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Division Meeting Notes: 8/8/18

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Div - Meeting Notes: (8/8/18)



Divisional Hall of Fame:

  • OTMs will be replaced this month by the first round of Divisional Hall of Fame inductions. This new div-based HoF will act similar to the OTMs and will take place during and leading up to Spring Break and Fall Classic. Each division can have up to 3 members inducted into the HoF per event at a maximum per the AAPs discretion. A forums topic will be created within the next 2 weeks for people to go nominate their choices for Div HoF inductees. There will be a format posted in the topic that all nominations must follow, and each nominator may only nominate one person from the division. The first inductions will be announced the last day of fall classic. Nominations will begin August 20th and last until mid - September.


Fall Classic:

  • Fall Classic is right around the corner! A time frame is yet to be set but you can expect a spectacular kick-off to the season with tournaments, streams, Divisional Hall of Fame, and more!



  • The first beta test has begun and was accomplished without any chats being deleted and most roles just being modified to fit the system. We will have a week of testing and bug fixes, and then we will choose 1-2 more divisions to update. Our goal is to get the role system in every division before September.


Divisional Transfers:

  • Make sure that when you are looking at possible transfer to your division that you take into account a few things. First, always pay attention to the volume of transfers you are getting from specific squads or divisions. If you notice an excess number of transfer from a squad or a division to your division that should be investigated. Second, when accepting transfers you should take into account not only the applicants side of why they transferred, but also the divisions. Every applicant should be interviewed and every division leader should communicate openly regarding the transfer whether it is incoming or outgoing.


Rejoin and Join Area:

  • If you are a Founder or higher you should check the join area regularly to ensure apps are being commented on and updated. All applicants should be interviewed before a stance is posted. If you have a Co-Founder approved to conduct the interview and post in the join area they can only post updates on the app, when it comes to accepting an application that is the responsibility of the Founder and up.



Department Notes:




  • Stop by the Graphics Department and get some KSI related graphics made! Remember to check all the pinned topics and be courteous and patient with us while your request is completed!
  • Signatures of the Week (SoTW) is up and running! If you are interested in competing in weekly web art comps, check it out! Rules and themes are updated weekly! Link:



  • This Friday August 10th Happy Hour will be 7s vs. Members on WW2 at 10:00pm EST, hosted by KSI Bane and the panel. Sign ups for both teams can be found in the Community Events Section on the Forums. Link: 
  • The Clip and Montage Event is open so get your clips and montages submitted!



  • August’s SYTYCW theme is “Your KSI Get Together”. Head to the News Section to post your submission! SYTYCW's are an EASY way to earn your division points toward the KSI Div Cup!
  • The News Team would like to welcome its two newest anchors: KSI Galahad and KSI Karisaur!
  • The KNN News Show airs at 8:30pm on Tuesday's! The theme for this week’s show (8/14) will be "A Growing Squad Highlight". We’ll be discussing a specific squad’s progress and future goals. The Anchors will be raffling off a FREE NAME-CHANGE at the end of the show! All Corporals who tune into the Twitch stream and chat the during of the show are eligible! Link:


  • The July Spotlight Winners are: KSI AWOL of DM and KSI Havoc 7 of DW! Big shout outs to all the members that posted nominations!
  • This month, KSI Historians will be reaching out to their assigned divisions - not only to update Divisional histories but also to gather information regarding current squads and their game-types, as well as information pertaining to past squad creations, splits and merges.
  • The History Department will be assembling a “KSI Divisional History Tree” this fall. We appreciate any input seasoned members are able to provide!



  • This Saturday, August 11th, T&E will be hosting a tournament on Rainbow Six Siege - Gametype: 3v3 Bomb. The event starts at 8pm EST, and signups close at 6pm EST.
  • Go vote in the People's Choice Poll found in the T&E Section on the forums! The poll closes on the 18th, and whatever game gets the most votes will be hosted by T&E on the 25th of August! Link:


Performance Operations:

  • It is currently Week 3 in the CEP Workshop Schedule which means: Train the Trainer.
  • f your division is having a hard time hosting any of the CEP workshops, please reach out to your Performance Officer and let them know!
  • I'd like to welcome the newest Performance Officer, KSI HEBREW 7!

Current PO Assignments: 

  • CD: KSI xKing 77 - KSI HAVOC 7 
  • DL: KSI HEBREW 7  
  • DM: KSI xKing 77 
  • DW: KSI TexAngel 7  
  • EO: KSI December 77
  • ES: KSI Guyy 77
  • FI: KSI Cherry 7
  • LS: KSI Cherry 7 - KSI Harmony 7 
  • WD: KSI Akame 7 - KSI Harmony 7



  • Congratulations to the Division who Won the month of July! 1st Place: DW - Runner-up: FI
  • We've seen a lot of improvement and sign-ups from multiple Divisions, keep it up!
  • Marketing still needs applicants from CD and ES. If you're interested in joining the Marketing team please apply in the Join a Department Area on the forums!!
  • Reminder to do your best for your Division and get as many people to sign up as possible! The events brought to the community are for fun, bring out your new recruits and show them the KSI experience!!



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