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  1. Dnh KSI Akame 7 is hearby dnh'd by KSI Greg 7 and KSI Cheddarbob7 for violating #2 of the coc Otm the AAP of the months for July are posted if you know someone who's gone above and beyond this last month go nominate them. Please make sure to read the rules before nominating Observing squads Make sure your actually looking at your squads g14 and noticing stuff. It shouldn't take a director looking at a squads g14 for you to realise how the squad looks. If your level 3 or higher make sure you look at the state all of your squads are all in at least once a week. Access list Make sure your logging into your Access Denied and not going 7 days or its an automatic rank suspension. Doing so twice will result in a demotion. HH Make sure your hosting your HH tryouts this week. Reminder we want 5 memebers with up to 5 backups for black ops 2. we will more than likely be setting up the season next week so don't wait act now! Gamenight All divisions shoukd have a weekly divisional gamenight if you don't try to get one set up on a game the majority of your division has. Ww Weekend warfare this week is a free to play backwards compatible game called doritos crash course. Sign up in the forums in the t&e section Weekly update This week's weekly update will be the topic of forums and the benefits it has to our members hosted by ksi ascend 7 on Friday at 8 eastern. Tune in to to join in on the fun Department hirings News and productions are always hiring go to there sections on the forums to sign up. T&e applications are closing this Friday so hurry up and sign up!
  2. Generals Just a reminder generals have every right to remove someone from there squad if they are causing issues. There are to be no reprocussions should a general choose to remove a problem child from there squad. Fun It is important to remember why we all joined this community. It was to have fun and always have people to play with. We need to take time as leaders to remember that but also to have some fun ourself. Our prime job as leaders is to make sure our members are still having fun by setting up events in the division and Squads so that we give everyone an equal chance to have fun as well as building each other up. Some ideas for activities include game nights setting up teams movie nights playing cards against humanity online there is no limit to what you can do! Be sure as leaders you are having game nights just the 7s and generals with no ksi business to build up friendships. All work and no play makes jack a dull boy/girl. Mentoring Make sure if you are not already that you take some lower ranking memebers undwe your wing and teach them everything you know. This shouldn't be limited to just memebers directly below your rank either. Pull some people in your party and have them watch what you do (when it's appropriate). As leaders we should always be looking downwards to who the next up and coming unicorns are and make sure you make future plans aswell as backup plans. Headhunters We will be starting up a divisional headhunters season the first week on August. Each division is encouraged to get a team together that has a 7 as a manager (no 7s will be allowed to play) we think this will be a very fun things for the divisions. the game will be black ops 2. We want teams of 5 with 5 backups for practice purposes(less than 5 backups is okay). If anyone has any questions contact KSI mpliers 7. Ww Weekend warfare this week is a 2v2 tdm on ghost 360 at 8 eastern on Saturday the following week will be a doritos crash course tournament which is a free game and also backwards compatible so please get the word spread . Weekly update Weekly update This week will be the theme of departments. If you have any questions about departments please tune in to on Friday at 8 pm eastern. Hirings News and productions are always hiring go check out there sections on the forums. Also t&e is currently hiring so make sure you spread the word.
  3. (S) meeting notes 7/13/16

    Swag post here
  4. (P) meeting notes 7/13/16

    Pantsir post here
  5. (A) meeting notes 7/13/16

    Ascend post here
  6. Meeting notes June 29th

    Spirit week Spirit week was a great aucess! There were a few bumps during the way but all in all it was an awesome turn out and a whole lot of fun! Every division participated in some way or form which was awesome. Everyone start planning for next year lol. Make sure you congratulate the winners this year ls in 1st es in 2nd and wi in 3rd. Back to the grind Now that spirit week is over its time to get back out to the grind and get things moving in your division again. We were a little lax with g14 and squad tags this last week but now we need to pick up the pace and get back put there. Remember 7 days off g14 or squaD tag is an automatic rank suspension so make sure you get back into the flow. Lockdown Please remember we are still on lockdown which means all parties and games need to be on invite only as well as you should be taking extra precautions when doing security checks on new recruits. If anyone has any questions about what to look for during a security check please contact your director and they can further explain what needs to be done during a lockdown. Stats Make sure your gettibf your stats sent in on the forums to all directors and seniors before the division meeting. Weekly update We will be having a weekly update this Friday at 8 pm eastern. The topic will be a spirit week recap as well as what all goes into planning and preparino for spirit week. Tune in to and spread the word. Weekend warfare Weekend warfare will be a halo 4 swat FFA on Saturday at 8. Sign up in the t&e sectionon the forums and make sure to spread the word about it on all your squad tags. With spirit week just wrapping up let's keep the competitive momentumgoing and have a great tournament this week. AAP It's finally back! The AAP awards system is back up and running which means you can now go nominate your fellow memebers who you think has gone above and beyond for awards! Please remember to read the criteria for each award before you make a nomination and remember anyone can nominate someone for anything but only some cam actually witness so if you would be a good witness have someone else make the nomination for you. Hirings Like always news team and productions are hiring but for now the history team is no longer hiring new memebers while they revamp the department. But don't fret because judge applications are open again so if that's something that interests you make sure you go put in an application to become a court judge! Applications for any department can be found in there respective areas on the forums if anyone has any questions contact your divisional 7s. Next weeks meeting will be held on the xbox one in a party New director assignments Thor LS EO ES Collector DL WI MP Azeral DM LW TI Mpliers DR FI HD IK
