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Hello those reading this message, my name is Nebula, some call me Nebby, or Nebs.

I'm sorry about the pain you've been through, please understand that things happen, and to not let them get you down or hold you back.

When you're having a rough time in life, or in the Community even, Try to remember why you joined or why you're here. If you remember the Why, the How's will become clearer

While you're here, I'd like to ask you a favor. Please try to be a Little Kinder than Necessary. You will never understand the amount of impact you have in someone's life, one act of being someone's friend could mean the world to someone who's battling Depression.

This may be a odd message, to randomly appear in the community. Please let me to you my Story, please note as of today, I'm 17

Throughout my life, there has been a predominant amount of pain or sadness. I'm not asking for Pity, or saying how my life is terrible.

My Father, would get Physical with my and my Siblings, usually resulting to moving in with my mother as they are divorced. My Mother, would drink constantly, and do Drugs, she'd scream at me until the only place that I'd feel safe was on Xbox or in my room.

I lived with my uncle, which around a year later, I had Surgery on my leg which was paralysed. I asked my mother if I could see my father again, and the cycle repeated with me ending up Homeless, leaving in a truck with my mother, and my two siblings, and two Dogs.

We stayed there for a Year until we found a place to live, the drinking continued until we moved into my Aunts house, where I'm living at now. There is a short story without alot of details.

My point in this Topic, is that life is hard. There will be ups and downs within it. We all must learn how to be happy and how to be stronger. Please know that you do not know people's stories, so please be kind as you do not know what Pain they've been through or what pain is currently inside them.

You are important to many people in your life. You may forget how important, or the impact you have on them. When life gets hard, don't give up and end it, it's a temporary solution that causes permanent damage in those who love you. 

But don't let bad things define who you are as a person, don't let them hold you back from things you'd want to do.

Those of you who I've hurted, or I've been mean to, I'm sorry. I hope you are well and in a loved surrounding.

I want you to know, that I love you. And never change the person you are inside. 

I hope you have a life filled with Happiness and love, 

                                   - Neb

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We appriciate you, a lot of respect and admiration to you regarding this post and your life. Smile, be happy.

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