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  1. KSIfiremomma7 Outstanding Service LVL 1

    There's not much I can say about firemomma that hasn't been said already but I'll try my best. Firemomma inherited a division of fluff, inactivity and poorly trained officers and leadership. It was through the efforts of firemomma that DL began to repair itself with new leaders being trained, inactive members being fluffed and squad activities being reintroduced to DL after such a long time that there wasn't any. She has faced obstacle after obstacle and has never slowed down or given up. Reviving a nearly dead division is no easy feat, but firemomma with the help of prophecy and tex did just that, and that's why she deserves OS 1 and probably OS 2 as well. Thanks for taking the time to read my witness statement I hope it's helpful.
  2. KSI PROPHECY v7 Outstanding Service LVL 1

    I've had the opportunity to work alongside DL for several months now. I've seen DL at it's absolute lowest and at it's best which I believe is right now. Prophecy has been a huge part of this transition by constantly being online for his members, becoming acting gen of squads that needed it (saving them in the process) and being the voice of reason whenever firemomma is away. Prophecy has done all he can to train and mentor those coming up behind him by helping in any way he can with workshops, meetings and events. In short, he's a valuable resource in DL and has undoubtedly earned OS lvl 1.
  3. KSI RiiOT 7 - Outstanding Service Level 3

    Leaders like RiiOT come around maybe once in several generations of KSI. He is constantly doing his best to improve both the forums in any way that he can, while always being there for the mods and senior mods under him to provide knowledge. RiiOT currently is the User Support Admin for the forums in this role he assists both the forums staff and the member base on technical issues ranging from a variety of difficulty and time consumption yet he always has the time to do whatever is asked of him. The simple truth is from my sphere of KSI it's hard to quite grasp the magnitude of what he does, even with my Senior Mod access on the forums; but one thing is certain, without RiiOT this website wouldn't run at the capacity and success that it is. RiiOT is also currently running the AAP. Taking the department to new heights with new policies being implemented, staff being hired, and awards being created. RiiOT is a true representation of what a leader here should be and I hope you all consider not only the amount of statements but who is saying them. All of these people have been significantly impacted by him and his presence here. In closing, I want emphasize the importance of his role here, he is literally one of the most valuable assets in leadership we have. Over his years of service to KSI and it's members he's influenced hundreds if not thousands of people. RiiOT truly has earned this award 10 times over and i hope you all agree.
  4. Multi - Department Award Notification

    LEAD 101 Grads @KSI AWOL @KSI CountriFied @KSI Folkstyle @KSI Officer Pup @KSI Prod @KSI Septicade @KSI Skychild @KSI T1GER @KSI Teufel All of these members have attended and participated in all of the LEAD 101 classes and thus have graduated and earned the "Officer" award! Congratulations to all of them on their hard work and perseverance through each class!
  5. So You Think You Can Write - September 2018

    Original recruit date - 11/22/15 1. Don't take KSI, or yourself too seriously. We all joined here originally to have fun and meet new people, sometimes it's easy as you're moving up the ranks to lose sight of that and even become jaded. At the end of the day no matter how much it stresses you out odds are a good portion of it is in your head and it's not that important. 2. Take your time moving up the ranks, now that I've made it as far as I have in KSI I've realized that I really miss a few ranks. General is probably the rank i miss the most, the chase for my 7 made me constantly try to do everything to impress my 7s and rank up. Now I realize that my favorite time in KSI was at general, and i regret not staying that rank longer. 3. Be confident. Odds are you're not as bad as you think you are.
  6. KSI VENUM 7 OS LVL 2 Nomination

    Every time i'm with DW I always see venum either in the party when i join, or shortly in it after. He is extremely dedicated to his members and DW, doing all that he can to be supportive of them. He's knowledgeable, loyal, and focused on one goal which is to improve DW. I don't always see nominations when they go up but I have no doubt in my mind that he deserves this award for all that he does. I'm not able to attest to specifics because I don't work with DW or any division enough at my current rank to know specifics so I guess this is more of a character/what I've seen from my perspective (as far away as it might be lol) but Venum is for sure one of the bright leaders of this community and I'm anticipating great things from him. I know this witness isn't super fact-based but I hope you all take what you can from the nomination to use for his OS, he's a great leader I just cant do him the justice that his director or division could.
  7. Swagg 7 Self Nomination

    I can verify that Swagg meets the requirements for both awards. Obviously I wasn’t his co founder at the time of these achievements, but through what I have witnessed 1st hand and heard 2nd hand from other leaders he has definitely met these requirements. Sadly I’m the only one that can confirm these claims as fact as no other leaders from that time in FI are still around.
  8. New Member Certified Self Nomination Topic

    KSI VeRiiTaS 7 / @SaTiiReV New member certified Went to Havocs workshop KSI HAVOC 7
  9. KSI Akame 7 OS level 2 award

    I can witness for akame as well. I met akame back in 2016 when I was a General. He struck me as a bit of an odd guy that liked to talk a lot (a lot a lot) but after about 10 minutes of the party I started hearing the higher ups in the party brag on him regarding how well LS was doing. Akame and LS had just won spirit week and a huge factor in that was akame himself. Akame did an awful lot for LS and this is what I know from that time that I can attest to him achieving. 1. Leading LS to victory after a long hard fought week of forum posts, social media pushes, and tournaments. 2. Bringing LS back from a rough patch that was there before and instituting a lot of the leaders you see now. 3. Creating a structure for gamenights and workshops (things that weren’t really there before). Now what I’ve seen since his re-recruitment. Akame came back and I immediately noticed how humble, driven, and willing to learn he was. Akame seemed to not only want to move back up, but to completely re-immerse himself back into KSI, and he did. He rose up the ranks very quickly to get to where he is now and I can confidently say that without akame LS would not be where it is today. What I can attest to regarding akame and his return. 1. Working with Hebrew to rebuild and reshape LS. (Something they should both be very proud of) 2. Continuing to be involved in all things that he can including: Join mod, departments, and others I definitely forgot. 3. Continuing to improve his leaders below him. 4. Getting a well trained 7s staff below him that are able to meet the div needs and assist in operation. 5. Way way way way more but I either haven’t seen it or am definitely forgetting. In short he’s a phenomenal leader and is nothing short of amazing at what he does. He definitely has earned this award twice over and in my opinion is on his way to OS lvl 3 soon.
  10. KSI MFLSwagg 7 - OS Level 1

    Swagg was my Division Leader from the time that I was first recruited into FI, to the day he was promoted to director and I became FI's Division Leader. The one thing I can say about Swagg is that he is one of the most happy, outgoing, and motivated people I have ever met. Swagg has gone above and beyond the KSI call of duty in more ways than I can express and did this all while being an enlisted member of the US Army. Swagg was always there for me when I was coming up the ranks for advice and suggestions on being a better leader. Swagg has definitely earned OS1 and probably OS2 as well.
  11. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2018!!!!!

    Lets go KSI
  12. Wanted to share this with you. Wondered if you'd seen it, since you were a kid when it came out lol.


  13. SW: Donors Event - Uno (6/24/18)

    KSI VeRiiTaS 7 Board of Directors
  14. SW: Karaoke (6/22/18)

    Board of Directors 1. KSI Ronin 77 2. KSI VeRiiTaS 7
  15. SW: Destiny 2 - 4v4 Control (6/23/18)

    Board of Directors Team Captain - KSI VeRiiTaS 7 Team - KSI Trendies 7 KSI Greg 7 KSI HEBREW 7