  7. Weekly update Don't forget to tune in for our second broadcast of the weekly update this Friday at 7 eastern! Tune in to to show your support and don't forget if you have any shoutouts you would like read out please send them to either ksi mpliers 7 or ksi imperium 7 Ww Weekend warfare will be a mine craft build off on both the 360 and one. The theme will be marvel and to sign up either go to the t&e section on the forums or sign up using the new method on the news site at 7s vs viewers The 7s vs viewers will be on Friday at 8 pm eastern on Bo3 xbox one. Tune in to for information about who to message for an invite. Any 7s that would like to participate please message ksi mpliers 7 before it starts. APP The AAP of the months for March will be posted very soon so please go nominate people you feel have been going above and beyond this last month Donations. We would really love some donations to come in to help out with spirit week awards as well as possibly finding a new server. If anyone donates 100$ they can customise there own group on the forums Spirit week Let's all get psyched for spirit week a great way to see your competition would be to participate in weekend warfare as well so let's get pumped and start thinking about teams for cod and halo! security risks Only repeat Security Risk messages if they are applicable to your div. If someone is sec risked in DL, for instance, it only applies in that div. If you're not from the div within which the sec risk happened, don't repeat the message. If you are in fact within the division where the sec risk happened, then it's a mandatory repeat. Social media sites: Weekend Warfare KSI Destiny Clan KSI Facebook Page KSI Instagram KSI Twitter KSI Youtube Channel KSI Twitch Channel (Livestreams) stats Division Stats: Eternal Souls: Squads: 306 Recruits: 23 Long Term: Working as a division to get back to 350, we have been fluctuation recently trying to get there but believe we can make it Short Term: Getting the rest of the Black Ops 2 members out of Angels and into the other Black Ops 2 squad so we can get the members where they need to be Weekly Goals: Trying to get more people attending the officer workshop weekly Explosive Outlaws: Squads: 281 Recruits: 20 Long Term: Looking at merging the CoD squads and attending to the Destiny squads as one is getting close to a split. The other is needing more structure Short Term: Trying to bring back more game nights and get the rebuilding process and a better structure going in our division Weekly Goals: Trying to build up our officer staff and get more game nights going. Really just trying to recover from the loss we had Dark Legions: Squads: 323 Recruits: 28 Long Term: Xbox one squad hit 75 members so it is getting closer to the split, working on getting our members back up to 350 Short Term: Split the Destiny squad as it is getting very close here maybe in the next 2 weeks Weekly Goals: Trying to get our members more active in KSI Wide events and get our name out there as a division Demonic Mayhem: Squads: 316 Recruits: 15 Long Term: We are getting the 7s involved in coming out to all the game nights and workshops to help the members see that the 7s aren't mythical creatures and are happy to game and have fun with everyone in the divisions Short Term: We are about to split our Black Ops III squad so we are hoping to have that done by the next week if not 2 weeks. We alse recently put our Division on lockdown mainly to give everyone the experience of what a lockdown is so they are ready if one ever really happens. More of a drill than anything else Weekly Goals: Getting our members more involved in the Weekend Warfare and 7s vs Viewers so we can have more activity coming from our division. We are also working on getting all the officers the general knowledge of being in KSI Maximum Punishment: Squads: 220 Recruits: 14 Long Term: Working towards 250 and trying to get more game nights and activity going in the division Short Term: Pushing forward with recruiting and having fun in the division Weekly Goals: Have more recruits this week than last week Toxic Illusions: Squads: 247 Recruits: 7 Long Term: Helping the gens learn how to work with their officer staff and train them up so that we can grow the division and have knowledgeable officers Short Term: Make sure that everyone is having fun while doing everything they should be doing as officers Weekly Goals: More recruits and seeing their officers being trained Divine Reign: Squads: 365 Recruits: 12 Long Term: Working to get back to 400 members and have a steady amount at that Short Term: Keep the weekly success occuring and having a good turnout to the workshops. Work on getting all the squads with a correct officer staff in the sense of numbers Weekly Goals: Shout outs this week were for KSI Deluxe 7 and KSI Kilamenjaro 7 they have been doing a really good job getting the squads rebuilt and working together Harmonic Destruction: Squads: 242 Recruits: 16 Long Term: Trying to get a new officer staff for pandemic and trying to recruit for destiny aswell, we are trying to get the whole division helping as they can to be able to help the division grow as a whole and have good teamwork Weekly Goals: Each squad getting 5 recruits for the week so we can have consistency Forced Induction: Squads: 332 Recruits: 35 Long Term: Looking to create a 2k squad to see if that would work out and to recover from the split to be at 350 Short Term: Train everyone in our officer staff and generals to be more knowledgable and better at handling problems. I want to see us having more fun as a division Weekly Goals: Continue to have a lot of fun and stay motivated to keep bringing in those recruits Last Strike: Squads: 248 Recruits: 12 Long Term: Try to get up to 300 members in the coming month Short Term: Split two of the xbox one squads and get another CoFounder in position as well as getting more officer workshops going Weekly Goals: Keep hitting the weekly minimum for recruits and having a lot of fun together. Shout out to Kenpachi 7 and Ewol 7 for working with the division and never giving up
