeah I know... I was a higher up I know how it works... I just had some blacklisted friends and chose them over a community and yeah... Didn't end very well
    • KSI_SANDMAN  07:15 AM
        It all depends on the severity of what you were accused of
    • KSI Mr Leon  07:15 AM
        i need new friends ugh, and i feel you im hated by many people in ksi
    • MRS PRIMAL  07:15 AM
        I've been dnhd since 2012 tried to remove it ever year since they keep telling me no
    • MRS PRIMAL  07:14 AM
        Nah all the judges hate me I probably won't even get the appeal rasided it was just worth a try
    • KSI_SANDMAN  07:13 AM
        have you tried to Dm a court judge
    • MRS PRIMAL  07:12 AM
        I'm waiting on a appeal since sept
    • KSI_SANDMAN  07:12 AM
        Good. Just waiting on my ReJoin app
    • MRS PRIMAL  07:11 AM
        How are you sandman?
    • KSI_SANDMAN  07:11 AM
        There Leon
    • KSI_SANDMAN  07:11 AM
        5.All members have an “Open Door Policy” to speak with Leaders and Founders on any issues or with any ideas. But still impress the responsibility to report to the appropriate leaders within the KSI Chain of Command.
    • KSI_SANDMAN  07:11 AM
    • MRS PRIMAL  07:10 AM
        Hey (: didn't think it would let me post something in here but hello guys (:
    • KSI_SANDMAN  07:06 AM
        Keep bringing it to a higher leader. thats all i can say
    • KSI Mr Leon  07:05 AM
        they thought i was lying
    • KSI Mr Leon  07:05 AM
        i know, but last time this happened they didnt help
    • KSI_SANDMAN  07:04 AM
        Thats what the rank structure is for
    • KSI_SANDMAN  07:03 AM
        Then go up the rank structure until they do help.
    • KSI Mr Leon  07:03 AM
        at all
    • KSI Mr Leon  07:02 AM
        i also rejoined, and i've tried to rely on my community but they arent helping me
    • KSI_SANDMAN  07:02 AM
        Bye Racoon
    • KSI RACOON  07:02 AM
        Mr leon.. u dont have to leave cause of 1 clan..and i know they are blacklisted but try to see if u can get through it..good luck man..And goodnight KSI!
    • KSI_SANDMAN  07:02 AM
        So please take that into account.
    • KSI_SANDMAN  07:00 AM
        As a former CoFo it is my worst nightmare to see an unhappy member. But even though i just put in my rejoin app let me give you some advice... Rely on your new community, They are here to be an extension of your family and to be there. Prove the people wrong and show them that you are not weak.
    • KSI Mr Leon  06:59 AM
        i already talked to my gen and my gen is also my 7 so...
    • KSI Mr Leon  06:58 AM
    • KSI_SANDMAN  06:58 AM
        You joined a few days ago correct?
    • KSI RACOON  06:58 AM
        Mr leon.. take it to your gen and or 7's..there could be a way to help..
    • KSI Mr Leon  06:58 AM
    • KSI_SANDMAN  06:57 AM
        Can you indulge me for a sec
    • KSI Mr Leon  06:57 AM
        yea i am
    • KSI_SANDMAN  06:57 AM
        Leon are you still here
    • KSI Mr Leon  06:57 AM
        im tired of getting booted and my phone keeps going off and no one can do anything about it, i hate j2h
    • KSI_SANDMAN  06:57 AM
    • KSI RACOON  06:56 AM
        hey sandman
    • KSI_SANDMAN  06:56 AM
        Hi everyone.
    • Scotland  06:55 AM
        Well then
    • KSI Mr Leon  06:54 AM
        i've had my good times in KSI, ill miss you guys Goodbye and i wish all good to you all......
    • KSI Mr Leon  06:53 AM
        well its been a short time, but i cant take this no more getting threatened by people from another clan just because im in KSI
    • KSI Mr Leon  06:48 AM
        well looks like im done
    • KSI RACOON  06:04 AM
    • KSI RoninReaper  06:02 AM
        I had a good time beastly
    • KSI FRATCH  05:55 AM
        Thanks for the info guys!
    • KSI RACOON  05:55 AM
        yo..what up showbiz!!
    • KSI showbiz  05:53 AM
        Whats up
    • KSI Taiga  05:39 AM
        fratch contact me on the xbox
    • KSI Reigns 7  05:27 AM
        DR has an X1 squad as well
    • KSI RACOON  05:26 AM
        but i dont think they are destiny squads..but they might play destiny
    • KSI RACOON  05:25 AM
        yes we have 2 squads i believe (LW)
    • KSI Slytherin 7  05:24 AM
        You'd have to just ask around. But I know DL & LW have XboxOne Squads
    • KSI FRATCH  05:22 AM
        I may be making the switch from 360 -> One. How do i find a division/squad that is on the One and plays primarily or only Destiny? I cant find a list or something.
    • KSI RACOON  05:15 AM
    • Imp-a-Nation  05:09 AM
        Yummy people
    • KSI RACOON  05:04 AM
    • KSI Warden  05:04 AM
    • KSI RACOON  05:04 AM
        lol..i am.. im on break XD
    • KSI Warden  05:04 AM
        Lol jk
    • KSI Warden  05:03 AM
        Figured you'd be off practicing for your roll in the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie, Racoon
    • Starset 7  05:03 AM
        I've been good
    • KSI RACOON  04:54 AM
        how you been?
    • KSI RACOON  04:53 AM
        nm u?
    • Starset 7  04:53 AM
        What's up Racoon?
    • KSI RACOON  04:52 AM
        what up starset
    • Jay :)  04:52 AM
        just the normal one, I'm a peasant can't afford season pass right now, Might go chill out and smoke, way too mad right now
    • KSI Warden  04:44 AM
        Grats and sorry to hear lol
    • Starset 7  04:43 AM
        What map?
    • Jay :)  04:41 AM
        Finally got past round 30 on zombies and the game decided to disconnect
    • Starset 7  04:39 AM
        I'll be getting on shortly bro
    • KSI Warden  04:37 AM
        Hey everyone! Anyone on BO3 for xbox 1?


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