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  1. Work, Graduation, starting life. I miss having time with friends. :) especially KSI.

  2. I saw you stalking my profile. Mhmmmmmm.

  3. Awake and alive ~Skillet

  4. Open Message to KSI (New Year Resolutions)

    I want 2014 to be a very strong year. It should mean that I start my life strong and come out of the protection I am in and go into the world strong and brave. I also want to be able to build SH again. It has always been my home and I have a strong heart that wants it to be there forever. So 2014 means being strong.
  5. Merry Christmas 2013

    Merry Christmas !
  6. Y must you poke me lol

    1. go away

      go away

      becaaause its funny

  7. Three Word Game

    A special power
  8. Three Word Game

    Snap of a