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  1. KSI BadKitty 7

    ok I can not post the issues or questions that she has helped with but if you get me into a party I can explain but I can not post that info in here thanks
  2. KSI BadKitty 7

    I can be a witness to this as since she has been our Director she is always there to help us with any issues we have no matter what ready to pull squad tags when I've asked and given us ton of advice like on Promotions she is there anytime we need her if she isn't on xbox we can always get in touch with her on Discord very glad to have her help
  3. KSI Reapers7 Rebounder & mentor

    It took him three weeks to get his squad back from the numbers I said earlier so from 2/6/18 through 2/22/18 If I remember right I hope this helps
  4. KSI Reapers7 Rebounder & mentor

    yes he was sitting at only 19 active members when he transferred over to Griffin as a CPT he worked hard for his squad became a Gen and got it to 48 active members/officers and is now a COFO working hard to help them out again
  5. KSI Reapers7 Rebounder & mentor

    I can witness to this as this member has got Griffin turned around to 40+ active members and now that he is the COFO over that squad he is helping to rebuild it again plus he is also working to rebuild Specter and he also help the officers in Succubus to rebuild their squad if you want someone to rebuild a squad KSI reapers 7 is your man
  6. KSI Eyonia 7

    I am a witness to this member she has been helped everyone since moving up in rank from SSGT-FOUNDER she is always there to help and is my right hand as well she was also there as a SGT getting everyone pumped up for Spirit week last year when she first joined she is a huge asset to our Division
  7. KSI RestinPeace 7

    I have witness this member recruiting for ES he is by far our best recruiter
  8. helloooooooo hru today my friend ?

  9. June 2018 OTM nominations!

    Senior Leader (SENIOR DIRECTOR through CEO) Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI VeRiiTaS 7 Link to forums account - @SaTiiReV Reasoning why they deserve this - I have had to go to this guy a few times because I was upset he has been there for me a lot lately and has helped me when I needed it the most I almost left due to personal reasons and even got another higher up to make sure I was ok and talk me into staying thanks for that has a lot of good advise to give anyone that needs it very good mentor to anyone and defintly a good guy to hang out with always has me laughing Director Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Gambit 7 Link to forums account - @KSI Gambit 7 Reasoning why they deserve this -Ever since he has become our Director he has went above and beyond to help us no matter if it's advise on a issue or pulling Squad tags he even makes sure to have a meeting with us to see how all of our squads are doing he has even came to me just to see if I was ok has great advise to give to anyone that want to be mentored over all great guy to hang out with Division Leader Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - DL Div Lead KSIfiremomma7 Link to forums account - @KSIfiremomma7 Reasoning why they deserve this - Anytime I've ever needed someone to talk to or hang out with she has always been there for me since we first meet has given me very sound advise as well as just listen to me when I am upset or need someone to talk to over all very good woman to hang out with Founder Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Eyonia 7 ES Link to forums account - @KSI Eyonia 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - Oh my God what can I say about this woman when she first come over to this Division she was in Banshee she got here right before Spirit week of last year she got everyone pumped up for Spirit week without being told did the same thing this year as well as helped us getting everyone signed up for the games being played this year she is always doing her best no matter what you putt in front of her and has worked very hard to get to where she is today handles issues very well tries to be there for every member we have over all a very good leader/member to hang out with Co-Founder Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) -KSI reapers 7 Link to forums account - @KSI reapers 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - I have known this guy for a while and he always goes over and beyond anything you putt in front of him he started out in Banshee but saw Griffin needing more help went over there and got that squad up and running really good handles issues very well is there for every member we have runs workshops talks and hangs out with members to make them feel welcomed is a take charge kind of guy after becoming a COFO we haven't had to teach him much he is on point and tries his very best over all good guy yo hang out with General Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - Succubus/GEN/ES KSI Squeek 7 Link to forums account - @Squeek 7 Reasoning why the deserve this -When squeek got here her squad was very inactive she got with every member got them back active there was less then 20 members active when she got here and she has helped to get her squad 100 % active to 30 members being active in her squad she hangs out with every member mentors them runs meeting workshops and game nights even though she has a very busy real life she always does her very best over all very good woman to hang with Captain Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - Angels/ES/1st CPT KSI SN1P3RB0552 Link to forums account - @KSI SN1P3RB0552 Reasoning why they deserve this -This guy is always wanting to learn more and is always there to help his squad he hosts Game night meetings and workshops he is always asking questions to make sure he is doing the right thing over all he just wants his squad to move forward so he always tries his best over all good guy to hang out with LT Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - Succubus/ES/2 lt KSI Barb130 Link to forums account - @barb130 Reasoning why they deserve this - This member joined KSI and was a CPL for a year before finally deciding to become an officer she has been working very hard since her first promotion and continues to do so she also helped be there and try to get every member to be active anytime you need to hang out talk to or need help in a game she will be there just like in Spirit week she helped us a lot in Minecraft I am happy to see her achieve her goal to become an officer I believe she will make a great Gen one day and go even past that rank over all good woman to hang out with
  10. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2018!!!!!

