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KSI Gambit 7

Division Meeting Notes 3/7/18

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Department Notes:

Tournaments & Events:

Weekend Warfare:
On Saturday, March 10th, T&E will be hosting a Smite: 3v3 - Joust tournament. The event starts at 6pm EST, and signups close promptly thirty minutes before the event starts. (5:30pm EST.) Make sure to follow the proper format when signing up, and if you need any help, please reach out to your Divisional Leadership!

Upcoming HeadHunter Matchups:
-March 9th at 8pm EST:
     •DW vs EO
     •ES vs FI 
-March 9th at 9pm EST: 
     •FI vs EO (Streamed)



- News show, Powering Down, is set to go live this Monday, March 12th 2018 @ 7 pm EST! Tune in to to watch!

- So You Think You Can Write: Dream Character is open until March 27th. If you could be any character from any video game, who would you be and why?

- We are looking for representatives from CD, DL, and LS. If you are interested, please contact KSI True 7 or fill out a News/History application in the Join a Department area of the forums.



- The winners of the February OTMs have been announced on the news site. So head over to find out who won, and huge congrats to all of our winners! This month we had a greatly improved participation from last year, so thank you for all who participated, and keep it up when the OTMs return in April! 

- This month will see the return of the DOTMs, and it will start up on the 22nd for divisional leadership to submit their nominations.
Cont. AAP (sorry, pressed the wrong button on my keyboard)

- The interview process for new staff following the staff applications is under way, and within the week we hope to announce the new staff.



- Huge Congrats to KSI Jessi 77 on her promotion to Co-Head of Marketing!

- Marketing is going through some remodeling! We are very excited to be renewing some old strategies, as well as some new ideas! If you have any ideas or suggestions please post them up in the marketing section of the forums!

- Applications will be re-opening shortly, with the goal of getting at least 2 reps per division. The divisions that are lacking reps are: 
EO, FI, WD, and LS
Please encourage your members to apply!

- Marketing will also be pushing for sign ups for Spring Break until the events are hosted. Our goal is to have everyone participate in the events and make sure each division is pumped up! Keep an eye in social media, as we will be pushing events there as well.

- Have suggestions or comments for the team? Stop by the Marketing section on the forums and submit them to the suggestions box! We wanna hear how we can market to you better!

- Reminder that the reps in your division are the experts in events and happenings within KSI. They should be given an allotted time to discuss what's happening weekly at your divisional meetings! Thank you!



- Don't forget to look at the KSI Calendar each week to see what upcoming streams will be and when. 
- As always, don't forget to subscribe to KSILive (KSI twitch channel) for chances to win drawings during big events like Spirit Week, Turkey Bowl ECT.
- The team still needs representatives from DL and DM, so please spread the word :D 
- The new Clip submission and montage submission event for March is now open!! So send us your clips !!
- Remember 2 points for a montage to be potentially posted on the YouTube and 1 point for a 30 second clip for social media. Get involved !!!


L.E.A.D. 101:

- Week 3: Tuesday (3/13/18) @6:30 pm EST - KSI Ronin 77 

- New 101 Classes will be starting at the end of March beginning of April so keep an eye out.w


Clan-Ops Notes:


Do Not Vent Downwards:

-Do not vent about your frustrations down the chain of command, people like to create drama and cause problems. Venting down causes issues and discrepancies. Lower ranking members do not need to know the issues we struggle through as leaders, especially with each other. Problems should be vented about in the proper atmosphere where they can be handled and solved.



- Let's make sure workshops (SGTS, recruiting, officers etc) are being hosted weekly.

- Make them fun and engaging for the members (Hide and Seek, Michael Myers, etc with a Q&A)

- Divisional 7 staff should be making sure these are happening. Knowledge is the key to success!


G14's & Clubs:

- It is crucial for generals to make sure that their squad tags/ clubs match up with G14's (This includes EXACT proper spelling of gamertags)

- Make sure that as you are promoting recruits or removing fluff, these people are also removed from the recruit club if promoting or removed from the squad tag if fluffing.

- 7's need to be holding your Generals accountable but not touching anyone's G14 for them

- IMPORTANT: please make sure that the privacy settings for squad tags is correct as well. Lets keep our members safe.


Creating Schedules and Activity Awareness:

- Officers of every squad should create a weekly schedule for their members to access with dates and times of gamenights, workshops, or meeting times. This organization will boost participation and attendance!

- Sending out a message in one place about a gamenight or squad event isn't enough! Utilize the forums, discord, and squad tag/ clubs in order to get the message out to as many people as possible.

- Follow through with events, if you schedule a workshop or gamenight, make sure to execute it or have a plan B.


Divisional Transfer:

- As of now, the new time period for divisional transfers is 3 days barring any unforeseen circumstances 

- This is to make the process easier so members can find a place that better suits them but is NOT to be abused 



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