So You Think You Can Write - June 2019

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So You Think You Can Write - June 2019

Topic: "Your KSI Dinner Party"

You're sitting at a long, mahogany table. There are seven other place settings. You can invite any guests you wish! Heroes. Role Models. Mentors. Those you admire. Only one guest may be family and only one guest may be a fellow KSI member. Choose wisely! Tell us who your seven guests would be and why.


***DON'T FORGET! Submissions earn your division points toward the 2019 Div Cup!*** Encourage your squad mates to post!

This topic will close June 27th @ 11:59pm EST. Copy and paste the template below. Good luck!

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My Dinner Party

  • Guest #1:
    • Why:
  • Guest #2:
    • Why:
  • Guest #3:
    • Why:
  • Guest #4:
    • Why:
  • Guest #5:
    • Why:
  • Guest #6:
    • Why:
  • Guest #7:
    • Why:

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Gamertag: KSI Siggy

Division: ES

My Dinner Party

Guest #1: The Wife

Why: To keep me sane,and not act like an idiot. Also to remind me of any questions to ask because I'm super forgetful. And because figure she'd have a good time and this too,she deserves it.

Guest #2: Barack Obama

Why: I'm not trying to bring up politics in here,but I think he is an amazing individual. I'd love to hear what he has to say and advice he would give about life in general. I'd love to hear about his early years,and what brought him to want to be the President.

Guest #3: Colonel Mullinax (or higher rank now) 

Why: This man was my first commander at Tyndall AFB,FL back in 2014. He stood up the 325 LRS from the ground up. He was truly an inspirational person to hear from and always had an ear open if you needed to talk to someone. I'd love to be able to talk to him again,and hear about how he got through his hard times in life,and how he got to where he is now. I never got to have a 1 on 1 talk with him,so I'd love to just get to know him.

Guest #4: Leonardo DiCaprio 

Why: I truly admire his acting work. He has played a vast majority of amazing roles,and truly is one of my all time favorite actors. Also his work outside of movies is something worth hearing about and having a discussion with him.

Guest #5: Matthew Wilson

Why: This was my best friend from 1st grade all the way until we graduated high school. When I left for basic training,we kind of stopped talking for the most part. I'd love to have him at my table and talk to him about what's all happened and reconnect with him. 

Guest #6: Alex Clark

Why: This guy is one of my friends from the beginning of my KSI career. He left a while ago,but is still someone I talk to on a weekly basis. He was my original GEN back in the day,and soon became my best friend. I actually met him for the first time when I got stationed an hour away back in 2014. He is someone who I love being around,and would be fun having at my table.

Guest #7: KSI ImPyyy 7

Why: I had a few talks with ImPyyy back in 2012,when we were both in our early years in KSI. I know with him literally being in charge of KSI now,he doesn't have much time to talk with most people on a squad level,but I'd love to just chat. Talk about what happened in the past 7 years since I left,and how he achieved where he's at. Get his thoughts on the future of KSI,and where he sees us going.

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Gamertag: KSI WANT A TAC0

Division: ES

My Dinner Party

Guest #1: KSI Barry

Why: I randomly met him in a game of Rocket League last year and he invited me to join his gaming community called KSI. He has since become a closer friend than most people I know in real life.

Guest #2: My grandfather

Why: He was one of the biggest influences on my early life and things just haven't been the same without him. He even inspired my first tattoo.

Guest #3: Joe Rogan

Why: He's hilarious and has had conversations with some of the most interesting people in the world. It would be cool to pick his brain and learn all I can about how to write stand up comedy.

Guest #4: Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock

Why: Workout and dieting tips, the psychology of performing in front of and interacting with large live audiences, acting, charisma, comedy... there are SO many things to learn from this man.

Guest #5: Neil deGrasse Tyson

Why: As an educator and an astrophysicist, this man is one of the brilliant minds of our time. Outer space has always intrigued me so this would be one that I would look forward to most.

Guest #6: Elon Musk

Why: Basically real life Tony Stark. A legit genius. If he wants to make or do something, he will. I mean, SpaceX! He also personally donated clean water filtration systems to all the schools in Flint, Michigan.

