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  1. hey may i have a word with you please thanks


  2. Hey king of need a like to Techz profile if possible thnks

  3. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2017!!! Open Til 6/22 8pm est

    Let's go DR!!
  4. KSI Spring Break 2017 Check-In/Poll!

    Hostile DR take over!! DR for the win!!
  5. Human Resources Department Application

    Current Gamertag: KSI xTheKing 7 Kik: Colin.K97 Skype: N/A Date recruited: i was Originally Recruited on 7/31/13 left for 30 days & came back on 12/14/15 Current Squad/Division/Rank: Co-Div over DR. What other KSI Departments are you a part of? (Note: Moderator and Courts does not count. If you have any other applications to another department please state that as well.) Im apart of AAP What are you interested in achieving from being on the Human Resources team(Why do you wanna be apart of our Team?) Ive always wanted to be apart of the team. I feel HR plays a huge role in keeping the community safe & family friendly & i feel that i could play a huge part in that as well. What assets do you have that the team may benefit from? Why? Im a very straightforward person, im approachable & easy to talk to Why should you be chosen for the team over other applicants? Honestly, its a team effort, i dont believe im better then anyone so i dont think i should be picked over anyone.(sorry probably not the answer you were looking for) Are you willing to meet certain deadlines (for updates) every 2 weeks? if not will you be able to communicate with leaders on why not? Yes im willing Are you willing to dedicate time to speaking with other members and leaders outside your own division? Yes i am Are you willing to host workshops for the department? And if so what type of workshop would you be interested in? (Squad training, leadership training, IA training, recruiting workshops, etc.) Yes, I'd be interested in leadership training & Squad training.
  6. Favorite NFL Team and Player

    New England Patriots Favorite Player: Dion Lewis
  7. What's your rank ?

    Founder over LW
  8. Congrats on being recruited & Welcome to Caesar & LW :) I feel as you will do wonders here in LW.

    1. KSI xRewinDx

      KSI xRewinDx

      Thanks Ill Be Up The Ranks Soon

  9. Bo2 headhunter team rosters

    Division: LW Moderator: KSI Change 7 HH1: KSIxROGUE1x HH2: KSIxProframer HH3: KSIxKryptos HH4: KSI Taepark98 HH5: KSI Muerte SUB1: KSIxGRIMREAPER5 SUB2: KSIxxCYPHER6xx SUB3: KSI SKATERGIRL Sub4: KSI Alley Sub5: KSIx Legacie
  10. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2016!!!!! Redo

    LW Representing!!! :D
  11. Call of Duty Black ops 2 TDM Friday June 24th

    Division: Legendary Warriors. Team Captain: KSI Alley Team Members: 2. KSI xAshlyn 3. KSIxKOALA 4. KSIxCOMIC Alternative 1. KS Shopzna Alternative 2. KSI PieBoy45
  12. Sign ups Karaoke Night

    Division: Legendary Warriors Member 1: KSI PHIL0S0PHY (0's are zeros) Skype: Edward.tocco Member 2: KSI Alley Skype: Imlostimmortal