    ES for the win ya can't have the Best without ES
  11. SW: Destiny 2 - 4v4 Control (6/23/18)

    Team Captain:KSI Squeek 7 Squad/Division: Succubus/ES Teammate:KSI LegateShade Squad/Division:Succubus/ES Teammate: Dark rider 023 Squad/Division: Banshee/ES Teammate::XxToxicGamer99X Squad/Division:Banshee/ES Teammate: happiestbag6546 squad/Division: Griffin/ES Alternate 1: KSI Eyonia 7 Squad/Division: Cofo/ES
  12. SW: CoD WWII - 4v4 TDM (6/23/18)

    Team Captain:KSI AtomxGen Squad/Division:Hydra/ES Teammate: KSI SumB1ch89 Squad/Division:Succubus/ES Teammate: KSI PsychoKiwi Squad/Division: Hydra/ES Teammate:MANUEL DURAN830 Squad/Division:Hydra/ES Alt 1: cola7667 Squad/Division: Hydra/ES Alt 2: KSI GOT EM 7 Squad/Division: ES Div Lead
  13. SW: Rocket League - 2v2 (6/22/18)

    Team 1 TeamMate: Spooky Asiann Squad/Division:Angels/ES TeamMate: cola7667 Squad/Division: Hydra/ES
  14. SW: Karaoke (6/22/18)

    Gamertag: KSI xMidnightx Skype Username:[email protected] Squad/Division:Succubus/ES Gamertag: MoB MADHATER Skype Username: [email protected] Squad/Division: Alternate gamertag: KSI ThinScarab6 Skype Username: KSI TORQUE FI PVT Squad/Division: Banshee/ES Alternate gamertag: KSI Alley Skype Username: Imlostimmortal Squad/Division: Banshee/ES
  15. SW: Halo 5 - 4v4 CTF (6/21/18)

    Team Captain: Dr3adTh3Pho3nix Squad/Division:Succubus/ES Teammate: XxToxicGamer99X Squad/Division:Banshee/ES Teammate:KSI SN1P3RB0552 Squad/Division:Angels/ES Teammate:KSI xMidnightx Squad/Division:Succubus/ES
  16. SW: CoD BoPs 2 - 4v4 SnD (6/21/18)

    Team captain: KSI AtomXGen Squad/Division: Hydra/ES Teammate:MANUEL DURAN830 Squad/Division:Hydra/ES Teammate:KSI KuroRipa Squad/Division:Griffin/ES Teammate: KSI Alley Squad/Division: Banshee/ES Alternate:KSI xMidnightx Squad/Division:Succubus/ES Alternate 2:KSIbooperdooper Squad/Division:Hydra/ES
  17. SW: Overwatch - 3v3 CTF (6/20/18)

    Team Captain: KSI Eyonia Squad/Division:Cofo/ES Teammate:KSIbooperdooper Squad/Division:Hydra/ES Teammate: XxToxicGamer99X Squad/Division:Banshee/ES
  18. SW: CoD WWII - 7's FFA (6/23/18)

    Division: 1. 7's Rep: KSI RestNPeace7 2. 7's Rep: KSI reapers 7 Alternate: KSI GOT EM 7
  19. SW: Halo 5 - 7's FFA (6/21/18)

    Division: 1. 7's Rep: KSI Eyonia 7 2. 7's Rep: KSI Gambit 7 Alternate: KSI GOT EM 7

    ok ty

    Ya I wanna know how you can find what awards you can do what awards are there because I have looked everywhere and it doesn't show anywhere of what is an award and what is not I am asking so I do not get into trouble again please help thanks
  22. Self Nomination

    Gamertag/Forums name: KSI GOT EM 7 Award: Lunch Money Evidence: Ask anyone and they will tell you I take a lot of people's Lunch Money on Prominence Poker
  23. Self nomination for commited award

    I can witness to this as I have known KSI FireHeart 7 for over a year and have gamed with him regularly ever since I met him
  24. SW: 7's Prominence Poker (6/20/18)

    Division: ES 1. 7's Rep: KSI GOT EM 7 2. 7's Rep: KSI Eyonia 7 Alternate: KSI reapers 7