  8. Division Leaders Meeting Notes March 10th, 2016. Weekly update We are very happy to announce the return of weekly update starting Friday March 18th at 7 pm eastern on We ask that all divisions please include in there stats a couple shout outs weekly so that we can spotlight some memebers in our shoutout portion. Each week we will briefly go over important notes from the community have a round table discussion on important events in ksi and we also would love to have some interaction with our memebers via the chat box on twitch so please get the word out and let's make this reboot an amazing one! News site If you haven't recently checked it out please go visit and snoop around. There are a lot of really great articles and great informational pieces that can be found there so make sure you check it out. Productions Productions is happily seeking out new memebers for our team. Wether you have a capture card or are an editor or just have a general interest in any of that and want to learn more we woukd love to have you on our team. If anyone is interested please go to the productions section on the forums and fill out an application. If anyone has any questions about productions about all feel free to contact KSI Jupiter 7 or KSI Mpliers 7 History team The history team is currently looking for memebers that would like to be interviewed by the team to get there ksi history. We ask that anyone interested please go fill out the template in the post history interview request. If anyone has any questions please contact KSI Vocalz or KSI Starset 7 Ww Weekend warfare this weekend is a gta v classic car show held on Saturday March 12th. Sign up under the t&e section on the forums and please make sure to follow the template. Anyone with any questions please contact KSI Havoc 7 or any T&E Staff memebers. 7's vs viewers This week's 7's vs viewers will be on halo 5 Friday at 8 pm eastern. Tune into for information about how to get an invite. Any 7's that would like to help out please contact KSI Mpliers 7 before hand so thst we can start on time. T&E Send congratulations to KSI Bandit 777 as the new Co-Head of T&E and KSI Mighty 7 as a new senior staff Pay attention to time requirements for ranks. The requirements aren't totally set in stone, there's a little wiggle room. Make sure to give people 48 hours to come back after they've left. They can come back within that time period, and we don't want to have to push a newly promoted person to the side, rearrange things, etc, if it's not needed. DNH and Blacklist are not interchangable terms, they are seperate disciplinary tools used by KSI Leadership, and need to be addressed as such. DNH (Do Not Hire) is a person who has been removed from KSI for violating CoC and is not allowed to return, but KSI members are allowed to talk to these people. Blacklisting is a person who has been removed from KSI for violating CoC, they are not allowed to return, but all KSI member are also forbidden to speak with this individuals to avoid drama/for security reasons, or both. The only way to get a blacklist or a DNH repealed is by an appeal through the KSI Courts.
  9. Meeting notes. Recently a list was compiled of the last time each squad and division posted meeting notes and some of the results were atrocious. We need to get back to making sure each squad posts there notes within 24-48 hours of the meeting. This includes 7's posting the notes from the generals meeting. What needs to be included in these notes are attendance, notes from the division meeting, notes from the generals meeting notes from the squad meeting and any promotions that were made. Let's fix this very quickly or we may have to start rank suspending people. Ssgt In light of recent events it has come to our attention that there may be some confusion about this rank. Please let your generals know that the rank of ssgt is a position of an officer in training or a trial position and should be used as such. If you have a sgt showing potential throw them into the rank to test the waters. If it doesn't work out it doesn't work out. Make sure you give them all the resources they need to suceed in the position and monitor them. Sometimes all it takes to break a leader out of there shell is to put them in a position to suceed. Profesionalizm Please remember that at the end of the day we are all here for the same purpose as leaders. That purpose is to facilitate a positive gaming community to ensure that all our memebers have a fun safe positive experience. With that being said there will be some people you may not like. While we will not tell you who to like or not please remember we are all adults here and should act accordingly. If you have a problem with someone DO NOT let it interfere with your interactions with said person. Holding grudges is not a trait of a KSI leader. Shout out Huge shout out to all divisions on doing a marvelous job on growth! We are currently sitting at 3793 memebers which is absolutely fantastic! Please remember to keep up with removing inactive memebers but everyone give your self a huge pat on the back! Loa and rank suspension Please remember if you have a general or higher go on either a rank suspension