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  1. KSI xKing 77 Good Samaritan & philanthropist

    Name: KSI xKing 77Link to Forums Account: @KSI xKing 77Award-/-Achievement: Good Samaritan & Philanthropist Reason-/-Evidence: King has gifted me player unknown battlegrounds when he shouldn’t have. I told him one day and he said I’ll do it and let’s play so we did.
  2. Fall Classic 2018 Forums Challenge

    Go Dw we got this!
  3. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2018!!!!!

    Let’s do this DW we can do it
  4. KSI xKamikaze Outstanding Service Nomination

    Kamikaze has helped me in the past and present. He has helped me be who I am today. Kam also bought me rocket league and changed my name when I rejoined. He also keeps teaching how he does things around marketing.
  5. Member Assistance for KSI LeedleLee16

    Leedlelee has helped me in the past with being an officer. She has gave me some advice on how I shall recruit people and ask their age.
  6. KSI xKamikaze Multi award.

    Kamikaze has helped me see why KSI is fun in many ways. He also helped me be who I am today. I wouldn’t be a 3LT or an officer without his help. He helped answer questions I had about our division, squads and games. Kam has also bought me rocket league to play with him.Kam has also mentored me to who I am today.
  7. Member Assistance for KSI Hysteria VI

    Name: KSI Hysteria VI Link to Account: @The Woken One Award: Member Assistance Reasons: Hysteria has helped me by answering numerous questions in how to recruit, be an officer and how to train others.
  8. KSI Spring Break/Div Cup Town Hall

    Will there be any future divisional recruit competitions? KSI CK Sora DW
  9. KSI Spring Break/Div Cup Town Hall

    KSI CK Sora DW How many divisions and squads do we have in total?
  10. KSI February 2018 Town Hall - 23 Feb 2018

    What does our future goal looks like? How many divisions do we have?