Guest #7: The Dalai Lama

Why: He seems like a genuine loving and kind individual.

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Gamertag: KSI VENUM 7

Division: Divine Warriors 

My Dinner Party

Guest #1: My Mom

Why: Through everything in life my mom has an will be my biggest supporter for the good things an most of all the bad things my mom has been that constant. 

Guest #2: Gordon Ramsay 

Why: With any dinner party you need food but when it comes to Gordon hes a amazing chef who isnt afraid to tell you how it is.

Guest #3: Kevin Hart

Why: With every party you gotta have some entertainment. Kevin Hart one the most humorous individuals in the world today would be my entertainment. 

Guest #4: Conor McGregor 

Why: The Notorious One is definitely a must have at my party for a few reasons his give no f**** attitude as well as he can supply the adult beverages. Proper 12 Irish Whiskey not that ba Jameson. 

Guest #5: Danny Worsnop

Why: We gotta have music at this dinner party an Danny is the man for the job whether its Asking Alexandria or his solo stuff or even the cover of Ed Sheeran's Perfect. Danny is the man for the job.

Guest #6: Megan Fox

Why: You gotta have some eye candy for the party an to me she is one of the most beautiful women in the world today. I mean did you guys see her in the Transformers series. 

Guest #7: KSI xKing 77

Why: Through everything in KSI King has been my best friend but more like a brother an if I'm having a party I gotta have my boy King there.

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Gamertag: KSI Ambwub

Division: ES Banshee

My Dinner Party

As there is no clarification if the guests I choose are living are dead, i'm just going to go with both. 

Guest #1:Mahatma Gandhi

Why:: Because he led a non-violent movement. I would be in interested in learning about how he portrays life as a whole.. We would talk about his  leadership skills, trials and tribulations. I would ask about his time in prison for his campaigns against colonial rule amongst other things he was put away for. These types of conversations would give the dinner party substance and bring people back down to earth for a few minutes. 

Guest #2: Robin Williams

Why: As I grew up with a single mother, by mum used to always say that Robin Williams and Jack Black were my fathers (at the time I obviously didn't know that I would only technically have one but hey.) so in my time growing up as a young woman I would turn to Robin Williams comedy stand ups as well as his films such as Mrs. Doubtfire to feel joy and laugh. He would never fail to cheer me up and once I hit adolescence I began to watch his more serious films. Leading me to my favourite film; The Awakening. I would not only focus on his career though. I would want to talk about him, what life was like for him as he unfortunately passed away by suicide in his home age at 63. It was said by his wife that he took his own life due to struggles with disease he had, notably Lewy Body disease. 

Guest #3: Henry Charles Albert David (Prince Harry.)

Why: I would want to talk to him about how much his mothers death effected him in his oncoming years as a person and how the media portrayed him to be a "bad boy". Then the transition from that to joining the Army and fighting for his country, then him being mature now and becoming an ambassador for  the common youth wealth he also helps veterans and managed men and women take part in sport and help them to feel like themselves again. I would want to talk about how huge this transition was for him and what was happening behind the scenes. How did this effect him mentally? Physically? Did he feel pressure by being in a position of power and always watched by the media? If he was not Prince Harry, would he handle it the same? Not to mention the amazing stories he must have.

Guest #4: Joao Belem

Why: Joao is my best-friend who unfortunately passed away in a car accident a few years ago. He would look after me, make sure people didn't pick on me, provide me with advice. He was more of a big brother for a time. I never met him. I first started speaking to Joao when I was 11 when I was introduced to Internet forums. He got close over many years, his family knew about me about would say hello whenever I could cam him. They did not speak any English so I would speak to them through Google translate. We would send each other packages of foods and letters, photos of us now and when we were little. He will always hold a special place in my heart and I would give anything to see him again. If you would like to hear the whole story I wrote everything down online. If you would like to read it, feel free to message me. Gets hard to read at some points but I wanted to be honest with what happened so you can relate to me as much as possible. A couple years after his death I got my first tattoo on my left arm. It says "O vento leva-nos tudo." which loosely translates in his native tongue to "The wind takes us all."

