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    KSI Ch4ttyK4thy

    Mad Max Award KSI Tobias

    I will clarify. He has on multiple occasions questioned his own sanity. He loves KSI but is constantly having to deal with all kinds of issues from having memembers beg to join only to quit a few days later to shifting through friends lists at all hours of the night. Can we add a straight jacket? I think he needs a hug.
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    Greenday 7

    Mad Max Award KSI Tobias

    I can witness to Tobias loosing his sanity from KSI. I have known Toby since 2014 when he and I were first in Divine Reign together, he had joined into the squad Aries and if you knew what it was like having a inactive general and members constantly causing issues and leaving or big rude to him at the time for no reason by still persevered. Eventually Toby left KSI but it wasn't too long before he joined back and into Maximum Punishment from what I have heard before I rejoined he has had alot to deal with being a 360 squad still and trying to keep people positive and the poachings. Now he is general over a very friendly squad who shines when he is laughing in the corner because someone stole his crayons. But in seriousness he has delt with alot from DR to MP and then here in FI so that's why I feel he deserves this award.
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    KSI Silence 7

    Mad Max Award KSI Tobias

    I can witness to Tobias needing his own padded room. In the 2 years I’ve know Tobias the sanity level has diminished while handling issues that have arises. His drive to always be there for his members no matter what has drove him absolutely nuts. The many nights I’ve stayed up while Tobias has vented off the madness is many to be had. The term Crazy Cat lady should be his but as a Crazy Cat dude especially since his cats named Tobias also. Lol. KSI has drove Tobias nuts and still slowly makes him dive deeper.
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    KSI Rockdogg 7

    Mad Max Award KSI Tobias

    Name: KSI Tobias Link to forums: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/27403-ksi-tobias/ Award: Mad Max Reason: through out the time of being in Tobias squad I have seen him deal with a lot of different issues such as having to remove members from the squad and different issues of drama that has happened some of which has Tooken this guy to a level of insanity and has made him question whether he should step down I believe this guy needs to be in a padded room.
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    KSI N3O

    KSI Hatter 7 - Member Assistance

    KSI N3O I would like to act as witness for KSI Hatter's nomination. She has helped me out in different instances. The first occasion was when I needed a refresher for posting Gamenight Attendance for the first time. She explained to me where to look on the forums and gave me an idea of the format for posting attendance. The second occasion was giving me necessary information on the chain of command and rank structure, as I was seeking that information to be knowledgeable on the internal side of KSI as I was working up to become an officer
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    KSI Ch4ttyK4thy

    Mad Max Award KSI Tobias

    I can confirm. KSI Tobias has lost his mind. He questions his sanity on a on a regular basis.
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    KSI Gary 7

    MULTI NOM Department Awards

    Gamertag / Forums Name - KSI FadeZ 7 Award - Clip Commander Any evidence if required (Pictures are great too) - Profile Link: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/8545-ksi-fadez-7/
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