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  1. KSI Forum 2nd Anniversary PARTY!

    Happy Anniversary, KSI Forums, you will never know what this website and revitalized community has helped me achieve thus far and what will continue to help in my future. Hope another year is in store. #
  2. KSI Christian Group (denied)

    No one is saying not to utitlize the area that we already have..make a topic about your game nights i would see no issue with it;however please take the talk off the shoutbox you were warned yesterday as well. Please see where everyone is coming from..
  3. KSI Christian Group (denied)

    Samurai it is not concrete that they are getting their own group..i see what you mean..but KSI is non denominational for a reason..believe me..it is better that way, the way this community is..it is just something that...wont stick..and we have a section..we sud just stick to that
  4. KSI Christian Group (denied)

    What other groups are you referring to? Because if this were allowed...we would have to have groups like atheist group..or anything else like another religion...it opens to many unnecessary doors...we are a gaming community.. completely fine with peoples religion however not a community that has groups for the specific religions.
  5. "Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake."- Matthew 5:11

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      If there was a like button on here I would be spamming it right now

  6. What do you Believe in?

  7. Military stupidity

    made makiki very sad

    I can witness to this award. Zohan loves this community and had done it great justice. He has been helpful to me and other people for quite a while. He has gone through his own ups and downs, but He has persevered where others would have quit. He is a great asset to this community and ever since i have met him, he has talked about bettering his division and himself. He is a star in AV and a bright star in KSI.
  9. Way to tired for things. Seriously debating why that is.

  10. KSI CheddarBob7 (Awarded)

    Trainer: I can witness for these he has been a great trainer through his time in KSI. Member Assistance: This member was a great asset in TW and im sure in DL as well. He was wonderful when it came to assisting anyone with anything needed no matter how much time it took. Committed: I remember cheddar when he was a lowly CPT in Omega TW. It has definitely been more than a year since he has been in KSI. He is a very dedicated member. And even though he was down, he has came back to help this community more.
  11. KSI Pr3dator 7 committed award (Awarded)

    Predator is one of the most committed members i have met in KSI so far. I met him when he was in SR as bosspro and he astounded me with his drive even though his division was not doing well he kept pushing himself and his squad to do better. He has had KSI in his name for the last three gts that i have seen.
  12. Thanks for join!

    YAY glad to have someone happy to be in hope you enjoy it!!
  13. The Walking Dead

    oh man taywick watch it its pretty good. Season three just ended last night and i got to say the governor is freaking crazy killing all those people and whats even crazier...is the fact that some people still went with him SMH cant w8 till october for season 4!!
  14. The Walking Dead

    I know i am
  15. News_The Ouya Console

    Nice ill be looking out for this!!