Guest #5: Adolph Hitler

Why: I would like to have an in depth conversation about his beliefs and his morals when it came to what he did in his lifetime. Starting at the begining of course with his art and finishing with his demise. World wars have always been a subject that interests me. I would also ask him how he became so quickly into power through his speeches and how he can control any room he was in, even when he was a "nobody". I would ask about politics of those times, people he met, what he has seen. It would also be interesting to see Hitler have a conversation with Ghandi. We now understand some of the reason why Hitler had these ideas and thoughts but I would want it to come from the horses mouth per say, there must be something that we don't know. I'm also guessing security at this dinner party would be tight...hopefully. 

Guest #6:  Jeffree Star

Why: Jeffree despite his difficult upbringing  has blossomed into a successful business person. He runs his own very impressive business which is sold out in seconds every time a product is released or restocked. He gives an enormous amount of money to charity as well as helping others with their businesses. I would want to know why he does this, what has made Jeffree into the the strong character they are today? Having their fair share of controversies still has an enormous fan base, myself included. I have nothing but a huge amount of love for Jeffree considering his background and the struggles Jeffree goes through on a weekly basis. But most importantly, they can do my makeup before everyone else arrives. Haha. 

Guest #7: Kate Mccann

Why: First an foremost I would ask her to do a lie detector test. Considering in the disappearance of Maddie she constantly avoided questions or straight out refused to speak to police. I have my own theories about what happened to poor Maddie. If you do not have an understanding of what happened these following questions will not make sense to you... But some of the questions I would ask are as following:

-Why did you wash cuddle cat?(Maddie's toy.)

-Why did you dismiss the dogs evidence knowing that they had been right in at least 200 cases?

-How could you and Gerry find it in you to laugh/jog/play tennis days after your daughters disappearance?

-What is your medical specialty?

-Do you medicate your children?



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Gamertag: KSI Nagisa

Division: ES

My Dinner Party

Guest #1: KSI SouthPark18

Why: honestly was a hard choice between South and SN1P3RB0552 BUT non the less South always brightens up the party everytime im in a party with him i end up laughing alot

Guest #2: my close friend bobby (DragonxOfxLord)

Why:  my dinner party with him and South mix oo i can just imagine the laughter 

Guest #3: Stan lee

Why: we will need a hero why not the guy that made them ?

Guest #4: Gordon Ramsay 

Why: obs we need food and why not the best  

Guest #5:Kevin Hart

Why: will need some comedy 

Guest #6: Shaquille O'neil

Why: gotta have some SHAQ plus could always play some b ball

Guest #7: Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock

Why: manly just to watch him and Keven hart go at it but would be a good time for sure to have the rock there

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Gamertag: KSI Memonator 

Division: ES

My Dinner Party

Guest #1: Gordon Ramsey 

Why: I'd absolutely love to get know Gordon Ramsey and get some of his recipes and just discuss food with him

Guest #2: Billie Eilish 

Why: she's crazy and hilarious yet super chill,I think shed be so much fun to talk to and hear her views on social media and the modern world 

Guest #3: Ryan Reynolds 

Why: well why not he is absolutely hilarious and I have absolutely no doubts that he'd make the atmosphere so much better 

Guest #4: Mac Miller 

Why: well he's my favourite rapper and I'd absolutely love to hear some of the meaning behind his music and how he dealt with depression and addiction 

Guest #5: Ariana Grande 

Why: Her music has helped me through so much and after everything she's been through she's an absolute inspiration and I'd love to hear how she's comes up with her music and lyrics and how she deals with anxiety 

Guest #6: fitz (youtuber)

Why: Hes my absolute favourite youtuber and unbelievably hilarious,I'd love to chat and get to know him and his backstory with him and all his friends and listen to all the crazy stories he has 

Guest #7: @KSI Pathfinder

Why: well I have to bully someone hahah but seriously he's such a fun and amazing dude and I always look forward to talking and gaming with him and laughing at all the other guests. And I'm sure it'd be alot of fun 

