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KSI Cherry 7

Division Meeting Notes 10/10/18

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Department Notes


·     We would like to welcome the newest Performance Officers into the department, KSI VENUM 7 & KSI Taywick 77!  

·     We would like to welcome the newest Human Resource members into HR, KSI VeRiiTaS 7 & KSI December 77 

·     We would also like to congratulate the first senior staff in the Community Development Committee, KSI Skarzx 77 & KSI FadeZ 7 


·     FI, EO, ES, CD need to get new Representatives! If you don't have a Representative inside of your Division, and you have questions please message myself! (KSI Nebula 7) 

·     Newsletter has been officially Launched, it will be a Monthly letter to the community as a whole! It will be posted on KSIGlobal!

·     Leaders: Please make sure you are Getting your Divisions to partake inside of the events of the Community! In the long run it has the potential to improve over-all Participation inside of the Division! If you have any questions or need any help please message myself!


         Productions is looking for a Streamer representative from Eternal Souls, Please message KSI Skarzx 77 for more information

         Happy Hour this week (Oct. 12th) will be on Call of Duty Black Ops 4 W. KSI Bane and the Happy Hour Panel

         Next Week (Oct. 19th) is UNO Happy Hour, Sign-ups can be found in the community Events Section

         October Clips and Montage Submissions are open until October 25th. Don't forget to submit clips for 1 divisional point and a montage for 2 divisional points towards the Div cup

                  (Any submissions currently used on your personal social medias or submissions with gamertag that are from       another community or isn't similar to your current gamertag will NOT be accepted)

          Also be sure to check out the Youtube Page (KSI Global Gaming) for Fall Classic Recaps as well as past and current videos, Originally streamed on

                  (Don't forget to subscribe to the Youtube if you haven't already)

**Please congratulate KSI Skarzx 77 on his promotion to Head of Productions & KSI Nebula 7 on his promotion to Head of Marketing!**


News Notes

·     News Department applications are open through the 11th! Submit your application now!

·     October’s SYTYCW is open! The topic is “KSI/Marvel Mashup”! Head to the News section to make your submission and earn div cup points for your division.  

**The News Team would like to congratulate KSI Hatter 7 on her promotion to Editor Of News!**


HSI Notes

Member & 7 Spotlights are coming back! Check the AAP section from the 14th - 20th to post your nominations!


Tournaments and Events 

On Saturday, October 13th, T&E will be hosting an event on Destiny 2. Game type: 3v3 Breakthrough. The event starts at 8pm EST, and signups close promptly two hours before the event starts. (6:00pm EST)

On Saturday, October 20th, T&E will be hosting an event on Uno. The event starts at 8pm EST, and sign-ups close promptly two hours before the event starts. (6:00pm EST.) Please keep in mind that this event takes place on a web browser:


Clan-ops Notes

Human Resources 

·     HR representatives are here to help with situations that Leaders of the community on a divisional level aren’t trained, or experienced enough to deal with. 

·     HR’s purpose is to be an objective resource that members and leaders can use in scenarios they may not be able to handle. 

·     HR should also be a resource for anyone in KSI can use to vent frustrations or ask advise of. 

·     Current HR staff includes:

           o  KSI HAVOC 7: (Head of Department) 

           o  KSI VeRiiTaS 7

           o  KSI December 77

 **If you have any questions please direct them to the staff listed above**


The Ops Server 

·     The Ops server is the central hub for leadership in KSI. With that being said, it's worth noting that involvement in that server is a mandatory requirement for being a leader in clan ops. This ensures that all 7s are in the loop, and are informed.

(7s) Consolidating 

·     FI and CD will be merging to form a new, to be named, division that will be headed by KSI Skarzx 77. This transition is the best route for both divisions and we believe that it will greatly impact both member bases for the better to come together as one.

(7s) Fluff 

·     We should continue to weed out fluff and inactive members from our divisions and squads, as well as make sure that we are promoting and fluffing privates.

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