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Recruiting Workshop: (Updated 08/02/18)

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Recruiting Workshop

Workshop Introduction: Learning how to recruit is an excellent way to bring your friends into an experience that you enjoy, and that you wish to share with others. Recruiting also provides growth within your squad, which means more people to play with. Finally, as a sergeant or an officer it is a standard duty that you should be helping to recruit. Depending on your level of qualifications, which may differ from division to division, this can be done by hosting or co-hosting recruiting parties. While finding new members to join the community may seem daunting, the steps listed below can help to make the process much more simple, and less frightening.

Note: This workshop is not meant to be read word for word. As the trainer, you should read through it, take in the information, and find the best way to deliver it, just as will be stated throughout the information we are about to discuss.


Before we Begin (Pre-Workshop Conversation Starters and Discussion Topics)

The following questions may be used as a conversation starter before beginning your workshop. It's important to make sure you begin by getting everyone thinking about the topic at hand.

  1. What was your recruitment experience when being brought into KSI?
  2. What do you remember most about it?
  3. Did you have any questions that your recruiter wasn't able to answer at the time?
  4. Knowing the requirements to be eligible to be recruited into KSI, do you believe the standards are too high, or not high enough? (Gamer-score, amount of friends, etc..)


The Core of the Program (Workshop Topics, Progression, and Key Points)

Workshop Curriculum Introduction: The topics listed below represent the information most critical to Sergeants and Officers within KSI. Throughout the workshop you will cover a wide range of topics from the Code of Conduct, blacklisted communities, and required settings. While it is important you cover the topics below in detail, it's also important to read the room, and know your audience. Keep that in mind, and make sure that the way your present this workshop, and the way that you go about hosting it, still allow for a fun, collaborative, and open learning environment.

Important Workshop Technical Note: This workshop will be interactive, meaning that as you go through the information, participants should follow along on both www.KSIGlobal.org and www.KSIForums.org. You will go over the information as listed below, but also direct them to where they might find it themselves in the future. Because of this, before beginning the workshop please walk your participants through signing up for the forums if they have not already done so. To get credit for completing this curriculum, they must be on the forums throughout the process.


1. How to find a recruit

These are the 5 different ways you can recruit new members into KSI. Please remember that these are just the methods you can use but in no way does it guarantee you new recruits. This will depend on your ability to excite the member into giving KSI a try.

Friend Zoned: This is the tried and true way of finding new members, to simply become their friend. Whether you find people throughout game lobbies and befriend them over several games or even days, you can slow pitch the idea of joining while also keeping an eye on how they play and act. You can also tap members of your squad for referrals that allow you to recruit people who might already have an idea of how KSI works due to their mutual friendship.


New Phone, Who Dis?: It is as simple as this. Play games and send out a mass message. This recruiting style has been around for a long time and does have it’s benefits. Normally, the message will look something like these examples:


"Hey! I’m recruiting for KSI, a semi-competitive gaming community, and I was curious if you might be interested in learning more. Hit me up if you are!"

"Sick of queuing with rando’s? Well, hey I’m from a large gaming community called KSI and we are always looking to grow our player base! I ran into you a few games ago and thought you would make a great addition to our ranks if you are interested feel free to message me back and I can answer any questions that you may have!"


Gone Fishing: An Xbox One recruiter’s best friend, Looking For Groups aka LFGs. This can be done via the Xbox or via the smart glass application on your phone. While this is very similar to the previous way, the difference here is you can be specific using “tags” to support your message to help weed out any unwanted responses such as mix required or a custom tag like “Recruiting”.


“Recruiting for a KSI *game* squad. NO name change required. If you are looking for a group of gamers to play and create friendships, consider joining KSI today. Any questions let me know via message.”


Welcome to the Thunderdome – This can be a go-to, bread and butter, whatever you want to call it because its effectiveness is solely based on your abilities as oppose to the other methods. All you need to do this is a game, and depending on the size of parties each game allows, enough people to allow for a full party, minus 2 empty spaces for recruits. You simply fill out those empty spots with potential recruits, whether it is through others’ friends lists or loading up with a few randoms. As you’re playing, you can do some things to make recruitment easier such as security checking the members friends list, or paying attention to how they act and react to various stages of the game.

Note: You can also do this on a wider scale by setting up teams of two or three in multiple parties, as long as each party has a recruiter present.


The Coliseum: The one of a kind event where you pit people against each other to determine who is the better gamer. It can bring out the best in people and the worst in so many ways, but ultimately, it is a tool you as a recruiter can use to bring in people. Basically you run this in a basic format, 5 KSI members vs 5 non-KSI members and even incorporate a cash prize to “sweeten the pot.” This will show that being a member of your squad comes with the perks of competitive contests. That is appealing for many people because it can help them become better or simply hone their craft. However, micromanaging the parties can go tricky and you will need to be careful making sure the toxic and negative atmosphere does not take over the party.


