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  1. Gamertag: KSI ODINN 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI ODINN 7 Award: Spammer and Excelsior Reason/Evidence: I have 4000 posts and 120 awards
  2. Gotta give a shout-out to my boy @KSI Pastries 7. This man has been in KSI since prehistoric times and was part of the creation of my original division TW. During the time I've known him we've always had a great friendship. Even when we were in different divisions our halo teams would always have the most epic battles during tournaments but after the fight gamenights would be the same as usual. Drinking and just having a blast. He's consistently online and willing to play with whoever wants to play with him, he draws activity from members in whatever game he plays, just a all around solid guy and member in the community.
  3. So this thread is gonna be for all veterans and current members of the armed forces in KSI to chat. Branch: TS: MOS: Something exciting u want us to know about your time in: Branch: USMC TS: 05-09 MOS: 0331/ Machinegunner Something exciting: 2 tours in Iraq, both times Habbaniyah/Fallujah border. A place called ECP 5.
  4. Name: KSI ODINN 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI ODINN 7 Award-/-Achievement: Fresh meat, Rising star, Getting popular, Well known and here to stay. Reason-/-Evidence: I have over 11,000 profile views and almost 9 years on the forums
  5. Name: KSI ODINN 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI ODINN 7 Award-/-Achievement: Gamerscore rookie and Obsessed Reason-/-Evidence: I have over 10,000 Gamerscore and I have over 3000 posts
  6. Goldberg, and the reason is because he's Goldberg.
  7. Tough for sure, 80s is always a solid choice but I would have to say somewhere mid 90s to mid 2000s
  8. College for me is a bit more exciting
  9. Gotta go with the red wings
  10. Name: KSI ODINN 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI ODINN 7 Award-/-Achievement: Forums newb, Forums novice, Forums rookie, Forums addict and over achiever. And for the staff award I would like all hail the pickle king Reason-/-Evidence: I have 3921 posts on the forums and have over 100 awards on the forums
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