or a leave of absence to let your director know immediatly. Make sure you give your director ample time before rank suspending anyone so that they can make sure they can get the tag pulled and Access Denied revoked incase of situations turning sour. Multi divisional game nights Let's try to get more divisions to come together and host joint divisional game nights. If anyone would like help getting the word out about a game night let your director know so that we can spread the word! We woukd love to come to game nights as well so be sure to inform us of any you would like us to come to. Weekend warfare this week is a big one. There is an event for almost everyone so let's really push it this week. Sign ups are in the t&e section on the forums. The following events are this week. Feb 20th UK Bo2 - FFA (360) *4pm EST* -all else at 8pm EST like normal- Bo2 - FFA (360) Halo 4 - FFA (360) Bo3 - FFA (ONE) Halo 5 - FFA (ONE) 7's vs viewers The 7's vs viewers this week will be Friday at 8 pm eastern. With the new game rocket leauge coming out this week we are going to try it out as the 7's vs viewers. If for some reason it does not work out then we will switch to bo3 on the Xbox one. Tune in to for more information about who to message for an invite. AAP otm The aap otm awards for January winners have been posted please congratulate all the months winners. Departments hiring Productions news team and the history team are always accepting applications so if interested go fill out an application in there respective areas on the forums. For more information on news team contact KSI Imperium 7 or KSI Brielle news teams newest Co head. For more information about productions contact KSI Jupiter 7 or KSI Mpliers 7. For more information about history team contact KSI Vocalz or KSI Starset 7 Remember to work as a team rather than am individual you have peers around you for a reason. Social media sites: Weekend Warfare KSI Destiny Clan KSI Facebook Page KSI Instagram KSI Twitter KSI Youtube Channel KSI Twitch Channel (Livestreams) stats MP Squad Tag Numbers: 217 Recruit Tag Numbers: 18 Notes: Finally beat the prior weeks goal. Growth has been phenomenal, activity has gone through the roof, things are looking up. Promotions: None Demotions: None Shoutouts: KSI ArChEr - This general has gone above and beyond on building his squad and making it as active as possible. Needs/Wants: Need to start talking more seriously about the impending split for Massacre. Goals: 230. Yet again, with the number of recruits on the tag and those that come in weekly, this should not be a problem at all. GZ Division stats 02/17/16 Squad tag # 128 Rct tag # 09 Notes from last week This week we will be focusing on training of our officers an new members to make sure there being trained correctly an being interacted with which is were the most improvement is needed as well as communication with the officers an Gens.Activity an the weekly workshops squad level an 7s divisional workshops an there going well. recuiting tho is still improving an we have had several name changes over the past couple of weeks.The squads are working towards there wekkly an monthly goals we set for them as well as our goal of hitting 150/160 by the first Sunday in March. Promotions KSI Jumper 4Cpt KSI pikachu Ssgt Titan KSI Danger15 Ssgt KSI JimmytheGreek 3Lt Pride Demotions n/a Shoutouts KSI Pride 52 KSI Pikachu KSI Spoons these members have bein woking really hard an are dedicated to helping improve there squad Titan. Needs/wants to improve the taining of rcts to pvt an pvt to cpl reach our goal of 150 an improve officer/Gen communication. LW LW Stats 2/17/16 Squad tags – 390 G14 – 387 RCT tag – 40 Last week’s goals: - Increased participation: Yes - Work on training Gens: Yes, but this is continuous - Work with Co-founders and train them: Yes/No, lost Bravo but have been working with Starset - Work on growth: No, we dropped by 5 but are still working towards growth Promotions: None Demotions: KSI URDONE 7 has been offline for 14 days. He is being demoted to SGT and maybe fluffed Shout-outs: - KSI MUDDYGIRLXC and KSI POLARB3AR for stepping up, they are looking like solid candidates for our open Co-founder spot Needs/Wants: - LW leadership still needs updated on Especially with the changes that will be coming it would be nice for that to be updated Goals: - Work on training Generals for Co-founder, we will have multiple new Co-founders in the near future so we need to be ready - Make sure that all Gens have replacements ready - Work on getting all the Gens on top of their poop. I’m putting them all on a 1-strike policy for the next month so that they know they can’t just give us excuses - Work with Ascend to help get LW back in the direction it needs to go, major changes coming so I’m expecting great things - Number goal: Get over 400 and maintain that. We have a few squads that are low in numbers and a couple that are up there. I would like to see a squad split within the next month, but nothing will be rushed. EO Squad Tag numbers: 322 Recruit Tag numbers: 12 Notes from this past week: we now have 2 squads at splitting numbers and our main focus is on training officers as both squads are a few officers short due to how fast they grew so we are still playing catch up and at the same time making sure the other squads have plenty officers so we don't run into this issue again. all squads are continuing growth and doing great. Promotions: n/a Demotions: n/a Shoutouts: not really a shout out but a big welcome to KSI BRAVO 7 who transferred from LW and is the new gen of vendetta and is already making a positive impact in the squad Needs/Wants: Goals: our goal is to reach 340 ES Squad tag numbers: 309 Recruit tag numbers: 18 Notes: My is plan to take one of the squads and make it our late night/ new zealand density squad. While the other will be american/day squad We have about 20 or so new zealand/late night members. Im working with one our captains KSI Hypnotic who has been doing great and would do well over this late night squad. Currently on moving