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Division Meeting Notes: 1/9/19

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Division Meeting Notes: 1/9/19


Clan Operations Notes


  • 2018 Award Show & “Of The Years” (OTY's)
    • We will be closing out the year with our highly anticipated KSI Awards Show. This will feature a 2018 recap, a preview of goals and changes for 2019 and the Of The Year winner announcements.
    • We encourage all members to tune in to the show on Sunday, January 13th at 7:00pm EST. Join us on Twitch at Gather some friends and start a "watch party"!

  • Squad Tag & Omega (GEN's and up)
    • All Generals - please ensure that you are regularly checking your Squad Tags and Omegas. It has come to our attention that there are squads and divisions housing potential fluff. Fluff can break a squad and be detrimental to a division. It is important that we are doing our jobs properly and efficiently.               

  • Mentality (Officers and up)
    • It’s also important that we are leaders are always maintaining a positive and professional attitude. Everything filters from the top down and if we aren’t holding ourselves to the standards we set, how can we expect our members to do so?

  • Division Leader Meeting Format Revision
    • Removal - Recitation of stats and coverage of Web Ops notes. Goal is to better utilize time for Clan Ops specific inquiries and notes, as well as open more time for discussion.
    • Incorporation - Utilization of 7’s meeting notes on a weekly basis to help hold all parties accountable, as well as creating productive and beneficial conversation for divisional improvement.
    • Promote Open Sharing Environment - Discussion about what works and what doesn’t work. If there are struggles and issues, utilize net of resources (Senior Director Teams Director Team, Other Division Leaders, etc) to get advice and help. If something works, SHARE IT. If one division can benefit, they all might be able to.

  • Security
    • With the new year in full swing, security is always at the top of our list. Make sure we are checking all new recruits and rejoins thoroughly. Make sure we are actively sweeping the squad tags and Recruit Clubs. Fluff your Recruit Clubs often to minimize unnecessary tags. At this time, there is no new threat to KSI but we never know when one might emerge. If you we do these things now and make them a habit, hopefully new officers will learn to do the same.


Department Operations Notes


  • AAP
    • The AAP is hiring! Applications to join the AAP Department will be open from Wednesday 1/9/19 through Friday 1/18/19. You can apply by finding and filling out the application located in the Join A Department section of the forums or going to the following link below. Please be sure to spread the word to anyone that may be interested! 
    • Once applications close, selected members will be enrolled in our training program.

  • Community Events
    • Join us in February for a little romance on the battlefield. Sign up for the Be My Valentine PUBG Tournament! Xbox gift card prizes are up for grabs. Sign your team up by visiting the Community Events section on the forums or click this link: 

  • HSI
    • Divisions need to post all updates and get with HSI staff for squad evaluations by January 12th!
    • Be on the look out for some new threads to keep track of winners for KSI events!
    • On January 28th, we are doing our Monthly Top Recruiters for January. Make sure your division is keeping records - there will be an article featuring your members and their hard work!
    • If you are interested in joining HSI, you'll find an application in the HSI section on the forums. Please copy and paste this in the Join A  Department area! Message KSI Greenday 7 with any quesitons.

  • News
    • Be sure to read the News Team’s latest KSI Speaks article. The question was “What’s your favorite three course meal?” 
    • Want to get to know our News Writers a little better? Global’s “Meet The News Team” article has the details. Check it out here:
    • Congratulations to KSIfiremomma7 for winning 2018’s final SYTYCW competition!
    • We want to hear from you! Post in the WRITER’S BLOCK thread to share a story with the News Team. We’re looking for cool community content to publish in article form on (We’ll reply to what you post. So check back often!) 

  • Productions
    • Applications are now closed for the time being. We will notify when new positions become available!
    • Clips & Montage Event for January is now open and will close on January 23rd. Remember, each clip submitted is worth 1 divisional point (2 clip submissions per person) and Montages are worth 2 divisional points (1 montage per person). Please check the post in the Productions section to see how to submit your clips.
    • Happy Hour is Friday, January 11th at 9:00pm EST. It will be held on Black Ops 2 and hosted by KSI MeShell 7 and the Happy Hour Panel. This event will be open for all viewers to join and streamed live on

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