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  1. Its all good dont stress though.

  2. I gotta do what I gotta do.

  3. Tell em I apologize It happened over time.

  4. We never talked so much after I blew up just hello or happy belated.

  5. I don't judge her , but I could never love her cuz to her im just a guy and soon she'll have met another.

  6. And everything is just fine , I keep a picture of her smile in the back of mind.

  7. Off this Im kinda taking it back for a second.

  8. Done wasting time on people who waste my time.

  9. Young Aladdin Versace carpet I need a Jasmine

  10. What do you Believe in?

    [quote name=Hedgie ' timestamp='1347470478' post='136558] Thank you and may I ask do you know Dragon? He brought me into this squad and like I said I love where im at right now:)
  11. Some people hang you out to dry like a towel rack.