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Call of Duty - World War II HH: Team Schedule and Personal Stats

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Tournaments & Events:

Divisional Head Hunters


Team Roster and Schedule

This thread may be used by Team Managers, Captains and Team Members alike to view the upcoming Call of Duty: World War II HeadHunters divisional roster, and the entire season schedule. 

Click here:

  • On the first sheet, Team Managers will be able to see all active divisional participants, as well as contact information for each divisions Managers.
  • Towards the bottom of the document you can switch to the second sheet, which shows the schedule for each division for the entire season.

Regularly scheduled matches will occur on Tuesdays and Fridays each week. If any games need to be re-scheduled, it is at the discretion of the Team Managers to find a date and time that works for both teams.


Personal Stats Tracker

In the link posted below,  team members will be able to see their personal stats, which are broken down into several categories. Stats will be added after each individual game, and will accumulate over the entire season. These stats will also decide which players are invited to participate in the All Star game, which will be held at the end of the Head Hunters season.

Click here:

In order to keep accurate stats and correct team records, It is imperative that either the Team Captain or Team Manager save a picture, or a screenshot of the after game report, showing their teams stats (kills, death, score, match score). This screenshot is to be sent to KSI Gambit 7 via discord or KiK with the week day and team played (i.e. week 1, Friday, ES vs. DM) . If these games are not reported, your team will not have accurate stats, which will affect awards given and all star game participation.

All Star game invitations are received by the select few who have proven themselves to be top tier in terms of kills, K/D, and score (based off the statistics tracker provided). These individual members will be placed on one of two teams, and will play in the All Star game broadcasted on our Twitch channel by the Productions Department. Concluding the All Star game, season awards will be given out via the forums and the AAP Department.

The newly added Head Hunter awards are as follows: 

  • HHGodtier.png.01ca04fa5f20f910e02088002a73cb4d.png (God Tier - Most kills throughout the season)
  • HHTeamBackpack.png.fad4d5ec510ec1b9610c7ccd5001205f.png (Best K/D throughout the season)
  • HHScoreboard.png.47f19acd0bcec2f4bc8feaa04c9b8d08.png (Best score throughout the season)
  • HHUppermanagement.png.2b58e951aeeafa591fb9674f6a7e6906.png (Winning Team's Manager)
  • HHTheHeadCoach.png.ca94c676e13f3103dadd249466dac9ff.png (Winning Team's Captain)
  • HHAllStar.png.095050c92d9b74dfde0481caab0148a6.png (Placed on one of two All Star teams)

As always, if you are on the overall winning team, all members will receive the Headhunter Winner award:

  •  HHWinner.png.689816f596bda3b3b736b844aa87391e.png




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