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  1. Weekend Warfare - Uno (10/20/18)

    gamertag KSI Taywick 77 Div WD
  2. New Member Certified Self Nomination Topic

    Gamertag/Forums name: KSI Taywick 77 Award: New Member Certified Evidence: Completed New Member Workshop Person(s) who ran the workshop: KSI Havoc 7
  3. KSI T1GER- Outstanding Service Lvl 1

    She has done a lot of work ksi right now she is gen and a good one at that. She is a very provable person she will help anyone out. i have seen her host workshop every week not only for her squad but for other squad.I have seen a lot of Gen in my time and she is one of the best one i have seen. She is very knowledgeable at her rank she is also a great trainer. Also she is very dedicated to ksi she has spent hours trying to make sure everyone is safe and having fun in ksi she make everyone feel welcome to by leaving her party open on xbox so that if anyone need her are just wont to hang there welcome to.
  4. Fall Classic 2018 Forums Challenge

    lets go wd
  5. KSI Cherry 7 - OS Level 1 & 2 Nomination

    what i can i say about cherry. she is a very smart women. i haven't know her that long. but when i rejoin she was my div leader. she alawyas made her shelf very approachable could go to for anything. She is proubaly the best div leader i have been under. she kept the division run strong. she work so hard that she got her promotion to dir witch she more then deserved not only is she a dir she is also PO so she work around the clock making sure everyone is having fun and being trained,
  6. loking for madden 19 players

    i am loking for people that play madden 19 mut to do squad battles
  7. Name: KSI Taywick 77Link to Forums Account: @KSI Taywick 77Award-/-Achievement: Name: Friendly / Approachable / People Magnet Reason-/-Evidence: i have 10 day won
  8. dayz for xbox1

    looking for other member that has dayz and is will to play
  9. Spring Break Forums Challenge!

    WD for the win
  10. Name: KSI Taywick 77 Asylum DL Link to Forums Account:http://www.ksiforums.org/user/11588-the-amazing-tay/ Award-/-Achievement: Gamer Score hardcore Reason-/-Evidence: I have a 20000 plus gamerscore
  11. Official Spirit Week Forum Challenge 2014

    go hd mafia
  12. KSI VANGUARD 77: OS. Lv 2 Nomination (Awarded)

    This guy is one of the best cofo that i know he work really had every day. He has done a lot to help me by helping me host workshop to meeting. He is really good at what e does and i know i can count on him for anything. if i ask him to do something he just dont get done he go above and beyond. He get people into thing get them motivated to do better. Not only is a awesome COFO but is also good at the web ops side he is in APP and T&E this guy is one of the hardest work that i know and i am glad to call him my friend.
  13. Bring KSI Raider 66 Back To General in Blackout!!!

    As us 7s in HD we talk to each every day we make are decisions as a team to better HD not one 7 has the power to demote a Gen with out talking with all the 7s first.We gave him many chance to improve but saw no improvement over the mouth. His lack of inactively to much not showing up for div and not having any in squad to show up to. Also not posting his meeting notes on the forum.We even change cofo over the squad to try to do something new to see if that would help and still did not.Like mystique said us 7 in HD make decision base upon on the whole division what will help improve and sometime these decision or hard but it has to be done and people minght not see why we do but all you have to do is come to one of us and we explain it to you..
  14. Spirit Week Ideas! :D

    last comic stand where get about 4 people in a party and they have to do stand up comedy a line at time and viewer or judge vote till who the funny one person go away and keepon till there one person left