members over to get it set up and going. Our xbox one squad is also getting close to a spilt! we are working on names and getting the staff ready and the rest of the members! All squads are doing better getting officer staffs built for our black ops 2 squads since they are missing some. All squads have gens expect angels and we are working on getting a member for that squad. Recruits have been lacking so we are going to try are hardest to pick up on recruiting while still keeping KSI fun! Our new cofo has been doing great in her position (KSI Stormy 7). My other cofo KSI PapaShock 7 is taking a 2 week step back he was feeling overwhelmed with everything going on so i told him to worry about angels get things settled and everything so he is happy to be able to take a tiny break. KSI TO THE MAX is back from his LOA and jumping into get to work we are working with him to take over angels. Promotions: none Demotions: None Shoutouts: to the 7 staff for getting in there and helping were needed Needs/wants: would love to see the seniors and directors at some game nights Goals: Getting more recruiting lobbies and just having fun recruiting! Current rank structure Div leader- none Co-div- KSI Ashhh 7 Founder- KSI MisterE 7 Cofo- KSI Stormy 7 + KSI PapaShock 7 DL Hey Y'all here is my stats for the week (2/17/16): DL Stats: Division: 301 Members. Squads: Excorist(Xbox One): 61 members Death(BO2): 52 members Apollo(Destiny): 67 members Asylum(BO2): 61 members Plague(BO2): 60 members Recruit Tag: 12 recruits Major Issues: -No major issues Positive Things: -The Division is clearly headed in the right direction. - 300 members!!!!! - Making sure that the "train your replacement" is being followed. Goals: -Continue to push towards steady growth while still making sure we retain the members as we go. - Continue to make sure officer staffs are full and meeting the growth of each squad. -Push for more DIV Wide Gamenights -Us 7's will motivate the GENs to hold themselves to the highest standard. Continue to push DL towards the mountain top. -Making sure that all officers become more active on the forums and start to round off the division If you guys need any more information, feel free to let me know! Thank you, -KSI Chicago 7 DR Squad tag numbers 409 Rct Tag number 20 working on merging immortal into helios we are finshing that up this week we have been working on promotion of pvt to cpl thats going very well were down to 22 pvt we have been pushing the split of zenith they should be spliting soon like 2 weeks i hope Promotion none Demotion none shoutout none goals get a fromus workshop done this week try to get use down to 0 pvt work on replaceing all fluff so i want to get a few rcts this week for all squad finshing up the split and the merge this week FI 489 38 recruits on the recruit tagShort term goal : get better everyday, focus on building the fun back in FI, working on have all 7s in FI spend time with each other so we can build that bond with each other, this will help rub of to the gens and to there squad members so we can make this Divison be more successful, we are striving to get this Div split , I am very confident that my Divison can reach this goal, I'm in the process in training Lez Kat for being the Divison Leader of the new DivisonLong Term Goal: Plan and achieve this Divison Split, work on more training and get more recruits to be this gaming community , work towards getting a full officer staff , most of all Train, Train, TrainGoal: 525Promotions: None FI is going to take it to the next level, we are on a great path right now , I see so much potential in this Divison, feel very proud to lead this Divison and help this community Grow DM Division Stats Squad Tag numbers: (SQUAD TAG NUMBERS NOT G14) Hostile- 30 Ruthless- 81 Lethal- 34 Wrath- 41 Brutal-62 Menace- 46 Recruit Tag numbers: 15 Notes from this past week: (What your Division has accomplished or what it didn’t accomplish, let us know what is or is not working, it doesn’t have to be a book but more than a couple of sentences). Division has been hosting lots of workshops. They range from recruiting and training, security check, how to run a game night and rank workshops for SSGT-Gen. Recruitment is picking up at a steady pace. Officers are be mentored and shadowed so that's outstanding. The Divisional 7's have been brain storming ideas about membership retention and how to further push this division along to reach our goal of 350 members by the end of March. Promotions: None Demotions: None Shoutouts: Needs/Wants: More officers Goals: to promote more officers and encourage members to want to take that step to become one. To reach 350 members by the end of March. Continue to mentor members and work with co founders. LS 217 tag 7 recruit tag Goals and stats making sure each squads fully staffed looking at splitting forsaken again sitting at 73. Get as guard out of project status finishing transfering legend to xone helping seraphim getting his squad settled down from transfers to get it moving again
  10. Shoutout Huge shout out to all divisions on doing such an amazing job wirh growth. In the last 2 weeks we have grown 173 members which is absolutely fantastic! Keep up the amazing work and give yourself a giant pat on the back! Fluff Make sure we are actively keeping up with fluff remember cpl shoulf typically only be around for around 3 months before they either change there name or are not around. Access Denied If you are level 3 or higher please remember to keep up to date with checking access list and remind your generals if they get to 4 days to log in to the Access Denied. The last thing we want to do is have to rank suspend someone for going 7 days without logging in so please try to stay on top of that. WW Weekend Warfare: This Saturday (January 30th) is halo 4 4v4 slayer on the Xbox 360, as well as a halo 5 4v4 swat on Xbox One! They start promptly at 8PM EST. Sign ups on the forums! 