2. Recruiting Process on the Xbox One

Security Check:

  • The Security Check is normally performed while you are in a party chatting with your possible RCT. As you are chatting about KSI look through the friends list and clubs.
  • Check friends list for multiple gamertags with same prefixes. Examples: KSI, MEA, DBD, TSB, J2H, XGN, XGC.
  • Check clubs for other clans/communities and blacklisted clans/communities. Blacklisted Communities: J2H, GRM, MEA, XDG 
  • Minimum age of 15, no maximum.
  • Minimum Gamer-score of 500.
  • Minimum of 20 friends.
  • Mic Required

Note: Watch out for people with 20,000 or higher gamer-score as well as people with multiple people with similar name; recruits are allowed to have up to three different individuals in different clans/communities. Explain that a Blacklisted community pertains to all of KSI and a Security Risked individual or community is divisional or squad based.


3. Blacklisted Communities:

Blacklisted Communities are communities that KSI has no affiliation with. The following are KSI's Blacklisted Communities. 

  • J2H
  • GRM
  • MEA
  • XDG

If any of these communities are found on a friends list during security check they must be removed before the recruitment process can begin. Never recruit or associate with anyone with these members on their friends list. If ever contacted by any of these groups screenshot the message and contact a 7 or the highest rank officer online at the time.

Security Threat Communities: If any these communities are found on a friends list during the security check they must be removed before the recruitment process can begin. Be very cautious of members associated with these clan/communities. You are not allowed to have these people on your friends list. The following is KSI's Security Risked Community.

  • TSB


4. Explain what KSI stands for:

  • Knowledge: Knowledge is essential in every aspect of your membership in this community.
  • Strength: Strength is needed to persevere through tough times and to continue moving forward.
  • Integrity: Integrity is perhaps the most important trademark of a KSI leader. At the end of the day, it, and your actions are all that you have.

Be sure to repeat that KSI means Knowledge, Strength, and Integrity a few different times throughout your recruitment.


5. Read the Code of Conduct:

As you’re reading the Code of Conduct, stop periodically and explain what each rule means.


KSI Code of Conduct: The Rules Explained


1.  Every KSI member must read and understand the Xbox Live® Terms of Service and Code of Conduct.

Obviously, you play on Xbox Live and had to agree to the terms of service in order to participate in XBL, so it goes without saying that we expect you to follow the guidelines outlined there


2.  KSI does not tolerate discrimination in any form, including but not limited to racism, sexism, or harassment, by or towards, any member of KSI in any situation.

When you are participating in the forums, XBL or any other activity that is part of the KSI community, you represent KSI, even in non-KSI related games if you have changed your gamertag, and you should represent KSI in a positive fashion. You made the decision to be part of this community and you should, by example, encourage others to do the same. Do not make fun of anyone because of their race, gender, religion, region of the world, accent, etc. Treat everyone with respect.


3.  Leaders within KSI are responsible for: the organization of all squad matches and practices; Maintaining professional game play during squad matches, as well as oversight and evaluation of performance and behavior of lower ranking members.

This does not apply to you yet, since you are a new recruit, but it should inspire you to gain higher ranks so that you can start to take part in the employment of these activities as a leader. Additionally, this also gives you a guideline of what to expect from your leaders so that you can, politely and with tact, help them make sure that they are setting the proper example and leading effectively. If you see something that seems off then you should work to get promoted so that you can have more influence in taking care of your other members.



This is pretty self-explanatory. If a member goes down in the game and can be revived, then revive them. It also applies to other situations though: If a member has a question, concern, or other issue that you can help them with, please do so. We like to think of KSI as being a family and the way that we promote that way of thinking is by taking care of each other


5.  All members have an “Open Door Policy” to speak with Leaders on any issues or with any ideas. But still impress the responsibility to report to the appropriate leaders within the KSI Chain of Command.

You, as a member of KSI, have the right to talk to your leadership about issues, both your own and ones within the squad/division/clan. However, please make sure that you follow proper protocol and take the issue to your LT or CPT first so that they are aware of the issue. No one likes to be blindsided with an issue and it is respectful to let your immediate level of leadership know/try to help before it must go higher. Additionally, you can post any issues on the forums, which are an invaluable resource and tool. Check out my bio for the address and make sure to sign up for the forums. You will be able to meet other members and build connections with hundreds of other players on XBL. Once you register, make sure you check your email and validate your logon so that you can start posting.


