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Division Leaders Meeting Notes 11/07/18

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                                                                                           KSI Division Leaders Meeting Notes


~~Clan OPS~~


Turkey Bowl

* Signups will be posted on the first of November. Please get with your members and push the events and get teams set up. Event sign ups will close 48 hours prior to the event starting so that T&E can properly staff it’s events.


(7s) New 7s notes format

* A new 7s meeting note format has been posted in all of your division sections. Please take a look at the new format, any questions can be directed to KSI Gambit 7 at the Division meeting this Thursday or you can message any Senior with questions.


  • Update: This format is to be completely filled out and posted on a weekly basis. The healthiest way to do so is to rotate the responsibility between ALL MEMBERS of the current 7 staff. This is something that will be continuously discussed and reviewed.


Discord Role System topic

* There will be a topic posted in the Leaders Discussion area that will outline the roles, their permissions and the responsibilities of each role. The goal is to get every division’s leadership to work in unison with senior leadership to get every server on this system, we’ve taken months to listen to feedback and make this system as user-friendly and efficient as possible. Any feedback is appreciated, and welcomed!



* For those who’s divisions have changed you will be allotted a week to co-tackle the division so the new director can learn with an informative guide and the departing director can clean up any last ties and wishes with the division in question.


Head-Hunters Poll

* Head Hunters is a community wide event designed with the intention of sparking friendly competition amongst the divisions, while giving our more competitive players a venue to show off their skills and represent their divisions. This being said, it is the people of this communities right to have a say in what game / game types they would like to play in or watch throughout the season. Friday (11/9/18) A poll will go live on the forums in which members will be able to vote on which title the first 2019 Head Hunters season will take place on, as well as the ability to express desired game types. The poll will be live for 2 weeks so please encourage all members to vote!


Making Decisions

* When you are making decisions for your division, there should be a multitude of factors to take in consideration. Make sure that you consult your 7 staff or officer staff depending on your role to get their opinions and views. They are experts on your division/squad as much as you are. Once you come to a decision and plan to roll out the change, make sure to thoroughly explain why you came to that decision. If you can’t defend your decision then maybe it’s not a good decision, it’s your roll to make sure that all decisions made are to better the division backed by solid reasoning. Those explanations will make the process smooth as well as shows your members that you care about them by giving them the time and reasoning.

Member Retention

* This week, try and find someone in your squad or division to game with that you wouldn't usually! One problem with fast growing squads is that they forget one fundamental thing, recruiting the members is only half the battle, keeping those members engaged and active is just as important as recruiting! So get out there and game with some people !!!





News Notes
• November’s SYTYCW is open! The topic is 2018 KSI Reflections. Head to the News Section to make your submission today!

HSI Notes

• HSI applications are open through Saturday, 11/13. Head to the Join a Department section to apply!

• KSI’s Divisional History sections have been organized and refurbished. Starting this month, divisional history will be recorded in a simple, 2-step process.
Step 1: During the last week of the month, HSI staff will meet briefly with their assigned HSI Liaisons (Clan Ops Leaders) to get detailed updates concerning the month’s past events in their division.
Step 2: The following week, HSI Staff will use that information to update each division’s history thread in the HSI Divisional History Section.
(History Update threads have been placed in each division’s section on the forums. These may be utilized by Generals and higher to informally record events as they happen. These posts will be used as reference when HSI staff meet with Clan Ops Leaders once a month.)

• HSI currently needs reps from DL, EO, ES and WD! Spread the word!(edited)


* Happy Hour this Friday (November 9th @ 9 p.m est) is Prominence Poker w/ KSI Bane and the Happy Hour Panel.

* November Clips/Montage Submission will open November 7th until November 21st at 11:59 p.m est. Be sure to submit content to earn your division some points!!!!!

* Don't Forget to subscribe and check out the Twitch channel, to watch some of your fellow KSI members stream some games like Black Ops 4, Fortnite and much more!

* Also check out the youtube for HH recaps, Weekend Warfares , and much more!
* KSI Bane 7 is now the new CoHead of Productions.




* SL needs Another Rep, EO, ES, need two new Representatives! Please get with your members and see if they are interested!

* If you have any Suggestions please message one of the Marketing Staff,  KSI Nebula 7, KSI DropShot 7,  or post in the topic on the Forums!

* Be prepared for the Newsletter to drop around the first week of November


* With the new Meta Awards available we've seen a large increase in nominations. We would like to inform everyone that the Meta Awards are only available for self-nomination to ensure that everyone can pick out the Staff Awards they would like.



* The discussion of the month for November is up and the topic is member retention! Who’s responsible for it? How do we actively work on member retention? The discussion is open to everyone in the community so feel free to reply!
Performance Officer applications are open! This position is open to all current and former divisional staff (co-founder and above) so feel free to apply! If you have any questions, feel free to ask KSI Havoc 7, KSI Cherry 7, or KSI December 77.


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