7 vs viewers 7 vs viewers will be on halo 4 on friday at 8 eastern. Tune in to for information about who to message for an invite Otm The January of the months are posted on the forums in the aap section. If you've noticed someone doing a fantastic job tbis past month make sure you go and nominate them! Make sure to be as descriptive as possible with your nomination and try to include facts to support your nomination. AAP workshops KSI Scotland 7 will be hosting AAP workshops that he would like every 7 to sign up for and attend the hope is after the 7's all take the workshop then each squad will have the ability to sign up as well for a workshop that will be very informative and hopefully boost the of the month nominations. If you have any questions please message either KSI Scotland 7 or KSI Emmmy 7 T&E workshops In an effort to try to boost participation T&E will be hosting weekend warfare workshops open to any division that would like to get more involved in weekend warfare. If you are interested in signing your division up for a workshop please contract KSI HAVOC 7 or any T&E senior staff memeber. Productions and news team Productions and news team are both always accepting applications so if interested go fill out an application in there respective areas on the forums. For more information on news team contact KSI Imperium 7 or KSI Jessi 7. For more information about productions contact KSI Jupiter 7 or KSI Mpliers 7. History team applications The history team has applications open if interested go fill out out an application in the history section of the forums. For more information please contact KSI Vocals or KSI Starset 7. History team There are a couple of topic in the history team section worth checking out. If you are interested in being interviewed by the history team check out the topic also the history team is currently looking for memebers that are wanting to share there history by posting in the members history section. Even if you are just starting in KSI and want to write a little bit and go back to edit it later. Forums accounts We are aware of the issue of forums accounts being deleted. Please don't freak out. If your account has been deleted please make a new account but try to use a diffrent email if possible. Once you've made a new account please pm any of the forums staff stating your account was deleted and placing a link to a known posy from your missing account so we can recover them. Social media sites: Weekend Warfare KSI Destiny Clan KSI Facebook Page KSI Instagram KSI Twitter KSI Youtube Channel KSI Twitch Channel (Livestreams) Stats LS 191 on tags, 11 on recruit tag Weekly targets are to finish up getting forsaken trained up and a gen promoted, then we will proceed with our halo 5 project squad which we have predicted will be out of project status in 3 weeks, finally break the 200 mark and generally promote fun throughout the division DM 281 Rct tag: 12 -Rcting tourney begins friday ends in two weeks -Training up new leaders. - Got workshops going for Recruiting- How to run teams - Officer workshops. Personal goal: get more sleep and sleep. DL Total Members: 250 members Death: 57 members Apollo: 62 members Asylum: 47 members Exorcist: 53 members Plague: 31 members Main Issues: - Strobe (handled last night) Goals: -Continue to grow and push towards 300 members - Create a Ghosts Squad - Do more officers workshops GZ Div stats 02/03/16. Squad tag # 120. Rct tag # 08. Notes from last week. This week officers Vs 7s is a recruiting competition goal is each squad get atleast 8 recruits and each squad has a designated 7 goal is to get 4 recruits but who ever gets more wins!!! Winners get to have the 7s call them any name they want all day if the 7s win they have to do the same.The competition is going well in the past 3 days 5rcts have bein added 1 name change an 3 new pvts.We will also be tailor making weekly an monthly goals for each squad based on there officer size an there strenghts an weakness to ensure they can meet there goals an they will be adjusted as each squad improves to make sure officer staffs are growing along with the growth of the squad as well as activity an training. Promotions KSI HAMMA 1Cpt KSI Vahalla & KSI Grimlock D7 Ssgt Bravery. Demotions n/a. Shoutouts KSI HAMMA for being willing to change squads an help Bravery Gen an officers get there squad on the right track an moving forward. Needs/wants to get our weekly/ monthly goal plan set an going an keep the recuiting going an reach 135 by or before next Sunday. DR Squad tag numbers-449 Recruit tag numbers- 5 Notes from past week- DR is at a weird state. We are working on shutting down a squad, and are looking at losing quite a few fluff members. Promotions- None Demotion- KSI Commando 7 demoted to SGT Shoutouts- None Needs/Wants- We need more communication between everyone. Goals- Have 460 members WI 409 on tags recruit tag 50 2 primary goals recruiting pushing up to 450 agian also retraining all officers on recruiting process due to flaws coming through recruit tag. also focusing on training becasue recruiting isnt a problem but getting people trained is when the tags checked they have around 20 recruits but only 9 end up getting trained. promoted a new gen last week for Fierce wi KSI Snipe da wabbit. looking at assesing the cofo and seeing which would make a good founder for the future. recent changes to leadership are not effecting the divisions everyone is coming together to work amazingly together. needs/wants a couple of gens are going to other 7s in other divisions so we want them to come to there own 7s in there division first. FI FI 445 38 recruits on the recruit tag Short term goal : our main focus this week is to keep training and get these recruits off the recruit tag, FI is in a good place right now , we are on a new place that we going to take this Divison to the next level, all co founders will be focusing on gaming and spending time with there squad , to build there motivation and bond Long Term Goal: Strengthening knowledge in the Divison , build the potential in the Divison that I know that's there, get the gens in the process of training their officers to train recruit when they veto and when