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  1. Spring Break Forums Challenge!

    Lets Go FI, lets bring it back! :D
  2. The Resurgence

    Went and got an Xbox One haha. So now I got both. Ready for the action! #Commitment
  3. The Resurgence

    Alright.. What about the PC community? I see there is a community thread for it so it seems.
  4. The Resurgence

    Hey Maniac, I play PS4, not sure if there is a community for PS4 here. But, if there is I'd like to join in! Read reply above, still getting used to these forums!
  5. The Resurgence

    What is going on guys and gals. My name is Max, and I previously joined KSI in 2013. After a year of great fun and great friends, I got the red ring of death on my Xbox 360 and moved to college. During that time I was unable to buy a new console, so I went inactive. Now, I have graduated College, and had the opportunity to play professional sports overseas. With that, I have been able to purchase a PS4. I am looking to rejoin the community I enjoyed so much in my youth. Looking forward to meeting new people and playing some games. I play PS4 and PC. PS4 - Call of Duty, Battlefield, Madden, NHL, MLB and others. PC - PUBG, LoL, WoW, OSRS, BDO and CS:GO and others. Thanks for your time, and happy gaming! PSN: Maxcass4life Discord: MaximuS#6865
  6. Welcome to the forums MaXiMuS :)