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Gamertag: KSI December 77

Division: Divine Warriors

My Dinner Party

  • Guest #1: Caesar Augustus
    • Why: Augustus founded the Roman Empire in 27 BC, after being forced to battle the armies of both Cleopatra VII and Marc Antony. This marked the official end of Julius Caesar's Republic of Rome. Augustus’ enormous personal power, won though bloody struggle, left him without any rivals. He conquered Egypt and Dalmatia and its northern countries. His Empire grew south and east in Africa; north and east into Germania and south-west in Spain. He overhauled the tax system to pay for his new standing army and Praetorian Guard. He transformed Rome with new buildings, a police force, fire brigade and proper local administrators. He was generous to his people and ruthless to Rome's enemies. Most famous quote would be, “I founded Rome of clay and leave her a city of marble."


  • Guest #2: JRR Tolkien
    • Why: He created Middle Earth. Need I say more? The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion, countless other books. He was an amazing author and man of faith. Had an awesome friendship with CS Lewis as well. Would love to have a chat with this man and pick his brain. Adopt him too, probably. (HE ALSO CREATED MULTIPLE WRITTEN LANGUAGES.) 


  • Guest #3: George Lucas
    • Why: Star Wars, M***** F*****. The brilliant mind behind the stories that have captivated men, women and children across the globe. I want his brain. I want his social connections. I want a ride in the Millennium Falcon. I think he'd be so fun to talk to in a casual way. Plus, he and Tolkien would probably become good friends.


  • Guest #4: Jossi Wells
    • Why: Professional Freestyle skier from Australia. I want to hear his stories. And see what advice he'd have to offer. Dude is a legend on the slops. 


  • Guest #5: Lindsey Vonn
    • Why: Olympic skier and all-around athlete. I wanna get lost in her eyes. Seriously. I don't even know if she has a cool personality but I'd bet money she does.


  • Guest #6: Bono
    • Why: #1. I wanna listen to him sing "With Or Without You" at the table. #2. I wanna hear rock and roll stories from the 80's and 90's. Dude is a legend. U2 was probably my favorite band growing up. Vinyl obsession, no shame.


  • Guest #7: Hot girl I shared a ski lift with back in 10th grade
    • Why: Because she was probably the prettiest person I've ever seen in real life. We talked on the chairlift for about 10min and then went our separate ways when we got to the top. I was waaaaay to nervous to ask what her name was. Never saw her again. 


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Gamertag: KSI Barb130

Division: ES

My Dinner Party

Guest #1: Wil Wheaton

Why:  I'd like him to talk in real life to my # 2. He often writes about his bouts with depression but fights through it. I would like him to share with my friend on a personal level and help her not let the depression kick her ass. 

Guest #2: A real life friend I've known since college

Why: So she could talk to Wil Wheaton and see there is another way to deal with her depression

Guest #3: Jonathan Coulton

Why: I love his music and would love to get to know him on a more personal basis. 

Guest #4:  Paul Sabourin

Guest #5: Storm  DiConstanza

Why: Paul and Storm are my favorite comedy duo. I have only every seen them in concert and would love to sit down and talk to them.

Guest #6: Jeter, my dog

Why: I don't do anything without him and  besides I need  the dishes cleaned afterwards

Guest #7: KSI FuzzyMeep 7

Why: I have heard many stories about him and even seen videos of him on party chat and felt he really has a well balanced view of what KSI is all about.  I'd like to get his perspective on ideas that I have.


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Gamertag: KSI Harmony 7

Division:Divine Warriors

My Dinner Party

Guest #1:My Grandmother

Why: I am a lucky and truly blessed individual in the fact that I was given 5 grandparents in my life. Growing up 3 of them influenced my life in very impactful and meaningful ways that I will never forget and will always be eternally grateful for. My father's mother Judy is my absolute hero in life. She showed me how to be a good person by being a genuinely kind soul. She had 2 kidneys that were diseased and had failed and would not take any organs from her family because she refused to change their lives in this drastic of a way. My grandmother was on kidney dialysis for 20 years. She was the light in any room. He laugh echoed through any room. She was a friend to anyone and everyone she met. She touched so many lives and she lived off of a very small disability check every month. Yet she always was a giver. She gave hats to the people in her dialysis unit. She would give food to the homeless and she helped her family. She helped me have a positive example in my life and she always supported me. I would bring her back to feel one more hug from the warmest soul. I would bring her for the laughter and the silly jokes and mostly to see her face one more time and tell her that she gave me purpose and without her my life would have been so much less. 


