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KSI Gambit 7

Division Meeting Notes 2/28/18

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Department Notes:


Tournaments & Events:

Weekend Warfare:
On Saturday, March 3rd, T&E will be hosting a tournament on UNO. This is not the Xbox version of the game, and is free to play for all. You can participate through your mobile device, PC, or even the web browser on Xbox. This event starts at 8pm EST, and signups close 30 minutes prior to the event. Signups, as well as the link for UNO, can be found in the T&E section on the forums!

Upcoming HeadHunter Matchups:
-March 2nd at 8pm EST:
     •DW vs LS
     •DL vs ES (Streamed)
-March 2nd at 8:30pm EST: 
     •DM vs CD (Streamed)



- So You Think You Can Write: Dream Character is now open until March 27th. If you could be any character from any video game, who would you be and why? Go tell us now in the News section of the forums!

- News Anchor applications have closed. If you realize you have missed this opportunity and would still like to be a part of our News Show, Powering Down, contact either KSI True 7 or KSI Guyy 77. Keep an eye out for the premier of Powering Down, on March 12th @ 7 pm EST on

- Don't forget!  is the place to get all of your information! Take some time to browse the site and let us know any feedback you have!



- Please welcome and congratulate our newest team member, Royal!

- If you're interested in learning how to do graphic design, stop by and apply. Our applications are always open. We can also help you get access to Photoshop!

- We no longer require a post count to make a request, so stop by and request something cool, like a signature or a Xbox Gamerpic. PLEASE read the Section Guidelines & Rules before requesting anything!

- When you make a request, bump your topic once a day so that your request doesn't get stuck at the bottom of the list! We currently have a massive influx of requests coming in, so bump away, once a day!



- Don't forget to look at the KSI Calendar each week to see what upcoming streams will be and when. 
- As always, don't forget to subscribe to KSILive (KSI twitch channel) for chances to win drawings during big events like Spirit Week, Turkey Bowl ECT.
- The team still needs representatives from DL and DM, so please spread the word :D 
- The new Clip submission and montage submission event for March will be opening on the 5th !!! 
- Remember 2 points for a montage to be potentially posted on the YouTube and 1 point for a 30 second clip for social media. Get involved !!!



- OTM nominations end today! So spread the word to anyone leaving it to the last min 

- Staff applications also end today so please tell everyone you know to get on that! 

- DMP should be ready to go mid March so get ready for That!

- Since the post requirement going we've seen a big increase in activity so hopefully that will continue, keep encouraging your divisions to post up



- We currently have all 9 divisions represented in the marketing staff!!!
- Reminder that marketing reps should be given an alotted amount of time each week to go over department notes and updates in your gens meetings
- Monthly focus: Social media interactions the SMORE team will be working closely with Impyyy and the divisions to boost our outreach on all forms of social media


L.E.A.D. 101:

Week 4/5 - Friday (3/2/18) @6:30 p.m. EST - KSI Gambit 7

Week 4/5 - Sunday (3/4/18) @4 p.m. EST - KSI Trendies 7

Week 2 - Tuesday (3/6/18) @7 p.m. EST - KSI Ronin 77


Clan Ops Notes:

February Participation:

- A huge shout out to the entire community as a whole for the record breaking participation rate across all of the divisions. DW recieved 131 participation points while LS and DL tripled their participation from the past two months

- Reminder that participation is driven by the entire division, that means marketing members, 7 staff, and squad alike. Get engaged with those around you and help us grow 


Divisional Benefit:

- Always remember that being active, recruiting, and bettering yourself and those around you isn't just for your squads benefit, its for your entire division. Working in unity with everyone in your division rather than just those in your squads is the ultimate goal.


Spring Break:

- Spring break is right around the corner! start hyping up your members and getting your divisions team ready for the events. 

-The complete event list and schedule is posted on the forums under the spring break section. Go check it out!

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Marketing Results for February/Schedule for March




March Schedule: (Spring Break will be March 23-35, which is why there is no WW 3/24.)


The link to the Marketing stats in the Marketing area can be found:


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