they get offline , I'm working on taking this Divison to get a div split but main priority is to TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN Goal: 480, we already met this goal but we deleted fluff so we are now at true numbers but that's not going to stop us to get back up there oooooo yeaaaaaaa Promotions: KSI OrNah 7 (KSI Kayos) to Co Founder KSI Lez Kat 7 to Founder KSI Splat Splat is getting promoted this Saturday to Gen of Carbon FI is going to take it to the next level, we are on a great path right now , I see so much potential in this Divison, feel very proud to lead this Divison and help this community Grow EO HD ES Squad tag numbers: 316 Recruit tag numbers: 10 Notes: We finally spilt ragnarok and made Griffin! Griffin has been doing great we almost have all members transferred over! Our xbox one squad is also getting close to a spilt! we are working on names and getting the staff ready and the rest of the members! All squads are doing better getting officer staffs built for our black ops 2 squads since they are missing some. All squads have gens expect angels and we are working on getting a member for that squad. Recruits have been lacking so we are going to try are hardest to pick up on recruiting while still keeping KSI fun! Another squad will be shutting down which is Lycans the gen has not been doing much to save his sqaud. We have spoke to the gen and are working on moving the 6 members out to different squads. That should be done by the end of this week. Its great to finally have a founder we have been working side by side to get issues done. We have a cofounder leave KSI xShock 7 but it was okay because i had a replacement ready. I promoted a new 7 on sunday KSI StormCaller she has been ready and had a replacement ready. Im really excited to see how she does a 7 because she rebuilt ragnarok and since becoming 7 has already dived in and helped out some of the squads that are dying. Promotions: KSI THE RIPPER- Ragnarok Gen (Happened sunday) KSI Stormy 7- Cofounder- (happened sunday) Demotions: None Shoutouts: to the 7 staff for getting in there and helping were needed Needs/wants: would love to see the seniors and directors at some game nights Goals: Getting more recruiting lobbies and just having fun recruiting! Current rank structure Div leader- none Co-div- KSI Ashhh 7 Founder- KSI MisterE 7 Cofo- KSI xShock 7 + KSI PapaShock 7 LW MP Squad tag numbers: 187 Recruit tag numbers: 21 Needs/Wants: None Promotions/Demotions: Will be promoting KSI Vocalz to general of Torture tomorrow. Shout outs: None this week Everything is picking up. Activity has been through the roof, looking at possibly converting one squad to a different game type, and people have actually been getting out there and communicating with myself, Ayeloves, and all the other officers. Things are looking up for MP. (Sorry for the way it looks, doing it all by memory since my account was deleted.)
  11. Forums accounts To the people who lost there accounts go ahead and make a new account and then pm worstplayer on the forums wirh a link to a post your old account made so he can recover it and merge it into your new account. GRM As of last week GRM is officially back on our blacklist please make sure all your members are aware of this. There was a bit of confusion about a message sent out about GRM BRUTUS, GRM beare and GRM Blueeyedkit they themselves are not blacklisted they have joined a blacklisted community so all ties must be cut with them. If you notice anyone changing there name to GRM or adding GRM members please let your 7's know immediatly. Inactive members Now that the Access Denied is more stable the directors will be sitting down divisions 7 staff to go through the Access Denied and look for inactive members. Please remember that we want true numbers so try to keep up with actively fluffing inactive members. Weekend warfare This Saturday, January 16th, Weekend Warfare will be on the Xbox One with a GTA V Muscle Car show. It will be at 8PM EST. Sign-Ups are under the Tournaments and Events section on the forums. Any ?'s message KSI HAVOC 7 or any T&E Staff member 7's vs viewers 7's vs viewers this friday at 7:30 eastern will be on halo 4 tune into for more information about who to message for an invite. OTY winners Please congratulate all the winners who won an of the year this year! A full list can be found in the aap section of the forums. A reminder to anyone who won an of the year please make sure you make any tweaks you may want to to your avatar as we will be using your avatar picture when we post the winners on our news site. Productions and news team Productions and news team are both always accepting applications so if interested go fill out an application in there respective areas on the forums. For more information on news team contact KSI Imperium 7 or KSI Jessi 7. For more information about productions contact KSI Jupiter We also have a new Director, KSI Azrael 7. Here are the new divisional assignments- Laffy - WI LS MP Azrael - ES DL FI Mpliers - EO GZ DM Thor - HD DR LW
  12. Directors Meeting Notes Of The Year Awards: Of the year nomination close 23rd of December remember to get your nominations in quickly all leaders are urged to put in nominations. Weekend Warfare: Weekend warfare 4v4 minecraft build off at 4pm eastern to 9pm on both systems with a winter theme sign up at Fluff: Greg is still not feeling the fluff so have a sit down with 7's to groom through fluff 7s vs Viewers: 7 vs viewers halo 5 Friday 8 pm eastern Tune into for information to get an invite. Section Mods: If anyone needs section mod training hit up KSI Mpliers 7 on xbox/forums G14: Make sure we are logging into g14 regularly. Founders and higher make sure your keeping up with checking activity logs to make sure your members aren't hitting 7 days. Forums: Remember if an officer goes 14 days without being on the forums it's a rank suspension second time it's a demotion Departments: News team and productions are always accepting applications if interested check out there sections on the forums and fill out an application Shout Outs: Keep up with the motivational messages and shout outs especially about promotions remember if you'd like a promotion shout out to go out on the social media send a message to KSI Doctor 7 Security risks: Make sure if you security risk someone in your division that you are posting it in the security risk section on the forums so that others know about them. Promotions: Social media sites: Weekend Warfare KSI Destiny Clan KSI Facebook Page KSI Instagram KSI Twitter KSI Youtube Channel KSI Twitch Channel (Livestreams)
