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  1. Official Spirit Week Forum Challenge 2014

  2. Street Fighter and Charlie Murder are available now y'all!
  3. AAP Of the Month: May 2014 Nominations! (Closing June 6th)

    Captain Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI True (1CPT - DM/Brutal) Link to forums account Reason: This member is one of the most friendly and supporting members I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Not only does she represent DM excellently, but the community as a whole. She works hard to improve relations between divisions such as my own. I can't say enough good things about her. Seriously, she deserves this.
  4. KSI Harmony 7s multi nomination. (Awarded)

    I witness the mentorship of Harmony 7. I've been in many game nights an parties with her where she has assisted members and always takes the time to assure that they gain the knowledge they need to become more productive members.
  5. KSI Tax Day Challenge

    Grumpy here representing WI! Keep up the good work!
  6. News_Spec Ops: The Line Review

    Is The Line perfect? No. Far from it. In fact, the game has quite a few flaws, such as the following: sketchy checkpoints that'll set you back excruciatingly far, a dodgy damage indicator, clipping issues, frame rate, and rendering ugliness. But through all that, I still thoroughly enjoyed the game. "Why?" you may ask. "Was it the graphics? Was it the gameplay?" While neither of those make the game stand out on their own, what does is simple: the story telling. Spec Ops: The Line takes place in Dubai after a catastrophic sandstorm has torn it apart. You are Captain Martin Walker; your partners are LT. Alphonse Adams, a large heavy machine gunner, and SSGT. John Lugo, a sniper with a mouth. You're all part of an elite U.S. Delta Team, sent on a reconnaissance mission to rescue Commander John Konrad and his 33rd Infantry. Konrad and his men defied orders to stay behind and assist the locals in an evacuation attempt. In the process, all contact with the 33rd was lost. When you arrive, it has been 6 months since their last transmission and things look bleak. That is, until a dark and disturbing truth starts to unravel through the blood soaked sand. This game is about the narrative. Don't expect revolutionary gameplay or graphics here. What you can expect is an original story filled with twists, betrayal, and tough choices. Yes, choices. This is your story. You make the calls. Don't expect them to be easy though. Save a group of civilians? Yeah, of course. But what if that means losing your only lead to the truth? Not so easy then. And don’t think your men are just going to blindly follow you. Adams says to save the civilians; that’s your duty as soldiers. Lugo says to save the lead; he’s your only source of figuring out the situation. Both men are strongly opinionated and have no issue telling you when you've made the wrong call. But that’s the beauty of this game; there are no wrong calls. No black and white. Just red-stained sand. This game first appeared to me as a generic 3rd person shooter, but it’s so much more than that. The combat may be standard but it has weight. Choices with consequences are nothing new to the video game industry, but they haven’t been done like this. The results are immediate and brutal. Here’s a warning, though: this game isn't filled with happy endings or cookie cutter decisions. Nothing is clear, except the fact that this game is worth your time. So if you're looking for something new—something different—this game won't disappoint. Click here to view the article
  7. What is your dream car?

    1993 Toyota Camry. No upgrades.
  8. News_Divisional Pride

    I'm proud of my division. I'm proud of all their accomplishments and every single member that has helped make my division what it is today. I'm sure many, if not all of you, feel the same about the division you call home. While it's awesome to be proud of your division, don't forget that you're not alone. With over 5,000 members and 14 divisions, things are bound to get competitive. And competition is great. It helps to keep us from drifting apart and becoming stagnant, while pushing us to expand and be the best. But there is a fine line between friendly competition and disrespect. Joking around is fun; trash talking is not. To hear a member from one division criticize or insult another due to divisional difference is not only unacceptable, but wrong. Your motto may say KSI Unity GZ while mine says KSI Crysis WI, but do you know what they have in common? Knowledge, Strength, and Integrity. Don't just be proud of your Division, be proud of your community. Click here to view the article
  9. Warning: lots of cursing and inappropriate topics. But pretty damn funny. Check out Luigi's Ballad, Regretroid, and It's Dangerous Out There. The rest of the album is mediocre at best.
  10. KSI BlackHorse Multiple Nominations (Awarded)

    Crysis Gen here to witness. Blackhorse is SWAT/Sniper team Captain.
  11. KSI Protocol 7's Multi Awards Nom Nom (Closed)

    He's mentored me. And his service to KSI can be described as nothing short of outstanding. He's understanding, helpful, and the most available leader in WI. If he doesn't deserve it, I don't know who does.
  12. God of gaming11 Forge team award (Awarded)

  13. KSI TWEEDLEDEE Award (Awarded)

    Crysis Gen here to witness. He's been on our Griffball team from the start.