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    KSI CalamityMo

    Recognizing Excellence

    @KSI Siren82 you are a sweetheart! Thank you and you are sooo correct in your other comments. Love being KSI Wrath
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    Gamertag: KSIDntAskImAwfl Forums Account: @KSIdontask Award: Outstanding Service lvl. 1 Since I've known DntAsk aka Pam I've watched her spread the care and love that she has for all the KSI members shes ever touched. Shes gone above and beyond when it comes to KSI and how much she has done for the community. She always thrives to participate and engage with her fellow members helping whenever and however she can. Her game nights go into the a.m. and she never fails to be there for her peers or any member In need of help. There is no doubt in my mind she is deserving of this award. She treats every member as if they were family and its genuine kindness nothing more. It's hard to find that in a person let alone a gamer. But all jokes aside she makes every choice with integrity and respect for her fellow members and never slips from that character. For that I'm definitely giving her my acknowledgement for this award. So don't sleep on her. Pretty please. She really does deserve this more than any member I know.
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    Took almost 6yrs but finally made co-fo.
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    Recognizing Excellence

    I wanna send a huge shoutout to @KSI TexAngel 7. Tex isn't someone I speak with everyday, but she is definitely someone I've turned to a few times in the past. Her clarity and vision when imparting knowledge and advice is undeniable. She never once made me feel rushed or like what I was saying doesn't matter. She is patient and encompasses all that is integrity. Never has she waved her rank at me and made me feel she was unapproachable. I don't get to spend a lot of time with Tex but i consider her, and value her ,as a friend and mentor. Thank you for having my back Tex, without you I wouldn't be where I am at today.
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    Recognizing Excellence

    I would like to recognize @KSI MeShell 7 for all the hard work she does, in every aspect of KSI she is apart of! It is a huge thanks to her for getting cruelty jump started and heading in a solid direction. I would also like to give @KSI Uppish a huge shout for all the effort he has put into everything he does! Do not get in this mans way when he has set a goal for himself! I would also like to give @KSI WHISKEY82 and @KSI Trixie a MASSIVE CONGRATS on a very successful squad split and rebounce! Very seldomly do you see such squads work so efficiently with everything you guys do! Keep it up guys!!! Also! (@everyone) All of you guys and gals are doing amazing things! Keep it up!! #PositiveVibes
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    KSI Trixie 7

    Recognizing Excellence

    I'd like to recognize @KSI WHISKEY82. Without him I'm not sure that discord would be what it is today. He was instrumental in getting the officer Staff trained and creating a training program for us to follow. He recruited so many people that our split. He continues to excel as a leader and a person. Thank you for all you do for the community.
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    Scarface 77

    Recognizing Excellence

    @ThaHomieRonin - This guy has been my mentor since the 1st day I joined KSI back in EO. People will never know the amount of time this man spends coming up with plans, speaking with individuals, gaming with members, etc. He earned his role as the current Chief of Staff in KSI and is without a doubt the main person I go to for everything. He one of the main people who consistently asked me how my daughter is doing and how I am doing on both a KSI level and on a personal note. I cannot thank this man enough for helping me grow in this community and making a name for myself. @KSI RogueLSG88 & @KSI DCRUNK - Y'all may not know these two gentleman so let me tell you who they are; These 2 make up the foundation for the future of Sovereign Legacy. As members, they are well respected and spoken very highly of; As officers they are wonderful role models and some of the best officers I have ever seen in terms of knowledge, activity , and so much more; As individuals who love this community, you will always know they do what they do for KSI and give it everything they have. I'd like to consider myself a mentor of sorts for these boys and while I may be wishful thinking, im just proud to see the next leaders running SL , putting in work day in and day out. The list can go on so ill add more later. Love the thread idea man thank you @KSI WHISKEY82
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    KSI Dr.Pepper

    Weekends With Whiskey!

    Soooo, here are the remnants of my recharge weekend @Lewey Lake in upstate NY. Hope you enjoy them as much I as did.
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