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  1. Spirit Week 2015 Forums Challenge

    GO DM
  2. Spirit Week 2015 Forums Challenge

    Go DM!!!
  3. I'm such an asshole. I really do hate myself sometimes :(

  4. Count to a Million

  5. First word in your Head (Do not remove)

  6. Suggestions for possible New Awards

    How about ones for newer members? Even like "Joined KSI" or one for each rank. Something that motivated the players to keep coming back to the forums. Because i'm newer and all I see are these big scary ranks looking down at me, and I don't have anything to show for my dedication to KSI. I'm just kind of here. Nothing sets me apart from other new members. We could also do one for getting high scores in games. We could also do like first to post this month or something that would encourage people to stay up all night on the forum. I also think we should give one out for being in KSI for a year. Maybe even one for getting a KSI name change, it would help me personally decide wither I should get one or not.
  7. First word in your Head (Do not remove)

  8. Count to a Million

    Oh I see, you have to go to the very last page. Well then. 13,119
  9. Count to a Million

    21 was missed but I'll continue with 23 unless someone says otherwise
  10. I hate writing essays

  11. Welcome to the forums KSI RabidTurtle :)