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  1. KSI TexAngel 7 Multiple Nomination

    Name: KSI TexAngel 7 Link to Forums Acount: @KSI TexAngel 7 Award: Outstanding Server Level 1 Tex has been an influance to many expecially me. I joined ES late of last year from a divisional transfer. The transition was only easier becuse of tex; she was so understanding and cosiderate for my needs as a member. She had done so much for me by even just listing to me ramle about my life and was tentitive when I had questions about the community. ES has thrived wih her dedication and determination to create a division with strong officers and motivated members. She would even take the time to play with members even when she had so much work. She deserves this award more than anyone and i am proud to be a witness for her.
  2. As many who know me i am always making new Notes on how to do ceritian things. I have a number of notes, and workshops that i have created on my own free time. Something i think is important is a RCTing workshop. Anyone can follow the process given to us but how does a member find a quality rct? How do we talk to people in away that makes us look like a community that Acaully cares for the well being of its members? I belive workshops like this and similar would be benificial but also answer questions on why we do things, and prevent bigger mistakes from happening. And i know from me and alot of others in ES thank you for taking the time to educate our future.
  3. February 2018 OTM nominations (Closing Feb 28)

    General: KSI Eyonia @KSI Eyonia She has done so much work to bring the Banshee squad to its Glory in ES. Each day she talks to members and encourages recruiting to all. She spends her own money to help her squad and take so much time traning members. She has worked diligently for months on a spread sheet for the officers of Banshee so we can keep up with members and be orginized. She has made sure to make each member feel at home, by checking in with each and seeing their availably for meetings and workshops. With out her help the squad wouldn't be where it is today.
  4. Your Favorite Band?

    oh god where do i begin? I guess right now i am really in to Motionless in Whites new album
  5. Hello there ^.^

    1. KSI JaneDoe

      KSI JaneDoe

      Lol hey moth remember little old me? It's still harley lol 

    2. KSI WinterMoth

      KSI WinterMoth

      Sí Señorita :ahappy:

      So yes it's true, I'm returning. Filed app for Insanity DM. JAK is more than happy as you might have guessed lol

    3. KSI JaneDoe

      KSI JaneDoe

      Why wouldnt he be? Lol and i saw! i am ES now but we gota get togther again! 


  6. From Banshee ES WELCOME

  7. KSI January Town Hall Jan 26th

    What's a goal of the community for the near future ? What can members be looking forward too as well.
  8. Of The Years: Nominations 2017 (Closing 18th December)

    Division Leader GamerTag- KSI TexAngel 7 Fourms- http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/33988-ksi-texangel-7/ @KSI TexAngel 7 Reason: What can I honestly say about this wonderful individual? I can say so much but it would be more of a novel than anything else. Mrs. Tex is by far the best Division leader I have ever had. She not only runs the biggest division in KSI, but has a family another responsibilities in her own life. With everything she has been there for me with not really knowing me for that long. She has given me the opportunity to really shine in my officer position. I have been able to use my Officer training chat for the division and it has been a success so far, but without her I wouldn't be able to accomplish it. No matter how she feels or what she's going through personally te is here for everyone of her members. I could message her about something so small but feel like it's the most important thing at the time. No matter what happens or who ends up getting nominated i believe that Tex will and forever be the best Division leader in the community. Co-founder GamerTag - KSI GOT EM 7 Forums - http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/29773-ksi-got-em-7/ @KSI GOT EM 7 Reason: While think of what to say I can think of every little thing GOT EM has done for me and his Division. At the time I was a new member and i recently transferred, but he was one of the first to welcome me with open arms. He has stood by me and his members and has wanted nothing but the best for us, his attitude and his worth ethic are so vast and strong i myself cannot fathom the hours he has put in. As a Co-fo he has done so much and his grow continues. I always see him working, talking to members and his activity on the forums are daily. I admire this man for everything he has done and I am honored to call him a mentor. Captian GamerTag - KSI BuMPer 7 Forums- http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/17020-ksi-bumper-7/ @KSI BuMPer 7 Reason: I would be lying if I didn't say i have known bumper or mike for over 3 and half years. I have seen him grow as a person through KSI and out of it in his own personal life. Through the years his growth has made him into a leader that has changed KSI for the better. He has been open for anyone for any reason no matter if its business or if it is personal. His worth ethic compares to no other as he is always recruiting, doing workshops, or mentoring other members.Through the struggle i have seen him adapt in to a wonderful persona dn officer than can see being a wonderful 7 again. I am honored to be nominating him for the Captain position and would love to see him only grow and flourish with his members behind him every step of the way.
  9. Recruit Tribal,Reporting for duty!

    YAY! I am so happy we got you RCTed! Dot hesitate to ask questions and enjoy yourself
  10. KSI BuMPer 7 Multiple Nomination

    Outstanding service: I have know him for years and he always goes up and beyond for his squad and division. No matter what it is he puts himself out there, with taking care of his mom, school and work he always finds the time to help and give for the community Helping hand: even though we are both from different divisions he some how is always there if I have a question or just for guidance. He not only helps me but others in his squad. There will be times where I join one of their game night's and his attitudes toward his squad and others is grade A. No matter if it's just me and him or if I am Recruiting a new member he is always nice and carring and makes sure every member any rank feels at home.
  11. i hate the forums.  tried to do the app and it wouldn't let me.  too bad.