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  1. Senior Leader (SENIOR DIRECTOR through CEO) Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - Link to forums account - Reasoning why they deserve this - Director KSI Greg7 (director -TW DM GZ) - Link to forums account http://www.ksiforums.org/user/109-ksi-greg-7/ Reasoning why they deserve this -I believe Greg deserves this award, ever since I've met Greg he has been dedicated to his members and work in his divisions, and it really shows because we are all doing really well, I appreciate the advise and the guidance. Thx Greg Division Leader KSI Sworn 7 (Div-Leader - TW ) - Link to forums account -http://www.ksiforums.org/user/7662-%E2%99%A5-hobo-rob%E2%99%A5/ Reasoning why they deserve this - Sworn has shown his dedication to KSI by far, I remember when I joined KSI I met him he was a gen at the time,I am fortunate to have been able to learn from sworn and work along side him, I've personally him help his members and take the time to make sure that we all work together to better KSI as well as our divisions, keep up the good work sworn Co-Division Leader Gamertag (Co-Div - ES) - Link to forums account -http://www.ksiforums.org/user/12108-ksi-dragon014x7/ Reasoning why they deserve this -I will cast my vote for dragon, this member has has proven to me that he is representing what KSI stands for, I'm glad to have worked with dragon. And I know I can always go to him for advise, and I have Founder Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - Link to forums account -http://www.ksiforums.org/user/8645-ksi-havoc-7/ Reasoning why they deserve this - Co-Founder Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - Link to forums account -http://www.ksiforums.org/user/16558-ksi-pinky-7/ Reasoning why they deserve this - General Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - Link to forums account - Reasoning why the deserve this - Captain Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - Link to forums account - Reasoning why they deserve this - LT Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - Link to forums account - Reasoning why they deserve this - Forum Staff (ADMIN/MODS/AAP//DEPARTMENT HEADS) Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - Link to forums account - Reasoning why they deserve this - Writer Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - Link to forums account - Reasoning why they deserve this - Member Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - Link to forums account - Reasoning why they deserve this -
  2. I witness for this member, I have noticed this guys drive as soon as I've met him, I've been in game night lobbies where situations occurred and this member tackled the situation so I personally seen this guy assist members and guide them in the right direction. I'm glad to be able to work with enthusiastic members, keep up the good work night hawk
  3. I will witness for legal on the member assistance , this member has been doing his fair share of work in TW as long as I've know him, he's been teaching his staff all that he knows, I've witnessed him putting in time and effort into his squads to make sure all members are upholding our standards in KSI as well as TW, legal deserves this recognition
  4. I will witness for this member, he's been part of my KSI membership since day one, this guy has helped me throughout my career he has proven to be dedicated to KSI ever since I known him, he should receive this award
  5. I will witness for Domo, this member has been involved with so much drama , also has caused so much drama, but I know first hand of his troubles and can say he thought of stepping down about three times and making us sevens go mad, but Domo has tried and has helped many people with their issues while he was a gen. Also I helped the same person many times and I was at that point, like I'm done!. I believe he really deserves this award
  6. I will witness for charm, first of all ever since I've meet this member he was dedicated to KSI, I've seen his work first had and let me say he is a really great officer. He takes his time to give his rcts that KSI experience. Having fun, helping them out when ever that need it. Also making sure that he guides them as well. His activity brings in so many other active members, bc he actually speaks with them and plays a few games with them first before asking them if they would like to join. This member in what KSI is all about. Charm keep putting in that work man, I am fortunate to be your co-fo
  7. I can witness for this for sure, when I first met this guy I believe he was on rsp for running his mouth and doing dumb shh. This member has started so much crap in killjoy and overload. His mouth is what gets him in trouble and he will definitely let you know what's on his mind and will put you in blast in a party with other members, you either hate him or luv him. Domo is a really good friend of mine but Domo the things you do and say, you really deserve this award
  8. I witness for all of prosins awards, man I don't even know where to start with this guy. I can tell you that I've seen this guy give his all to KSI he was a good gen over here in TW, I remember the gens meetings we had, they were really fun I looked forward to them every week bc prospin would be running his mouth to the point cole was so pissed off, we used to laugh like crazy. He started so much crap it's not even funny. With that being said he put in work in this div and his squad he mentored me when I first joined KSI so I can attest to his hard work. He's a really a kick butt type of guy and I enjoyed hanging around this member. Prospin keep doing your thing
  9. I will witness for darth, I remember when I first met this member he was so enthusiastic and eager to help out his recruits by bringing them around to meet some higher ranking officers. He would ask me questions to help him out with the members in his squad, always has a good attitude. He has hosted some good workshops and I am glad I could attended one to see for myself the hard work and effort he puts into KSI. This guy has grinded it out in a daily basis.You are doing excellent work man keep it up
  10. I witness for Heero, this member has been putting in much work. I remember my first gens meeting that he hosted. I had so much questions and I received the right answers that helped me become a good leader. This member has dedicated so much to KSI and TW it's not even funny. He has taken his time to help out any member resolve a situation when it arises. I know I can go to him if I need help. He makes sure that all officer are following the SOP and properly upholding their duties. It makes being a leader in KSI fun because you teach people the right way, and that's why I think he should receive this award. His work ethic has proven that he deserves recognition, keep up the good work Heero, I am glad that I am able to be a part of TW
  11. I witness for this member, he has proven himself to me once again, he means what he says and he goes out there and does it. I have worked side by side with inazuma, he has been putting in so much work for nemesis and he has clawed his way back up the ranks. He also helps the halo squads with recruiting when he can, I can go on and on. His record speaks for itself. This guy is an outstanding officer, I am glad I had the chance to be his co-fo. Your doing some amazing work man keep it going
  12. I witness for Domo, this guy is a true die hard KSI member. He has moved up the ranks to become a gen and an outstanding member in KSI. He's has worked closely with his cast if officers to create new leadership. No matter what life situations he goes through he continues to strive in his role in KSI. And for that he has proven to be a die hard, rather than give up he remains here doing work
  13. I witness for ubee. I remember when I joined KSI he was helping me out with information on how to be a good leader. He has so much knowledge about KSI, I am glad I was able to be around him and receive some education from him. He goes all out for his members and continues to remind me why I wanted to become an officer in KSI. Thx ubee for helping me become a awesome leader in KSI. Keep up the good work carnal
  14. I witness for pink, this member has been putting in so much work, time, and effort into KSI. She is always hosting game nights bringing her members together with a positive attitude. She is willing to help and assist any member in her squad. I always recall her sending me messages for help when a member came to her in a time of need. She has grown to be a great leader. I am really appreciative that I was able to help guide this member and work side by side with her. She really puts her heart and soul into her work in KSI. She has shown great potential and I wish her the best. Keep striving pink
  15. I will witness for terrors, this man has stuck it out and worked so hard with his cast of officers to bring his squad up from dark times. He has always taken his time to help rcts as well as any New member that arrives in his squad. His communication skills are up to par, and he seems to overcome any situation that comes his way. Terrors has show exceptional leadership. I Am fortunate to have worked with him and he has Proven to be to a awesome mentor to his officers as well as members in KSI. Keep it up bro
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