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      Hello, KSI Turkey Bowl is set and we have days, times, and events! Each day will have two events, both starting at 8 p.m. EST! T&E will be hosting each tournament, and sign-ups will be posted in the Turkey Bowl Forums Section! http://www.ksiforums.org/forum/366-turkey-bowl/ The winner(s) of each tournament will receive a prize that is yet to be determined. Keep your ears out for prize announcements. --- Schedule November 24th: (8pm EST x2) •Halo 5 - Swat: 2v2 1.
      •Karaoke - Current Top 100 (Skype) November 25th: (8pm EST x2) •Rocket League - 2v2
      •Overwatch Mystery Heroes November 26th: (8pm EST x2) •CoD WW2 - FFA
      •Prominence Poker - (1,000 chip buy in) --- Twitch Sub Club If you haven't donated and wish to, please Subscribe to KSILive, KSI's Twitch Channel! https://twitch.tv/ksilive During the final day of the event, the only day with a central hub party, we will be doing the Twitch Sub Lottery! For every $5 donated through a Twitch subscription since Fall Classic, you will receive 1 ticket in the lottery. **The winner of this drawing will get a free digital game download of your choice!** Remember, if you don't Subscribe, you can't win! And of course, a $5 donation for a possible $60 game seems like a good deal. -- KSI Award Show This is also a good time to mention KSI's Award Show, which will be one of the first two weekends of January 2018. There we will announce the KSI 2017 'Of the Year' winners. The OTYs will be open from November through mid-December in the AAP Section. http://www.ksiforums.org/forum/82-aap/ This will be the next KSI event and the next opportunity to win a Twitch Sub Lottery!


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  1. Graphics Request from Nebbi!

    It's okay! Also Kiht that's look amazing! Thank you guys for putting so much work into my request!
  2. Skarzx Plays: ?????

    i voted Walking dead, i wanna see you cry my man
  3. Graphics Request from Nebbi!

    nonetheless, its looks amazing! ill take it!, but completely fine if others make more XD
  4. Graphics Request from Nebbi!

    Is this Good?
  5. Graphics Request from Nebbi!

    Type of Image/Size: A Gamerpic for Xbox, if you don't mind and you have the time could you also edit one that i can use a PC Background? Image: This is from a Destiny 2 artist whom i really enjoy, if need be you can remove the sign. Main Text: i would like it if it said KSIxNebula Subtext (if any): No thank you! KSI Logo (yes/no): Yes Additional Comments: Can you make it Spacey/Voidy, Kinda make it pop out. A Higher or lower contrast setting depending on what you think looks better, Artist that may or may not accept my proposal, if you think anything will make it sharper and look better you can do what you want to it! for you are making it. Most Recent Past Request Never had one until now.
  6. Marketing Applications (Closes 30 October)

    Gamertag: KSIxNebula Squad/Division: Hannibal LW Age: 16 Discord: Lord Nebs#5654 Kik: Lord Nebs Marketing/KSI experience: currently none in marketing as a actual job, in KSI though i've talked and explained departments, events, productions streams, why they are here and why we should watch/join them, how they are good for people to explore. What are your strengths? Some of my strengths may be being out-going, talkative, ready to do things and get them done, I really talk with people and get to know them on a better level on associates. im a hard worker and i have knowledge, looks forward to talking with people, im a problem solver, strong leader possibly What activities/parts of KSI interest you? I'm interested with basically everything, with things i know i know i can do them, with things i don't i know i can learn them, i'm interested on meeting new people and get people to enjoy the new experience of KSI in a department rather then just clan ops! Are you currently in any other KSI Departments? Currently a member of Productions Do you have any active applications with other KSI Departments? None that i know of. Any comments or questions: none at the currect moment, if i join i may have more! What would you do to maximize participation in KSI's forums/departments/clan ops events? Probably get people motivated about events, or getting people to realize the potential of being in a department, get people to know which department(s) best suits them, get news out sooner rather than last minute!
  7. #Squadgoals

    Nebbi is a Plebbi. 

    All this we know, if you want to shout-out nebbi, 

    #PlebArmy XD

  8. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2017!!! Open Til 6/22 8pm est

    LW is the best <3
  9. Gamertag: KSIxNebula Division: LW Achilles Montage: https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=7160DB9509006B44&id=7160DB9509006B44%21430&parId=7160DB9509006B44%21411&o=OneUp Description: This is a Destiny montage I wanted to make, it implores the Destruction that I bring.