Guest #2:Robert Kirkman 

Why: He is the writer of The Walking Dead Graphic Novels. They are awesome and I would love to pick his brain on why he killed certain people off at the specific times and in the specific ways in the comics. I would also like to ask why he changed so much between the novels and the show. I have so many questions. I also think the interaction between him and Stan Lee would be amazing. I am sure they probably met briefly. 


Guest #3:Stan Lee

Why: One sad piece of my bucket list was marked off when Stan Lee passed away. When I was going through a very difficult time in my life I discovered Marvel Comics. The guy I was dating at the time had thousands of them. He also had Image and DC comics but, the Marvel ones really stuck out to me. I would read stacks of comics every day to pass the time and get me through that rough section of my life. I know it is kind of cheesy but Stan Lee and many of his creations saved my life. I would ask questions about his favorite character he created. What his favorite comic is? 

Guest #4:Christopher Paolini

Why: Christopher Paolini is the author of Eragon which is part of The Inheritance Cycle. When I was a young girl, I would estimate I was about 12, my dad told me about the first book Eragon. Him and I were really not very close and this is something small that we were able to share. This young author got published at the young age of 17. He was 15 when he wrote this book. I was really inspired at such a young age that someone around my age could write such an elaborate, detailed and beautiful series of such striking and moving books that really meant something to me. As an adult I read the entire cyle of books and watch the progression in the writing of this author. Not only did the characters in the story develop to new heights. The author also grew with each book. The knowledge he gained as the cyle progressed showed in his writing and I would like to speak with him.


Guest #5:I am going to cheat here and choose a band: Atreyu

Why:Well, anyone who knows me knows how much I love Atreyu. I am talking about the band not the Never Ending Story character(even though he is the inspiration for the name.) Atreyu has been my favorite band for the past 10 years. They have gone through multiple genres of songs and the best thing about them is that they have a song for every mood. If I am angry the songs with the most screaming parts are my jam. If I am sad something upbeat and fancy free is exactly what I need. Their sound is like the feeling of home. Wherever I go whatever I do those sick beats and the melodies the drummer brings to the table is absolutely life. They would play music and my grandmother would probably hate it but, she'd tolerate it just for me. I would ask who their songs were about and what inspired certain lyrics and why they broke up for a bit and what their favorite songs are. Lastly, I would let them know how much they can inspire people and how much they have changed and molded my life.

Guest #6:KSI xKamikaze @KSI xKamikaze

Why: Kamikaze is the reason I am here in KSI today. He reminded me of the things in KSI that I love when I was looking to rejoin. He showed me what member retention looks like. The drive he had in DW when I was coming back through the ranks drove me to work harder to reach his level of respect. Kamikaze has been a mentor to me. He has always believed in me and has been a real inspiration to me. We can laugh and play fun games. He is always a team player of course. He is there for everyone and has always been a loyal and faithful friend to me. I need him at the table to make jokes about pans and then I get to listen to him laugh at all of his own jokes. Best of all he will give them all advise and make them feel like their best selves and I really think he would just have everyone at the table smiling, laughing and feeling like they are their best selves.

Guest #7:Julia Child

Why: She was an absolute master of French cuisine of course! I have a Culinary Arts Degree and I went to Le Cordon Bleu. She also attended the Le Cordon Bleu in France at the original location. She has a really interesting and rich story. Best of all she had so much fun in the kitchen. She messed up on TV and she laughed it off. She had so much spunk and pizzaz and she really had fun with food. Of course I would also bring her to prepare a meal for the history books. People would be writing about the extravagance of her meals for generations to come. I would have her prepare all the classic french fair. Lots of butter. Lots of fun. 

