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  1. KSIxEarthnWater self-nomination (Pending)

    I witness for him
  2. KSI Collector 7 Multi-Nomination

    I witnessd KSI Collector 7 for jack of all Trades And i also witness his committed
  3. KSI Collector 7 Self-nomination (Awarded)

    I witness this as well that the squad grew 25+ in the first two months it started
  4. KSI Green 7 Self Nomination (Awarded)

    I witness that his squad grew 25 + in two months
  5. 3rd Forums Anniversary!

    Happy three year anniversary forums! !!!!!!!!
  6. Sex with me is like...

    Sex with me is like fire. I can always make your body feel like it's on fire ☺ Next word is : Kool-aid
  7. Official Spirit Week Forum Challenge 2014

    lets go LW
  8. Spirit Week Halo Sign Up: Division Leader only!

    LW Team 1. KSI Mr chow 2.KSIxBigCountryx 3.cap7ainAm3rica7
  9. LW Ghost Team 1.KSI Gr33nB3r3t 2.KSI Papa Bear 3.KSI x Bubbles 4.Vandy tK Alternative Subs 1.KSI NONSTOP 2.TheKingOfThievs
  10. KSI Tax Day Challenge

    ES IN THE HOUSE !!!!!!
  11. KSI Ubeedum 7 Duo Awards Nomination (1/2 Awarded)

    sure! When I was a 1st captain back in DL , my gen at the time was very inactive to the point where i was running the squad my self well ubeedumb mentor me to becoming a gen, he show me how to handle situation as a gen , taught me how to be a leader when my gen could not
  12. KSI Ubeedum 7 Duo Awards Nomination (1/2 Awarded)

    yes ubee have have help me when i was in DL ,to show me a lot of things as gen at the time ! i am witnesses he mentor me
  13. Director Gamertag (KSI Cheddarbob7) -DL DR ES Link to forums account -http://www.ksiforums.org/user/1101-ksi-cheddarbob7/ Reasoning why they deserve this - Where do i start with this guy well he been there for me for the start, He alway willing to help any member and teach them! Even as a Director he still try to get with every member and each div. and squad Founder Gamertag (KSI Dragon014x7 Division/Squad) - ES Link to forums account -http://www.ksiforums.org/user/12108-ksi-dragon014x7/ Reasoning why they deserve this - Dragon away pushing member to do there best and have fun ! He the most funny guy you would ever met. he always there with his member asking how can we make ES better . Always help member with a problem no more what is it and doing so that member here in ES feel comfortable here in KSI Co-Founder Gamertag (KSI MsCheddar7 - Division/Squad) - ES Link to forums account - http://www.ksiforums.org/user/13790-ksi-mscheddar-7/ Reasoning why they deserve this - Mscheddar 7 away there for her member , having game night and come up with new idea to make ES funner , she a a good motivator and even though she cant really play any games lol she always encourage member to get up and get into some gamenights