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Community Wide Workshop Training Schedule (April 2018): (For use by ES, LS, DM)

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Community Wide Workshop Training Schedule (April 2018): (For use by ES, LS, DM)

Below you will find the community wide monthly calendar for workshops in KSI. You should ensure that your division and squads are providing the following workshops at least once during the week of the month indicated below. You may host more. In fact, we would encourage it! At the same time, be aware that the more workshops you host, the more burnt our your leaders, trainers, and members may become if responsibilities are not evenly distributed. Be intentional with how, and when you offer sessions for maximum impact. This calendar will be updated monthly. For the most part, the dates of the core workshops will never change. However, if Human Resources, or another area of KSI decides to provide or host a one off workshop, it will also be listed here. For those, you will sign up in the section noted by the workshop title.

Core Workshop Schedule:

  • Week 1
    • New Member Workshop
    • Basic Training Workshop
  • Week 2
    • Train the Trainer Workshop
  • Week 3
    • New Member Workshop
    • Basic Training Workshop
  • Week 4
    • Squad Leadership Workshop
    • Divisional Leadership Workshop

For information on who should be hosting each of these workshops, or on what level they should be hosted, please refer to the Burden of Training document found here: The Burden of Training


At each workshop you must take attendance. At the completion of the activities, take your roster and journey over to the AAP section. Go to the topic titled "Multi - Department Award Notification"  and post the following information. Doing so will ensure that members who attended receive proper certification. 

  • Gamertag/Forums Name
  • Award Desired/Needed
  • Evidence (For these awards, your attendance log is evidence)
  • Link to forums profile

Note: Some of the workshops, specifically New Member, will have the individual attendees go onto the forums and request their awards. In those cases, make sure you are not the one doing it, and that they actually are following through.

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