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  1. Official Spirit Week Forum Challenge 2014

    go hd mafia
  2. Bring KSI Raider 66 Back To General in Blackout!!!

    As us 7s in HD we talk to each every day we make are decisions as a team to better HD not one 7 has the power to demote a Gen with out talking with all the 7s first.We gave him many chance to improve but saw no improvement over the mouth. His lack of inactively to much not showing up for div and not having any in squad to show up to. Also not posting his meeting notes on the forum.We even change cofo over the squad to try to do something new to see if that would help and still did not.Like mystique said us 7 in HD make decision base upon on the whole division what will help improve and sometime these decision or hard but it has to be done and people minght not see why we do but all you have to do is come to one of us and we explain it to you..
  3. Spirit Week Ideas! :D

    last comic stand where get about 4 people in a party and they have to do stand up comedy a line at time and viewer or judge vote till who the funny one person go away and keepon till there one person left
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    is a good general
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  9. Three Word Game

    i was a
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    high deadly fall
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