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KSI Barb130 - Helping Hand Award

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Name: KSI Barb130
Link to Forums Account: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/41902-barb130/
Award-/-Achievement: Helping Hand
Reason-/-Evidence: KSI Barb130 has been an amazing asset to my squad, Succubus ES. She is a 2LT, however, she has always been helpful to everyone who needs it. Over the past month, she has bought several things for members: 1. She purchased a $10 xbox gift card for one of our CPLs, GroundPainter26, for being a new member that made a forums account. 2. She recently gave KSI SumB1ch89 (my 1LT), a 12 month subscription to Xbox Live. Reason being, his was running out and he would not have been able to buy more for a few months. 3. One of our CPls, UndatedLoki74, does not have a lot of games and feels left out sometimes. I bought him Destiny 2 and when KSI Barb130 found out he received the game, she got him both DLCs for it (Curse of Osiris & Warmind). She is always helping members with a chipper attitude and understands the struggle of a gamer in need. I feel she deserves this award.



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