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    Forums Newb: Verified - Yes Forums Rookie : Verified - Yes
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    KSI POLO @KSI P0l0 Award: New Member Certified Evidence: Attended New Member Workshop 7/10/19 @KSI Starset 7
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    gamertag: KSI Lightning5 @KSI Lightningfiber5 award:new member certified evidence: attended new member workshop 7/10/2019 Who ran workshop: @KSI Starset 7
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    Favorite Video Game Music?

    Zelda: Ocarina of Time Loved that games music
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    Favorite Video Game Music?

    Not even gonna lie, Zelda music was purtty cool when it 1st came out.
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    KSI Meatshield

    Favorite Video Game Music?

    TONY HAWK PRO SKATER 3 / all the soundtracks are just old school PS1


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