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Squad Activity Guide

Below is a guide on how to host five basic squad and divisional activities. These five activities include gamenights, workshops, squad meetings, and headhunters. Each one is critical to a squad and divisions success. 


1. Gamenights

Gamenights are crucial to squad activity and should happen often within your squad. These are the most common squad events and have the potential to be the most fun. There are many different types of gamenights, many of which are hosted in a party and game lobby, but some such as a karaoke gamenight are hosted differently. Below are tips for a successful, professional, and fun gamenight.

Normal Gamenight:

When hosting a gamenight on a selected game such as Halo, Call of Duty, or Destiny, make sure it is fun and competitive. While doing this, socialize with our members by talking to them. The most entertaining gamenights are a combination of good conversation and well laid out game types and maps.

  1. Announce your gamenight hours in advance to your members.
  2. Create an open party and game lobby.
  3. Invite all members of your squad and division.
  4. Plan your game-types and maps before your event, make sure you are prepared before your gamenight starts.
  5. If you must leave, find a replacement so the games continue.
  6. Keep things clean and competitive.

Karaoke Gamenight:

When hosting a karaoke gamenight, be sure to guarantee that all members feel welcome and safe at all times. For some, singing openly to a crowd of individuals can be a struggle and many are not open to it. Depending on how people react to an individual's performance, it can affect the members self esteem and feeling of welcomeness throughout the community. When you host these gamenights, it is critical that you control your lobby at all times.

  1. Announce your gamenight hours in advance to your members. 
  2. Create an invite only party.
  3. Invite all members of your squad and division.
  4. Establish that no judgment, small or large, shall be passed to any member.
  5. Be prepared to sing yourself, if no one else will.
  6. Control your party.
  7. Have fun.

Note: A gamenight’s success can depend solely on the host’s attitude and social skills, gamenights are meant to a fun activity open to all members of your squad.


2. Recruiting Lobby

Recruiting lobbies are a great way to bring in new members as well as unite the squad for a singular goal. These lobbies are typically hosted by an officer along others that know the recruiting procedures. The goal of these lobbies are simple, have fun and talk to people. Depending on the game, it's common to find multiple people in game chat, which offers a vast opportunity for members to talk to potential recruits. When participating in one of these lobbies, guarantee that you keep yourself in check. We are to represent KSI as a positive gaming community at all times. If someone acts hostile towards you or your fellow members, mute them and do not feed into their conversation or hostility. Below are some simple steps to establish an effective recruiting lobby.

  1. Announce your recruiting lobby hours in advance to your members. 
  2. Create and invite only party.
  3. Invite all members of your squad and division. 
  4. Establish the ground rules. 
  5. Switch to gamechat and have fun


3. Workshops:

Workshops play a major role in the success of education throughout a squad and division. They range from topics such as recruiting, forums usage, and divisional leadership. When hosting a workshop, you must first begin by by establishing an effective platform for learning and teaching. If your party is too noisy, too crazy, or too unorganized, no productive activity can occur. As the party leader and the trainer for that workshop, you should be in total control of your room. Below are the basics steps to guarantee that your workshop will be fun, organized, and a place of learning.

  1. Announce your workshop hours in advance to your members. 
  2. Create an invite only party
  3. Invite your squad and divisional members.
  4. Politely remove any non-essential guests or members.
  5. Make sure everyone knows the ground rules of the party, and its' purpose.
  6. Make sure the only person who has an active mic, is the person who has the floor.
  7. Come up with a way to signal questions, and or comments (i.e posting in the party chat, on Discord, or by private message).
  8. Give ample opportunity for interactive comments, questions, and discussion.
  9. Make sure that the party atmosphere is enjoyable.

Note: These seven points above will ensure that you have taken the best possible steps towards ensuring that the environment you are creating is the environment to promote success.


4. Squad Meetings:

Squad meetings are essential to a squads success. Not only do squad meetings have the ability to unite members but it is also a place for members to learn about events within the community as well as any notes you or your division may have. As the host, it is imperative that you are in control of your meeting and below are basic steps to guarantee that your meeting will be fun, organized, and informative.

  1. Announce your squad meeting hours ahead of the event to your members. 
  2. Create an invite only party and invite all members from your squad into the meeting.
  3. Once your party is full, clearly establish that you have the floor.
  4. Start your meeting by discussing recent events. After you have briefly covered recent events, move on to current notes and events.
  5. After each note, ask if anyone has questions, concerns, or ideas. This can also be a great way to end your meeting.

Note: If any questions or ideas brought up that you are unable to answer or address, bring it up the chain of command and return the following week with an answer.


5. HeadHunters:

HeadHunters is an inter-community competitive atmosphere that involves teams from each division to prove their prowess and dominance over a certain game. The selected games that will serve as the theme for each season are comprised of the top 3 first person shooter franchises to date, Halo, Destiny, and Call of Duty, but are subject to change. The season consists of several weeks in which the participating teams will play a 12-16 game schedule against opposing divisions. This will ultimately lead to the play-offs. Like any other sporting event, play-off teams will be seated based off their record during the season and will play in a bracket until only one team remains and are therefore named the season champions. Below are basic requirements for your Head Hunters team.

  1. All team members must be ranked Corporal though General.
  2. Team rosters may not exceed 8 nor fall under 6 members.
  3. All team members are placed on the team based on kill count and the K/D spread throughout their tryouts.

Note: Follow the link for all further information.

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