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Court Rules

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1. If a member thinks he or she has been kicked out (Security Risk from KSI, DNH, Blacklist ) wrongfully, that member has the right to file on the KSI forums for an appeal to be heard by the judges from the KSI Global Gaming Network.

 2. It should take no more than two weeks after the majority of evidence and witnesses have been provided from both parties for the accused member to have a verdict for his or her case.

 3. Members will need witnesses and proper paper work (Including but not limited to photos, audio recording, video recordings, PMs etc) in order to be heard. (If images/videos include pornography or of illicit material they do not/should not be posted publicly and in no circumstance should a judge if under the age of 18 be allowed to view such material) 

4. The Leader or person who has banned/kicked out the member must prosecute with evidence and witnesses.

5. In the event the Leader doesn’t show up(and no evidence has been provided)  the case will be dismissed without the accused member having any penalties. 

6. In the event of a member bringing a security risk case to the courts, the member has to discuss the issue at hand with senior directors prior to the court case, if they still feel that the issue was not handled appropriately they may create a court case.  If the seniors are the main accusers then this step may be by-passed but is not encouraged



1. Penalties for the member will have to be decided by the judges hearing the cases.

  2. The judge’s panel will deliberate for no longer than two weeks after enough evidence has been provided from both parties. Deliberation will not start until the proper steps are taken.

  3. Double Jeopardy Clause: Each member is allowed one appeal per offense unless dictated by the courts that the case ban be brought up again in a specific time window (I.E 1 month, 3 months, 1 year, 3 years), no member will be charged with the same offense twice.

 4. If a member commits the same offence twice (Within one year of the last offence), no appeal will be needed, ban will be automatic and permanent.

5. All plaintiffs being processed in the court area need to be informed prior to deliberation starting to make sure all evidence and witness are provided. In the unlikely event that the plaintiff is not able to be reached for the case deliberation may start after an alluded time period




1. Any member that files a case does not have the right to argue at any time with the judge’s panel. Nor do their witnesses.

 2. The judge’s panel runs the court and in the event the member or anyone else gets out of line with the judge's panel, then the judge’s panel has the right to throw out the case or the members disrupting the court. Keep the hearings professional and civil for all members.

  3. If a case is thrown out of the KSI court for the Defendant or Witness disrupting a court session they may not be able to appeal their case. This will be decided by the judges and the judge that threw the member out. 

 4. ANYONE, other than a Judge, Mod, Global Mod, or Admin, who overrules the court's decision in any way or goes against it, will be punished. 



 1. Members who have filed a case and are waiting to be heard will give up squad tags and their status until their case is heard.

  2. Members have the choice to leave the KSI Global Gaming Network while waiting for their case to be heard.


SECTION 5: Rules and Regulations of Presiding JUDGES

 1. New Judges will be voted in by the current judges in place.

 2. The Head Judge will preside over every case (outside of conflict of interest) and have the final say within reason over every case with the help of the other presiding judges. If gross misconduct were to occur within the court area, the Board of Directors have the authority to step in and assist.

 3. A judge must excuse themselves in any case that would be considered a conflict of interest.

 4. If the judge doesn’t step down and the court finds the case to have been a conflict of interest on the judge’s part, then the judge will be warned. After a judge has THREE offenses he or she will be removed from their position.

  5. If a judge is caught not being fair towards members that have filed a case, he or she will be asked to recuse themselves, if they do not or do so but continue poor behavior towards the plaintiff the will have their judge status suspended and reviewed.

  6. Judges have the full right to issue a subpoena to any member who is needed for the advancement of a court case. Anyone who goes against the court case will be held in forums contempt, which will be a one day ban from posting. Contempt punishment will increase with each issue.

  7. A judge has the right to place on hold any case for a no more then what the judges feel is appropriate I.E if a members witness is AFK for 4 days the judges may permit the member 6 days to get the information provided, the member can be suspended if necessary. If the alluded time is up an addition amount of no more than 2 weeks can be provide at the judges discression or until enough evidence has been provided to give KSI Global Gaming Network or the member who has filed the case an opportunity to find a witness or evidence that needs to testify in any given case.

 8. Members or Leaders have TWO weeks from time of incident or discrepancy to file for a case to be heard by the judges. If the discrepancy has been longer than two weeks, then the case CAN be thrown out. All case filings must be filed in the KSI court area and using the apportion form found in the court area.

 9. All judges are to be an active part of the KSI Community, weather Current or former clan ops member or web staff

 10.  No Senior Director or BoD member with direct clan ops responsibilities may be a court judge at any given time, if a current court judge is promoted to one of those positions they will be asked to step down, if in the future they no longer hold that position they will have to reapply again no different than anyone else.



  1. These rules are subject to change at any time without notification within reason.

 2. The KSI Global Gaming Network will not be at any time held responsible for the outcome of any KSI held court proceeding.

 3. By filing a case with the leadership of KSI, you have given up your right to be considered a member of the KSI Global Gaming Network until the courts have provided a ruling.

 4. KSI management has a ZERO tolerance for members that break the code of conduct.

 5. The KSI Global Gaming Network will continue to report any laws being broken that we have knowledge of to the proper authorities.

 6. The KSI Global Gaming Network is not a court-of-law and only uses the KSI Court hearings in order to give everyone a fair and balanced hearing before taking membership privileges away from our members.

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