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division meeting notes 7/27/16

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KSI Akame 7 is hearby dnh'd by KSI Greg 7 and KSI Cheddarbob7 for violating #2 of the coc

the AAP of the months for July are posted if you know someone who's gone above and beyond this last month go nominate them. Please make sure to read the rules before nominating

Observing squads
Make sure your actually looking at your squads g14 and noticing stuff. It shouldn't take a director looking at a squads g14 for you to realise how the squad looks. If your level 3 or higher make sure you look at the state all of your squads are all in at least once a week.

Access list
Make sure your logging into your Access Denied and not going 7 days or its an automatic rank suspension. Doing so twice will result in a demotion.

Make sure your hosting your HH tryouts this week. Reminder we want 5 memebers with up to 5 backups for black ops 2. we will more than likely be setting up the season next week so don't wait act now!

All divisions shoukd have a weekly divisional gamenight if you don't try to get one set up on a game the majority of your division has.

Weekend warfare this week is a free to play backwards compatible game called doritos crash course. Sign up in the forums in the t&e section

Weekly update
This week's weekly update will be the topic of forums and the benefits it has to our members hosted by ksi ascend 7 on Friday at 8 eastern. Tune in to to join in on the fun

Department hirings 
News and productions are always hiring go to there sections on the forums to sign up. T&e applications are closing this Friday so hurry up and sign up!

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