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    Guns, Music, Hunting, Fishing, Music, GTA, Cats, MUSIC

    I also love the ocean, boating, Music, Rock Climbing, bass guitar, drums, singing, piano
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  1. Top Five Music Albums

    Yeah, I get that my tastes vary a lot, but when thinking back there are six or so albums that have shaped my taste in music
  2. Sex with me is like...

    Sex with me is like toilet paper, I'll gently rub 'dat bum' (Sex with me is like a supersoaker, works on it's own.) Next word: ice pick
  3. Count to a Million

  4. First word in your Head (Do not remove)

  5. Three Word Game

    and the worst
  6. First word in your Head (Do not remove)

  7. Positive Comment

    Good with swords^
  8. Count to a Million

  9. COD: WAW or MW2

    you can't beat the original zombies. Even the remastered versions of the original maps don't compare. Love me some WAW
  10. All Things EDM

  11. What Is In Your Garage?

    I just got this beautiful thing. Traded in an old, busted volvo so it's quite and upgrade!!!
  12. OTM: April 2017 Nominations - (closing 9th May)

    LT Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI RoofPizza 3LT - DR/Paragon Link to forums account - http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/41040-ksi-roofpizza/ Reasoning why they deserve this - When I rejoined I felt a little alienated. As I didn't go through normal recruitment and such it took longer to have a presence in my squad. Pizza was there from the beginning, helping to train me to become an officer, answering any questions I might have, and honestly just being a friend. She absolutely deserves this award.

    Well I am Moses. Rejoined a while ago. Still play on the 360. COD GTA5 might do a little skyrim today.
  14. The #nevertrump people would hate him even if he solved world hunger. Hell, take the issue you have the most passion for and ( if you are a never trump) say trump fixed that issue 100% you would still hate him. Liberals and conservatives are so quick quick to dismiss those whom don't share their views. If we were just a little bit more open minded we might be able to compromise instead of always being at each others throats.
  15. Poker night with Moses

    Well that's two of us. I will absolutely keep you on the list. hahaha Maybe I should post this in DR chat as well....