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(A) meeting notes 7/13/16

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Leaders Notes 7/13/2016


  1. Dig into your division as leaders. Get out there and involve yourself in your members lives. Be sure to keep track of important events and promotions to make your division feel that you care and are involved. There is nothing more satisfying then to have a 7 that knows who their members are and whats important to them.
  2. Make sure you keep up with the growth of your squad and assign officer staff accordingly. The officer to member ratio should be for every 25 members, have one officer of each rank. Your lieutenants should out number your captains until you are about to split your squad. Be sure to have officers train their replacement and have a back up plan cause you never know whats going to happen. If you have any questions please refer to KSI ImPeRiiuM 7's thread in the leaders section.
  3. Attending meetings is your responsibility. Be sure to have someone there to take notes and deliver them if you can not. This goes for all meetings and rank suspensions will be handed out if this is not taken seriously. 
  4. Next week Founders or leaders that hold the recruit tag must attend the leaders meeting on Thursday July 21 2016. Be sure to be on time and have paper and pen to take notes.
  5. If you plan on making a divisional YouTube channel, be sure to contact your director so that he/she can contact the proper channels and get this authorized by the seniors.
  6. You should be logging in to your Access Denied and squad (silver) tags at least every other day to update and keep track of whats going on in your division/squad. Please remember that is you go 7 days with out signing in to your Access Denied you will be rank suspended. 
  7. The weekly update this week is..........(Shhhhhhhhhh)  it's a secret. Want to find out what the surprise is?? Get your members into a party and join the fun.  Ask questions and chat in the shout box. We are trying to get the number of viewers up so don't be scarrred we won't bite. Want a piece of the action? Sign up to be apart of the panel. Be sure that you are very talkative, energetic and fun. The link to sign up is by the Shout Box. (and the answer to the 4th question is yes) lol . 
  8. Everyone's favorite time of the weekend is this Saturday at 8pm est. for a 2v2 Rocket League tournament. Head over to the T&E section and sign up. Next Weekend Warfare 7/23/2016 Will be a poll for CoD Ghost or CoD Advance Warefare. Go ahead and choose the game that you want to play. As always, hop on the T&E section on the forums and vote, but do it fast. The poll closes on Wednesday at 9pm est. See you all there!! 
  9. Last but not least. The News Team, Productions Team and T&E is looking for a few good men/woman to apply. Utilize your talents and be a member of these awesome departments. T&E applications closes on July 29. Be sure to spread the word and take advantage of all KSI has to offer. 

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