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Gamertag: KSI YeetQueen 

Division: SL

My dinner party 

Guest 1: So for my first guest I would go back in time and grab my dad before he died and would bring him to the dinner party as I feel like he should be here to witness this amazing party. He meant a lot to me and before he died when I was five I was closer to him than anyone else even more so than my mother. 

Guest 2: For the second guest I would definitely have @Greenday 7This women is my rock and soul in this community she has kept me fighting when I have wanted to give up. She is the light inside of the tunnel for me. She goes through a lot and has been through a lot and still remains positive. I would take her out to dinner any time if we weren’t half way across the world from each other. 

Guest 3: My next guest would be the lovely Jenifer Lawrence because she is amazing I have true respect for her and I think she is so beautiful.

Guest 4: Seat four at my table would be Melissa Macarthy due to her being an insane actresses and is the one actresses that always make me laugh no matter what. 

Guest 5: My next guest would be something magical now a lot of you will say this is stupid but at my dinner I would 100% have Pikachu due to Pikachu being my spirit animal.

Guest 6: Nina Dobrev would be my next guest as her work in the Vampire Diaries was amazing and I would love to pick her brain about acting ❤️

Guest 7: My next guest Sia because she could sing She Wolf as it’s one of my favourite songs and I just feel that she is so inspirational.

Guest 8: Celiene Dion due to her being someone I grew up listening to. My family loved her music and we still do. One of her songs was played at my dads funeral and now this will forever be the most relatable song for me.

Guest 9: Jade from Little Mix because she is so beautiful and how could you not stare at her over a table at a dinner party

Guest 10: Sandra Oh due to her amazing performances on Greys Anatomy. Her character Christina was played so well and I believe that she put her heart and sole into this role 

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Gamertag: KSI UppishB592

Division: DM!!

My Dinner Party

Guest #1: My mom.

We've always been very close and she's always welcome at my dinner table.

Guest #2: @KSI Nevermore

It's prolly the only way I'd ever get to meet him in real life. But also, he's a good friend and a great guy to laugh with.

Guest #3: Genghis Khan (But he speaks English)

Just to see what kind of weird & crazy stuff he does. Since they were all supposed be true savages and stuff.

Guest #4: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Because I'd wanna see what mischief him and Kevin Hart into.

Guest #5: Kevin Hart

Because I'd wanna see what mischief him and The Rock into.

Guest #6: Stan Lee

I'd have so many questions for him.

Guest #7: George Carlin

He's George flippin' Carlin.. enough said


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Gamertag: KSI Deka

Division: Demonic Mayhem

My Dinner Party

Guest #1: Nigella Lawson

Why: For starters, the ubiquitous, I am going to selfishly ask her kindly to bring dessert and Roostertails. But, beyond her relaxed culinary abilities I find her fascinating. She hasn't had, let's say, the tidiest personal life but she has perseveered and her work ethic is inspiring. She took something she loved and made a career out of it. Her writing style is also something to be envied; casual, friendly, but not overly simplistic. Plus, she can make anything sound mischievous and I think it would be fun to have a conversation with her.

Guest #2: Shakespeare

Why: Myth? Legend? Some dink who has taken (or been given) credit for the work of many? I want to meet him and find out. How many modern literary tropes stem from his story telling? He also had a way with words and a lascivious sense of humour-sitting him next to Nigella may be trouble (or a riot).

Guest #3: Terry Pratchett

Why: Firstly, I have to say that I have never finished a discworld series book - I have started and thoroughly enjoyed what I read, but University reading lists got in the way and I just haven't picked them up again (yet). I have read other works including his short story collections for kids. They were funny, even for an adult reading aloud. His humour spans demographics. Anyone who has had to read to children knows that this is a fantastic quality in a children's author, and also fairly rare. My niece, who loves books but struggled with reading by herself picked them up and plowed through them. His work was a stepping stone to her new found love of reading by herself and for that I am eternally grateful.

Guest #4: Neil Gaiman

Why: Wouldn't it be fun to reunite Neil and Terry for a night? Good Omens was a fantastic book and I think listening to them chatter away would be.. miraculous. Not to mention the genius of Neil all by himself. His ability to write for so many mediums and, again, write for children in a way that also appeals to adults is amazing. More so because he does not write down to them, which I find admirable.

