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KSI Gambit 7

Division Meeting Notes 1/17/18

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Department Notes:

  • AAP:
    • Divisional "Of the Months" will be starting back up again this year
    • Designed for members and Divisional Leadership to recognize those members in their division for their achievements  
      • Boosts spirits and moral among members
      • more successful chance of winning awards 
    • Each division will have a staff member dedicated to AAP for this task
  • Marketing:
    • There will be a hard drive for subscriptions to our twitch channel! Subscribers get various perks:
      • 3 New emoticons including the inspirations of Fuzzymeep, the bad cat, and more
      • subscribers will be entered into prize raffles and lotteries to win all sorts of rewards
      • Access to the VIP section on the forums
    • Statistics for divisional participation for the months of November and December have been posted and can be viewed on the forums.
  • Tournaments & Events:
    • Event: Minecraft build-off 
      • Event ends this Saturday (1/20/18) and will be judged by a panel of T&E Staff
    • Weekend Warfare:
    • Next Saturday, (1/27/18) 8 p.m. eastern
      • Overwatch 2v2 Mystery Hero
  • News:
    • News and History team has exciting news! As of the new year, we will be hiring a staff member solely responsible for picking up/gathering highlights of the upcoming Head Hunters season from the teams participating. This member will be responsible for covering team seating, sitting in on practices and matches, play-offs, as well as providing weekly updates with need to know information
    • "So You Think you Can Write" topic for this month will be "gamertags". Tell us a story about how you received your gamertag for a your chance to win the competition
    • New place on the forums where news articles will be posted! You can now access and read articles from the global site as well as the forums.
  • Productions:
    • Tune into Happy Hour this Friday 1/19/18 to watch some Rocket League with commentary.
  • Hirings:
    • News/ History
    • Graphics
    • Productions
      • If anyone has video editing software to add clips together or edit montages, please apply to productions

Head Hunters:

  • This Friday (1/19/18) marks the end of season sign ups/ registrations and the beginning of the CoD: WW2 season
  • If your team is not signed up, you WILL NOT be participating this season, so please make sure to sign up your roster (DL, DW, LS)
  • The schedule and stats tracker will be posted under a new topic as of this Sunday (1/21/18)
    • This is where players will be able to follow individual stats which will be taken into consideration for awards and invitations to the all-star game
    • Managers can use this area to follow the schedule, check rosters, and retrieve contact information for other team managers. 
  • If your team does not have a team name and would like to come up with one, please message it to KSI Gambit 7 to confirm it.
  • Please also have your Team Manager message their discord contact information to KSI Gambit 7

Forums Activity:

  • A huge goal of 2018 is to drive more activity to the forums but in a less traditional way than usual
    • If there is anyway you think the forums could be more beneficial and more engaging to members to make them want to come look around (similar to Reddit), please post your idea in the open door section on the forums to be discussed!

Town Hall:

  • Town Hall is coming up and will take place January 26th from 8-9 p.m. eastern
  • PLEASE submit questions via the link above the shoutbox 
  • all questions submitted will count as one point towards divisional participation for the month of January.

Divisional Leadership:

  • As we get closer to moving over to a new front-line system, please make sure to have your leaders review and clean up your g14 in order to assure squad gametypes and member lists are correct and ready for transfer.

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