Less than 1 month away from the 4th forums anniversary! :D
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    • KSI worstplayer  04:49 PM
        o.O Scary
    • Comrade Pliers  04:46 PM
        what's sleep?
    • Doctor  04:33 PM
    • go away  04:30 PM
        off to work
    • Scotland  04:29 PM
        Hiya Cloud
    • Ksi Cloud117  04:22 PM
        Hai scotland
    • Scotland  04:13 PM
    • Ksi Cloud117  04:11 PM
        Ello there
    • KIS  03:59 PM
        Hello Cloudy
    • Ksi Cloud117  03:54 PM
        Sup my peeps
    • go away  03:34 PM
    • KIS  03:28 PM
    • Codamans123  03:26 PM
        might be my chance to get lol
    • KIS  03:17 PM
    • Codamans123  03:13 PM
        im back got my schedule and saw some very cute girls that ill be working with
    • KIS  03:06 PM
        My life is a party \(^~^)/
    • go away  02:26 PM
        i r totem poll
    • go away  02:22 PM
        :D Thundarrrrrrrrrrrrr :D noms hair
    • Codamans123  02:20 PM
        going to get schedule for work be back soon
    • KIS  02:19 PM
        *Glares at Thundercat* Was it your doing? >.>
    • Codamans123  02:18 PM
        he's on drugs @w@
    • ThunderCat  02:18 PM
        He's on this thing called caffeine...don't worry about it lol
    • KIS  02:16 PM
        Wait...wut? D:
    • go away  02:15 PM
        and time to lick a window
    • Codamans123  02:12 PM
        i feel like.....having a monster
    • KIS  02:11 PM
        Lucciiii aree youu okaaiii?
        Waddup ksi fam
    • go away  02:05 PM
    • Codamans123  02:03 PM
        coffee be nasty
    • KIS  01:53 PM
        Notice me Senpai
    • UberSuperman 7  01:47 PM
    • UberSuperman 7  01:46 PM
        :console:@ Luci
    • go away  01:38 PM
    • KIS  01:33 PM
        Hai to the people who said Hiiii
    • Codamans123  01:33 PM
    • go away  01:31 PM
    • Codamans123  01:30 PM
        why xD
    • go away  01:27 PM
        xD im making funny noises
    • Codamans123  01:27 PM
        god so many annoying kids that play world of tanks i mean its a good game but its downgraded because of all the squeakers that play it
    • midnightstar09  01:27 PM
        hi guys
    • Codamans123  01:26 PM
        back fro, shower
    • KaileyAnn99  01:25 PM
        Aloha KSI
    • go away  01:20 PM
    • ThunderCat  01:15 PM
    • go away  01:09 PM
        ^_____^ i did sleepeded
    • KIS  01:08 PM
        Yes...Hi Luci
    • ThunderCat  01:05 PM
        Lol hi Luci
    • KIS  01:05 PM
        So...Not to be a meany, but 8pm wut? D:
    • KSI Flightmedic  01:04 PM
        shortly after gamenight im hostin a recuriting party for all
    • KSI Flightmedic  01:02 PM
        host a game on AW for all KSI members a 8pm tonight
    • go away  01:01 PM
    • ThunderCat  12:58 PM
    • Codamans123  12:58 PM
        for some reason even when i have a tank destroyer and get direct hits on treads they still take no damage or lose a mod
    • Codamans123  12:57 PM
        i ram tanks with my light xD
    • Codamans123  12:57 PM
        the entire match i had stayed in the back trying to hit everyone but they kept moving then all had died but that one guy decided to get in my field so before he could even get me down half health i blew his ass up in one shot.....critical hits for days with atillery lol
    • KIS  12:56 PM
        I play as the guy who likes to run in front of a tank... :3
    • Codamans123  12:56 PM
        i was artillery
    • go away  12:55 PM
        lolol ya tank killers are my a good tank killer can often wipe out teams if they get good vantage with a really good long spot range tank
    • Codamans123  12:54 PM
        these kids on world of tanks were cussing me out for being the last alive an letting them all die then they started cheering for the guy that found me......until i blew the guy up lol
    • KIS  12:48 PM
        Get it back and burn em all! :3
    • go away  12:46 PM
        its pending 0n my banks end lol.
    • KIS  12:45 PM
        You still haven't gotten it? Like...they wouldn't do it...orrr?
    • Codamans123  12:44 PM
        oh well
    • go away  12:31 PM
        still not got mah refund tho
    • Codamans123  12:05 PM
    • go away  11:45 AM
        lol sweet...i just found a perfect roe..hahahaha those things sell for a crap ton on they the rarest ingredient for a xp potion lololol
    • Codamans123  11:32 AM
        dont make me go mortal combat on yo ass
    • Codamans123  11:32 AM
    • go away  11:29 AM
    • Codamans123  11:26 AM
        get back down
    • go away  11:21 AM
        and im up.
    • Codamans123  11:10 AM
        mornin all
    • KIS  10:27 AM
        happy birthday mr. pliers!! want a transformer? :3
    • Comrade Pliers  06:07 AM
        thank you sir. 10 minutes into my birthday and the transformer blows in my back yard so now power yay me
    • Ksi Cloud117  05:40 AM
        Sup people
    • Monkey Twerker  05:35 AM
        Happy Birthday Mpliers
    • REDROVER  04:22 AM
        Hello KSI Family! How is everyone today?
    • KSI GreendayFox  03:30 AM
        Chedda birthday :3
    • DANKIFIED  03:15 AM
        if it is then Happy birthday Cheddar
    • Codamans123  03:08 AM
        night all
    • KIS  02:18 AM
        weeee woooooo
    • Monkey Twerker  02:04 AM
        Its KSI Cheddarbob 7 Birthday today
    • KSI Alley Circe  02:01 AM
    • Starset  01:59 AM
        Alley!!!!! :D
    • Comrade Pliers  01:59 AM
        you know it helps to blink every now and then.
    • Codamans123  01:58 AM
        it goes my eyes hurt
    • KSI Alley Circe  01:58 AM
        It goes ha ha working on typing up notes
    • Comrade Pliers  01:55 AM
        How goes it everyone
    • Codamans123  01:39 AM
    • go away  01:07 AM
        :D HEAD HUG
    • ThunderCat  01:07 AM
    • go away  12:52 AM
        best part is i was watching jay and silent bob strike
    • Doctor  12:52 AM
        They're having bad days, give them some hugs.
    • KSIxReignsx7  12:47 AM
        some people...smh
    • KSI GreendayFox  12:46 AM
        I just know to stay out of it and wait for luci or doc XDDDD
    • KSI GreendayFox  12:46 AM
        I saw everything lol
    • go away  12:43 AM
        you missed the drop kick game
    • Doctor  12:42 AM
        I'm awake
    • go away  12:41 AM
        :/ why do my toys go away dammit......i was amused
    • KIS  12:37 AM
        I know right! Sammich.


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