Guest #5: Nostradmus

Why: I honestly don't have a lot to say about him, I just really want to see this man of predictions' reaction to what the future really is.

Guest #6: Leonardo Da Vinci

Why: Da Vinci was a man of so many talents. His artwork is beautiful no doubt, but his curiosity; fascination with human anatomy, science and engineering; and all of his sketches and designs (wings, shoes for walking on water and varied machinery) are what really draw me to him. He had infinite imagination and interests and managed to sew the arts and sciences together beautifully. His perspective on the modern world would be interesting to hear.

Guest #7: Uncle Gardy

Why: Narrowing it down to just one family member was difficult for me, but when I really thought about it, the choice was obvious. Gardy was my great great uncle. He never had kids of his own but he raised my grandfather, who I never met, and played a large role in raising my father. He died right before my mum met my dad so none of us have met him either, or any of my father's family for that matter. I have so many questions. Some of them about my dad growing up, some about his father-who he didn't always have the best relationship with- and I want to know who the hell the people are in the pictures we found after my dad died. More importantly, I have questions for Gardy about himself. I want to hear his stories. He was born in the late 1800s and died in his 90s in the 1970s. He watched the world change so much, so quickly and dove right into it. He worked in factories at various levels during a very tense period for Labour Relations. He was an early adopter of the automobile in England and had the tools to tinker. Gardy also has multiple patents in his name, lived through both world wars and if my father was to be believed, he was in Nazi Germany as a spy between the wars. I want to know what stories were true and which were mis-remembered and quite frankly, if my dad's sense of humour was anything to go on, I bet Gardy would be a riot around the dinner table.

If Gardy was the only one who made it to dinner, I would not be disappointed.

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Gamertag: KSI Sloppyxj42

Division: Demonic Mayhem

My Dinner Party


1. Chester Bennington (1976 – 2017)

I would like to start my guest list with one of my many vocal and songwriting idols.
First I would like to explain shortly why this one hits home for me.
Music has been there for me especially during times that nothing and no one else was.
It has always been the one constant in my life.
and also has been the one thing that has always been mine that no one could ever take from me.
So music and singing,  as well as writing is everything to me, it is my passion and my one true love in this world.
It has helped me through some of the roughest times of my life.
so for me sharing a meal and good conversation with
Chester who not only had an astonishing vocal range and incredible vocal control.
he also had a way of pouring all his pain and passion into his singing,
not to mention his extremely deep songwriting that very few musicians have.
this would most certainly be one of the highlights of the 7 people at my dinner party.

2.Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875 – 1950)

My second Guest is by far my favorite author of all time.
one of the more forgotten and less well known prolific authors of the 20th century.
I have always had a love for sci-fi and fantasy genres but most of all adventure be it movies or books.
and this man is the master of adventure!
most that do know of him, know of him from the most recent John Carter movie (the Barsoom / a princess of Mars series)
 as well as the better-known character Tarzan of which he wrote I believe 27 novels about.
personally, my favorite books were the Pellucidar series ( at the earth's core)
you do hear little tidbits and shout outs to him in even recent movies like wonder women
because his books were favorites of soldiers during both world wars.
I think this may have been the case because of his ability to take you away from your problems
with his uncanny ability to capture your imagination.
also, I think one of the major things I find so appealing also is his writing influence stretched from
George Lucas and star wars to even the creation of
characters like Superman.
I can't imagine having a guest list without my favorite storyteller of all time.

3. Nicola Tesla (1856-1943)

This one will be much shorter because it is pretty simple.
Nicola Tesla has been known as the father of the modern world.
this man held around 300 patents
several of which are responsible for everything from
the alternating current power that we use for everything today
to lay the groundwork for wireless technology and so much more
this man although he went mad in his later years and had some pretty debilitating mental issues
is one of the most influential men to ever walk this planet
and I would certainly love to have a man that even Einstien
regarded as the smartest man on the planet join my dinner party.

