WD Discord Server Icon Request(waiting on approval)

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Type of Image/Size: Animated Discord Server Icon (512px x 512px) (.gif) (8MB limit)

Image: Artist's Choice

Main Text: WD / Wicked Destruction

Subtext: N/A

KSI Logo: Yes

Additional Comments: The WD Discord server has recently reached Nitro Boost level 1 which allows us to have an animated server icon. The first frame of the gif should clearly display that it is the WD server as it is only animated when users are in the server and the first frame is displayed at all other times. It would be nice if it was a perfect loop but that is not required.

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Hey bud! thanks for reaching out to us for this request! However, we do not do .gifs! Also, much like banners, the div lead or director must be the one requesting! or atleast comment/message saying its approved! 

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