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Member Management System - Squad Tags & Access Denied

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Member Management System - Squad Tags & Access Denied

Squad Tags

  • What is a squad tag?
    • An Xbox account meant to manage a squad within a division
    • A member management system
    • A private account meant for the general or acting general only
    • Should only be accessed via Xbox. Why?
      • When a squad changes generals, and this happens fairly often, the account is pulled and the password is changed. If the account is logged on to a cellular device, computer, tablet, or any other device capable of internet connection, the password is normally saved. If the account is logged on to any of these devices, the profile becomes crippled and will need to be re-created.
    • Should not ever be in an Xbox Live party. Why?
      • These accounts do not belong to the members, they belong to the community. With the lack of Xbox live for silver accounts on the 360, this was not a problem. Now that "Gold sharing" is a thing, having these squad tags in Xbox Live parties endangers them to the risk of being hit offline, friends lists being revealed, squads being attacked.
  • What are squad tags intended to be used for?
    • Managing incoming and outgoing members
    • Providing a list of people in the squad to turn to in order to find someone to game with
    • Sending out messages a minimum of 3 times a week
      • What are some messages that should be sent out every week?
        • Squad Meetings
        • Weekend Warfare
        • Happy Hour
        • Game Nights
      • What are some of the other reasons you may need to send out extra messages?
        • Blacklists
        • Security Risks
        • De-fluffing
        • Potential game type changes


Access Denied

  • What is Access Denied?
    • A member management system
    • Generals and higher only
    • Is not to be mentioned by name in front of lower ranking members. Why?
      • Having the name makes access to the site to easy (Google). We do not want this information falling into the wrong hands.
  • How does Access Denied help leaders?
    • Members are found more easily
    • Upkeep with members
    • Upkeep with games and game types
    • Descriptions - What can they be used for?
      • Officer potential
      • Officer rank
      • Other game types members have
      • Activity levels
      • Fluff
    • Leaders List
    • Access List (Lv 3 and higher)
      • Shows last time online
      • Should be used to keep an eye on divisional 7s and generals
  • Why is it important to log on to Access Denied at least once a week? (Ideally, members should really go no longer than 3 days offline)
    • To make sure member lists are up to date. Ideally, members should really go no longer than 3 days offline
    • As a general, people will be coming from and leaving squads on a regular basis. This will build up if not kept up with
    • As a co-founder, Access Denied should be used to keep an eye on generals and make sure their squads are being updated accurately and correctly
    • Lv 3 and higher, Access Denied should be used to keep tabs on all leaders in your division, ensure all updates are consistently occurring correctly


Access Denied and Squad Tag

  • Both should be accessed almost daily, no less than once every 7 days. Longer than 7 days offline can mean disciplinary actions
  • Both are extremely important in squad management
    • Members come and go, this helps leaders keep track
    • Messages convey important information, access to all members at once
  • Do not share your password to either of these accounts, ever.

Created by KSI True 7 (10/26/2017)

Edited by KSI Gandhi 7 (02/06/2018)


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