4. George Carlin (1937-2008)

I mean who would no love to have the chance to spend the evening dining and enjoying the banter of
George Carlin.
Not only would he bring the light mood of his hilarious personality
he had such an amazing way of seeing the world
a very no bull attitude and would certainly be a great addition to any dinner table.
also, his way of addressing politics is about the only way I can tolerate the subject.

5. Simon Cowell

I have to say after reading a couple of the other pieces written here
I have realized the importance of having a moderator at the table
someone as @whiskey82 mentioned someone to keep everyone honest.
for this purpose, I have chosen Simon Cowell.
this man is absolutely brutal and has zero issues calling people out on there bull
without getting feelings involved
sometimes I really enjoy the people that can say hey sorry bout how ya feel these are facts and
no matter how you feel about them... this is just how it is.
suck it up buttercup :-P lol


So I am Going to wrap up my KSI member/friend/family all in one here
Whiskey and I go way back and have been friends basically our entire adult lives.
with that said we are basically polar opposites
when it comes to our personalities
which is always a solid foundation for good banter and debate.
I think he would be a great addition to this dinner party as we have already shared probably
hundreds of meals together already.
and I know he would love to meet Simon Cowell as

7. Betty White

Last but certainly not least is Betty White.
Who better to have at a table full of guys than this amazing actress.
She would most certainly b able to handle herself and all the male egos at this table
and make everyone laugh at the same time.
She has had the longest television career of any female entertainer to this day, around 80 years.
She is absolutely hilarious and has a great sense of humor and is someone I would very much enjoy meeting.
I think she would certainly be an amazing addition to this dinner party.


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Gamertag: KSI MeShell 7

Division: DM

My Dinner Party

Guest #1: KSI Joe 7 @KSI Joe 7

Why: I met Joe over a year ago when I was having difficulties in my previous division. He is such a caring individual and is always wanting to help in anyway that he can, even if it's just to talk. Joe and I have become really good friends over the last year. Joe posts Alexa Bliss (wrestler) gifs in discord and I've recently taken it upon myself to give him crap and post Nia Jax gifs! We think it's both hilarious and get a laugh out of it. Joe is a great guy and I would love to have him over for my KSI Dinner Party! 

Guest #2: Nia Jax

Why: Thanks to Joe I have started liking Nia Jax! I've been finding gifs of Nia Jax and posting them in discord to get under Joe's skin (he doesn't like her). But, I think I'm actually becoming a fan of her's. I now follow her on Twitter and Instagram, and think it would be fun to meet Nia! And maybe we might be able to see Nia and Alexa (or Nia and Joe lol!) do a few stunts and wrestle for us. 

Guest #3: Alexa Bliss

Why: Gotta have Alexa Bliss here 'cause Joe loves her! Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax are enemies when it comes to the wrestling ring, but are besties in real life. Previously mentioned, it would be awesome to have both Alexa and Nia at the dinner party! 


Guest #4: Chris Pratt

Why: Chris Pratt is amazing. He was hilarious in Parks and Rec. He was great in Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World. Anndd I just need some eye candy at the dinner party! 


Guest #5: Gordon Ramsey

Why: Gordon Ramsey is the #1 chef in the world! Gotta invite him so we can have some delicious food to eat! 

Guest #6: Lil Nas X

Why: I'm obsessed with Old Town Road. Need this guy here to sing it for us during the dinner party!

Guest #7: Billy Ray Cyrus

Why: As previously mentioned, I love Old Town Road! But, it can't be the version with only Lil Nas X. Old Town Road ft. Billy Ray Cyrus is the best version, and of course we need both of them here to sing it!


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Gamertag: KSI Greenday 7

Division: Sovereign Legacy

My Dinner Party


Guest #1: @KSI YeetQueen

Why: cause it wouldnt be a party without my best friend to eat some food with me and drink together we would be sitting on the table laughing our butts off.

Guest #2: Billy Joel 

Why: One of my favorite classic singers I love his music and I would want to listen to him all day!

Guest #3: Alyssa

Why: She was my first art friend and I really miss her but she lives on the other side of the country so I'd want to have her come and hang out with me!

Guest #4: My cats

Why: my cats they come too all 4 of them!

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