  13. Directors Meeting Notes The AAP Of the Year nomination thread is open until the 23rd of December please read the rules and go nominate anyone you feel has gone above and beyond the duties of there rank in the past year at Remember to send in your Stats via PM before the Divisional meeting each week. Stats should consist of your squad tags added up the number of recruits on your tag and then go in to details about what's going on in your division IE promotions squad splits squad merges ect. Remember if you are a divisonal leader and your wanting to move to the next rank you need to be fluent with the forums so learn how to do these things now. Division section mods make sure you go through and update your section mod list remove old people who aren't there anymore as well as get yourself as div leader and another 7 WE'VE had a huge influx of positivity let's keep that up! Make sure you get the shout outs going and promote the positive hard work your members are doing make them feel recoginized. Make sure we get div leaders in the security risk section and if you don't have a topic make sure you go and post one right meow. News team and productions are always looking for people who would like to join there departments go fill out an app Weekend warfare will be Saturday at 8PM eastern Xbox 360 will have a MW3 FFA and on the Xbox One will be a 4v4 swat on halo 5 Make sure your posting generals meeting notes and attendance if you do not have a topic posted please start one. 7 vs viewers this Friday on bo2 at 8 pm eastern. Make sure all officers have an active forums account and that when you are approving a promotion you make sure the member has a forums account before promoting them. Make sure all 7's across the board add all the senior directors as well as KSI Ragnaroks 7 especially if they have recently been promoted. Make sure your posting your stance on join apps and follow up on it with updates as well. Also make sure you do not recruit someone until they have been cleared. If someone comes to you wanting a Divisional transfer it is not mandatory that they find 2 recruits before transfering. While you can ask that they do find those recruits it's important to remember that asking for recruits are not always going to be benificial to either your division or the member wishing to transfer. If the member is making an attempt to try to find the recruits but is having no luck in finding them please don't penalize them by not letting there transfer go through. Promotions: KSI Ascend 7 LW Cofo->LW Founder KSI Galvanize 7 EO Cofo-> EO Founder Social media sites: Weekend Warfare KSI Destiny Clan KSI Facebook Page KSI Instagram KSI Twitter KSI Youtube Channel KSI Twitch Channel (Livestreams)
  14. Directors Meeting Notes The AAP Of the Year nomination thread is open until the 23rd of December please read the rules and go nominate anyone you feel has gone above and beyond the duties of there rank in the past year at The 2nd annual KSI Turkey bowl will be starting this weekend on Friday 11/27/15 and continuing on Saturday 11/28/15. This years events will be broken down into Xbox one on 11/27/15 both a FFA on Halo 5 and a FFA on BO3. Followed by the next night on xbox 360 a 3v3 on AW as well as a 3v3 on halo 4. The events will be live streamed this year starting around 7:30 PM Est at Http:// to sign up for either event please visit The Courts are looking for 4 new judges so if you think you have what it takes go fill out an application to join at T&E applications are also open so fill out your application here Remember to have fun this holiday and spend some time with family and friends! Please remember when dealing with situations involving other Divisions that you always involve a 7 from that division first before trying to contact members. Social media sites: Weekend Warfare KSI Destiny Clan KSI Facebook Page KSI Instagram KSI Twitter KSI Youtube Channel KSI Twitch Channel (Livestreams)

    LS - (KSI Trauma 7) 318, Been getting prity hard by poachers. 95% estimated fluff has been removed along with threats, Getting Generals and Cofounders to Step up their activity. Echo Squad is nearing a Squad split even after fluffy Perge. LE - Sad announcement LE is being Merged nto LB, Nuggitz and ShadowDelta will be cofo's while the re intergration takes place. LB - (KSI Luci Lux 7) 21, LE division will be merging into LB, So alot of Changes wil be taking place, slow staggered changes in place. We will be doing our best to keep the principle valuses alive and well..............but Our numbers are going to be Fluctuating Prity bad from the Merge from LE. FD - (FD closed, 51 went to LB) FN - (KSI SHADOWS 7) 229, Doing prity good all things considered from the issues, Some issue at them not posting meeting notes. SH - (KSI Riku 187) 438, Eternal split into Infinity, and another split on way. As well as Training getting Stepped up DL - (KSI Dramatic 7) 492, Training up of leaders, cofounders and generals to re stabalize and increase DH - (No rep) TW - (no Rep) DM - (KSI Greg 7) 351, Possible switching around of some Generals. DR - (KSI Shaolin 7) 144, Large Perge of Squads. Replacement of some leadership in Squads. FA - (KSI Hagi) 205, Trying to Get the Generals to issue Squad reports to Division upper leadership, along with getting Access Denied to be actualy utalized more than current GZ - (KSI iLLusion 7 + KSI Romans 7) 279, Goal is 300 for next week. Primary goal is to get strong leadership and Training in place across board. ______________________