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December 77

So You Think You Can Write - February 2019

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So You Think You Can Write - January 2019



Poetry Contest - Light vs Dark

Here's your chance to get creative. Write, my dears. Express your heart. Speak about the struggle between light and dark. (Hey! That rhymed.) What a good start... ;) 


  • Poems must loosely adhere to a "Light vs Dark" theme. Keep in mind, the further you stray from the intended genre, the lower your poem's final score may be. 
  • Poems can be no more than 150 words in length - no exceptions. 
  • Poems must be original content. No plagiarizing. We will be checking. 
  • Poems must be written between February 2nd and the submission deadline. No re-hashing previously written material. Play by the rules, people! (That 5th grade poetry assignment is NOT valid. Leave it in Mom's memory box, please.)
  • Poems must follow KSI CoC.
  • Poems will be judged based on the following criteria:
    • 30% Theme (theme is "Light vs Dark")
    • 30% Grammar (know the difference between "your" and "you're")
    • 20% Creativity (is it original? is it intriguing?)
    • 20% Integrity (does it make sense? or is it just a bunch of words strung together?)


This topic will close February 25th @ 11:59pm EST. Copy and paste the template below. Good luck writers! :heart:


-   -   -





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Title:Praise the light

Author: KSI Harmony 7 


The sun will rise and the brothers will come. Praise it! We shall until our days are gone. 

We may go hollow but, we will fight until the end. Anything but jolly cooperation is a downright sin! 

Lord Gwyn will try to keep the darkness alive. I will kindle the flame and sweep this until darkness cleansed. 

The cycle continues, it never truly ends. To kindle the flame... It's all we have in the end. If I go hollow my world will die. Another will be chosen to fall in line. 

Lordron my home, my deathbed my heart. I wither away as the fire loses spark. I will collect the boss souls! I will keep up this fight! I will praise the sun even in the darkness of night. 

Humanity it keeps my hope from withering away. Embers keep my flame alight. The fires that I sit by, the glimmer and glow, it warms my heart and heals my soul. 

This life is not pretty or fun or happy. I don't mean to be sad or to seem sappy! Lordron my home, my heart! You are my end, my brightness and my beginning... I think it's time I press start. 

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Title - From dark in to light

Author - KSI M3NTALIST 7

Poem -

All around me is dark and no light,

I'm always alone no color in sight.

Just black and white no shades at all,

to take small steps so i don't fall.


Nobody noticed that i could not see,

for all the dark in front of me.

I feel my way along the floor,

so i could possibly find a door.


My heart is pounding, i feel like i'm blind,

one small noise will trigger my mind.

But i laugh and smile, slowly walking along,

assuring myself nothing is wrong


Thinking about the people i have met,

who opened my eyes i will never forget.

Because these are the people who helped me see,

not always the dark but light within me.

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Title: A Banshee Reborn

Author: KSI Jynxie


Darkness creeps in, suffocating life found.

She guarded from the tempest, making not a sound.

Fires licked the land, blackening all torched.

Rising from the ashes, she seemed un-scorched.

The beast sat rabid, extending a gnarly hand.

Drifting slowly twords, her path healed the land.

Bewilderment turned on its face as she pritch its inclination.

Kindness emanated from within , curing his predilection.

Darkness now slipped from its crown as a weary hat.

As there amongst life a-new light and darkness sat.

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Title: A New

Author: KSI Greenday 7


When my world was dark you shined into my life like no other

You became my light 

But your light dimmed because I was too dark

I didn't mean to hurt you

I want to see you shine again

I will do anything to see your light again

Are we forever in a battle between light and dark?

But now we have a new 

A Twilight to show us that we don't have to fight

Now we can live together with her and finally accept eachother

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Title: What Do I See?

Author: KSI Skarzx


Before you ,

I was living in Darkness

with Nothing to Guide my way,

But then you came around

and now your always lighting

up my day


What do I see,

No more Darkness,

Not even at night while in Bed, 

What do I See ,

with you in my life?

Sunny Skies ahead.



* I Apologize in advace for bad poetry ;( *

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Title: The Light Never Comes

Author: KSI Folkstyle


Some days at a time I spend alone in thought, will it ever present itself?

It seems as though it taunts me day in and out. This light that others speak about.

I live my life in utter darkness for that is all I know. I mill through my day in fear and anguish, that is my eternal judgement.

I was born into this world without place, without purpose. Will I ever find it? Will the light ever come?

I find now that I must be true to myself that the light will never come.


I'm sorry for being bad at poetry

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Title: The Crusade of Life

Author: KSI Sir Eagle

Poem: The dark battle can consume a mighty warrior.

             The hideous whisper can shake a vibrant neighborhood.

             The grim war can destroy a great country.

             The bleak argument can crumble a solid relationship.

             The concealed pressure can burst a young heart.

             The unwelcoming pain can cripple a strong soul.

             The tragic smell can break a steel nose.

             But if you can control your mind then light will forever shine.  

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Title: Everyone has their Demons

Author: KSI Athydian


Through abysmal descent into a dark heart 

Lives  a demon that is always a part 

Of a crucified existence held in shame 

Always battling with whom is to blame

Upon begging for salvation and with deep meditation

Even such a heart can find appreciation

To which a dark heart can achieve reconciliation

Every individual has a demon inside

Though through perseverance of self a saint can arise


Edited by KSI Athydian

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Title: As I sit

Author: KSIxRONL65


As I sit I wonder why.

As I grow up with simple thoughts and expectation of the future.

Here I sit twenty years later wondering why is life getting harder.

Here I sit fourty years later wondering why life can't be easyier.

Here I sit sixty years later it comes to me as I sit with life coming to an end I realize; your destiny is in your own hands.

What you get out of life is what you put into it.

As I sit here with mine coming to a close I see I have had a good life with good friends and family.

Edited by KSIxRONL65

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Title: Disappointed

Author: KSI Nebula 7


Here I am, sitting apawn my high tower,

Disappointed I can't reach higher.

There they are, Struggling to stand,

Disappointed I can't help further.

Here we are, full with all these miracles and blessings,

Disappointed we couldn't have more.

Wanted to prove myself, And strive to be greater,

Ended up hurting myself, and disappointing my Maker.

I wanted to be Needed, and Need to be Wanted.

Disappointed is my name, Disappointed I'm to Blame.

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