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KSI Gambit 7

Division Meeting Notes 2/7/18

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Department Notes:


- News is still looking for representatives for CD and LS.

- News Anchor applications are up in the Join a Department Area. We are looking for friendly, well-worded people preferably with experience in streaming. These anchors will be the hosts of our upcoming News Show, Powering Down (name could still change but we like this one)

- So You Think You Can Write theme for February is Gamer Life. Tell us about the game or gaming experience that lead you to know you would spend your life gaming. Competition closes Feb. 27th.

- -- News site. Check out this site to find humor, information, and knowledge. All ranks (Board of Directors, Clan ops leaders, Web ops leaders), Rank Structure and Code of Conduct are all updated here. All Weekend Warfare recaps, Head Hunter recaps, OTM winners and DoTM winners are posted here



Productions will be removing the competition part of the montage competition and making it a monthly event. There will be no winners or losers, just some awesome content to post to social media and YouTube! A clip being submitted will earn you 1 participation point  and a montage will earn you 2 points!! Productions team will look through submissions at the end of the submission period and decide which ones will be used! Here's the link to submit!

KSI TV Guide :

February 8th : Life Is Strange - Viewer's Choice w/ KSI Silence 7 @ 10 p.m est


February 9th : HeadHunters @ 9 p.m est

Rainbow Six Sweaty Hour w/ KSI SwiggityTaco  @ 11:00 p.m est

February 10th : Maniac Plays : Arkham @ 3 p.m est

Weekend Warfare : Karaoke  (Love Songs) @ 8 p.m est


February 11th:  Maniac Plays : Arkham @ 3 p.m est. 

February 13th : Neb' s New Home  (Mass Effect) @ 8:30 p.m est

All this and More can be found at Twitch.Tv/Ksilive. Don't forget to subscribe!!!!


Tournaments & Events:

Weekend Warfare:
On Saturday, February 10th, T&E will be hosting Valentines Karaoke on Skype! The event starts at 6pm EST, and signups close promptly thirty minutes before the event is to start. You can find the signups posted in the T&E section on the forums!
UPDATE: If we can get 40 people to sign up for this event, our very own KSI ImPyyy 7 has agreed to get on cam and sing us all a song! Spread the word! 

Upcoming HeadHunter Matchups:

February 9th at 8pm EST:
•Dark Legions vs Forced Induction
•Wayward Desolaters vs Eternal Souls
•Crimson Knights vs Demonic Mayhem


9pm EST - Streamed Matchup: 

•Wayward Desolaters vs Eternal Souls
•Crimson Knights vs Forced Induction



- Please spread the word if anyone with 20+ forum posts is looking for a signature or gamer pic to stop by the GFX department and place a request.



- The Jan DoTM winners have been announced on the news site and awarded, please make sure to check that out and congratulate the winners!

- Staff applications will open on Feb 14th  so please spread the word before that 

- We had a fair amount of repsonce on the DoTMs so hopefully this continues going forward across the year


L.E.A.D. 101 Class List:

Week 1: KSI Trendies 7 - Sunday (2/11/18) at 4 p.m. EST

Week 1: KSI Gambit 7 - Friday (2/9/18) at 6 p.m. EST

Week 4: KSI Wicked 7 - Monday (2/12/18) at 8 p.m. EST

Sign-ups can be found under the L.E.A.D. section on the forums. Please only sign up if you have the time commitment for all 5 classes.



Please make sure that workshops are being pushed consistently throughout your division. It is important to uphold these and host ones relevant to current situations in your division. 

Always be aware of leadership potential and possible promotions within your squads and divisions. Giving them the proper training and growth adds up to a very well groomed and growing division.

Be proactive rather than reactive. Don't let something become a problem or issue when you can get ahead of it.

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