6.  A KSI member takes pride in his or her membership and is encouraged but not forced to change their gamer tag to reflect KSI.

You absolutely do not have to change your gamertag in order to be a happy and successful member of KSI. Many players are just casual gamers that want to have a large player base to associate with. However, if you want to get promoted to the rank of SGT or higher, then you will need to change your gamertag in order to reflect your affiliation to KSI. By changing your gamertag, you are advertising KSI in any game that you play on XBL, even outside of the regular KSI games. This is a good thing! When you change your gamertag, you are saying I am proud to be in KSI and I want everyone to know that KSI is awesome enough to add to my gamertag. As long as you continue to represent KSI positively, this will lead to people asking you about the KSI in your gamertag and that will give you the chance to talk about KSI and possibly get a new recruit!


7.  KSI members must maintain a professional manner and attitude during play as well as within lobby, party and KSI based chats in order to represent KSI as a positive gaming community.

If you are in a lobby and someone starts cussing you out or talking trash, MUTE THEM! Show that you are the better person and just use the Mighty Mute Button. Not only does that show the other person that they have no power over your emotions, but it also shows the other players in the lobby that members of KSI maintain a high standard of conduct, which will possibly lead to people wanting to join and then you will be able to recruit them! You also need to make sure to maintain proper conduct when using the forums.


8.  KSI members are not permitted to be a part of any other gaming community or clan other than KSI.


KSI is friendly to all communities not listed within our Security Risked or Blacklisted communities. As part of taking pride in our membership we maintain the status solely as a KSI member. Being part of other communities also creates potential Security issues that are best avoided.

9.  The lowest allowed age to be recruited into KSI is: 15.

While recruiting members into the community, ask their age prior to giving them the required age to join. This will ensure they are the proper age before recruitment.


10.  The list of prohibited activities includes, but is not limited to: Illegal Drugs, Software Alteration, Modding of Games, Console Manipulation, Other Forms of Piracy, Racketeering, Money laundering, Blackmail, Murder, Child Pornography, Prostitution, Bestiality, Incest, Slavery, Fraud, Cannibalism, Theft, Vigilantism, Harassment, Stolen Valor and Acts of Treason.

If you are doing anything in your personal life that violates these rules; KEEP THEM IN YOUR PERSONAL LIFE. We are not trying to control your personal life however; we maintain a positive and uplifting environment in our forums and game sessions. So, please, don’t talk about eating people in our games.





6. Go Over Privacy and Profile Settings:

Privacy Settings:

  1. Go to “Account”
  2. Select “Privacy and Online Safety”
  3. Xbox Live Privacy
  4. Go to “View Details & Customize”
  5. Go to “Profile”
  6. Others Can See Your Xbox Profile
  7. Change to “Everyone”
  8. Press B to go back one time.
  9. Go to “Friends and Clubs”
  10. Others Can See Your Friends List
  11. Change to “Everyone”

Profile Settings:

  1. Go to Dashboard and press the home button.
  2. Go to Profile Image
  3. Select “My Profile”
  4. Select “Customize Profile”
  5. Edit Location to reflect: KSI (SQUAD/DIVISION) RCT
  6. Edit Bio to reflect as follows: Referred by ____________ (Only if it applies) Recruited by (Your gamertag) on (insert appropriate date)
  7. Hit "Done" to apply all changes.


7. Recruit Club/Tag Additions:

All new recruits must be added to the recruit club or the recruit tag upon their initial recruitment.

Recruit Club:

  • Select their profile
  • Select "Invite"
  • Scroll downward to "Invite to club"
  • Select your Divisions recruiting club

Recruit Tag:

  • Explain to the recruit that they will be adding the Division's recruit tag, and that all new members go through the tag at one point.
  • Have the recruit add the tag.
  • Send a message to the leader that holds the recruit tag regarding that you have recruited (insert gamertag here).
  • Send a message to the leadership of the squad the member was recruited for.

Note: Make sure you can see the friends list so it can be added to the recruit club and they have removed and not added back anyone that needed to be removed. When all of this is done, go back and check their profile to make sure the bio and location read correctly.


8. Welcoming

Send out a mass message to all KSI members welcoming the recruit, and ask them to send the new recruit a friend request. Doing this not only lets your squad, but also the division and the community as a whole, know there is a new member in KSI.


The Debrief (Post-Workshop Conversation Starters and Discussion Topics)

The Following questions can be used as a conversation starter following the conclusion of your workshop. You do not have to ask every question. Pick the ones that you believe will have the most impact, and most buy in with your workshop group.

  1. Is there anything you would change about the recruitment process?
  2. Was there anything that you didn't fully understand, or still have questions about?
  3. Why do you think it is important to bring new members into KSI?

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