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    KSI Beast NY 7 Asylum DL GEN http://www.ksiforums...ksi-beast-ny-7/ I think KSI Beast NY 7 was a great leader. When I first joined KSI, He was the general of Asylum, he kept me motivated along with many other members of the squad. he made sure the jobs were getting done within the squad.he was allways there to talk to you if there was a problem, he also allways made people laugh. and that was a great thing to have in the squad as well, KSI unionhitman Apollo DL CPT http://www.ksiforums...si-unionhitman/ Hitman was by far the best captain i could ask for. anytime of the day you need a problem figured out he would help out. he was allways on top of his game., he knew what was going on at all times. and he was great with getting new members more interested in KSI. i learned almost everything i know about KSI from him. KSI MOSSYOAK225 Asylum DL leutenant http://www.ksiforums...-mossyoak22558/ mossy was always up to date on the recruit tag allways looking to train people. he was allways doing his job. mossy is definitely one of the members that made apollo the squad it is now. KSI ShiZ NiT Apollo DL SGT http://www.ksiforums...3-ksi-shiz-nit/ He is a great SGT he is allways looking for more recruits. and he is also very good at recruiting. he is very dedicated to KSI, he is very motivated to get recruits and do his job, i believe he will be a great leader in KSI one day
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