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  1. 1. A PO Forums workshop The workshop would go over the importance of the forums. How to make an account How to make a profile How to make a post How to make a topic How to post a join/rejoin app How to apply to a department The forums rules and regulations It'll go through many areas of the forums And many basic things, like how to tag someone in a post and such. This will give many members, pvts, CPLs, and sgts to finally have a good understanding of the forums. Once people are certified to teach this workshop, they will teach more members. 2. A Security workshop. Teach people how to do the advanced security work of the old Internal Affairs department. This is to ensure we all have the resources to ensure we can protect out squad and division
  2. Thinking about join KSI

    I'm doing well. If you decide to join KSI I don't think you regret it. KSI has a lot of people. Everyone is here just to have fun, chill, and not worry about jerks. We don't care about skill or KD, just having fun

    What's up CENATION
  4. Want to meet some Halo 5 players!

    Hey I play Halo 5., MCC, and Reach, so hit me up. KSI PHIL0S0PHY7 is my gt

    Is there a rule about nominating someone for more than one award in the otms?
  6. April 2018 OTM nominations (Closing April 30)

    General Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI HysteriaVI (Gen-DW/Samurai) Link to forums account - Reasoning why the deserve this - Due to his leadership, Samurai has grown drastically, both in amount of members and activity. He has created and trained a dream team of officers, who all deserve otms. He ensures the tag is free of fluff, he ensures everyone is having fun, and that they understand the CoC. He expects his officers to recruit, but he also recruits himself. He sets high goals for the squad and achieves them. Captain Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI xKamikaze (2CPT-DW/Samurai) Link to forums account - Reasoning why they deserve this - He is the idea captain. He ensures all the LTS beneath him knows what to do as well as how to do it, while not doing it for them, but helps them as well. He is welcomes all ideas, while discussing why they would and wouldn't work. He has amazing member retention, and he ensures all members feels welcome. When he sees people online, he tries to get them in the same party, so they can all game together. He is also a master trainer LT Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI LeedleLee16 (4CPT-DW/Samurai) Link to forums account - Reasoning why they deserve this - She trained up everyone who needed trained, or ensured the LTS and ssgts trained who needed to be trained. She doesn't only ensure the required amount of recruits are achieved, she tries and many times succeeds in achieving double. She does her best to make sure all SGTS know how to recruit and are cleared to recruit. Department Member Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Nebula (Head of Smore-Marketing/SMORE) Link to forums account - Reasoning why they deserve this - He always ensure members in DW are aware of the KSI social media, he always shares the KSI YouTube videos, as well as always let members know when KSILive is streaming. He always ensure everyone is aware of the upcoming T$E event, and any KSI event. He also does his best to ensure all members are on the forums and are active. He does is by sharing to many people at once, he also speaks to members one on one about all of this. Member Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Cenation (SGT-DW-Samurai) This month his attitude completely changed, he changed from just active and chilling, to actually wanting to learn, help out, and wanting be an officer. He steadly learning everything he needs to be an officer, he follows the CoC the a T. As soon as he's learn about the forums he's tried to be active on it whenever he can. He's also a great example of activity within the squad.
  7. Looking to meet some KSI Peeps

    I have seige, you add me and we'll play. KSI PHIL0S0PHY7
  8. PHIL0S0PHY7 News Anchor application

    My discord name changed to PHIL0S0PHY7#7558
  9. Pagan

    I'm not, but I am an agnostic atheist. I've met one "pagan", but I don't think he knew what that meant, but I don't either to be honest. Would you want to get on Xbox sometime and discus with me? I use to be a hardcore fundamental Christian.
  10. Member Assistance For KSI IrishSaintz

    °Has answered all my questions about the current leaders list in LW °Has answered all my questions about things that have changed since DR and LW has merged °Has answered my questions about how I can best explain the CoC
  11. Hello all

    Well than welcome to KSI, if you ever want to play with hit me up
  12. PHIL0S0PHY7 News Anchor application

    Also forgot to say, I have Monday and Tuesday off 9/10 times anyway
  13. Recruiting : Which would You Prefer?

    Combination of both is always good, but B creates a better squad for the future
  14. PHIL0S0PHY7 News Anchor application

    Sounds good, thank you. I'm looking forward to it.
  15. PHIL0S0PHY7 News Anchor application

    Yes it will, my job this week is just from 4pmest-12amest, but it's different every week, I'll get my availability changed if I have too