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  1. Member has been in for at least a consecutive year with a KSI gamertag
  2. Spammer: Yes. You spamming little spammer you
  3. I can say having worked with Kam in Web and Department Ops closely that he definitively deserves this award. He gives everything that he has to any project he commits to. He is never lax in his duties, even catching issues or mistakes other leaders have made and attempting to correct them in a discreet fashion so as to educate, and not to drag people through the dirt. He is a major driving force behind the Join/Rejoin section, as well as a former Senior Staff AAP member. This guy is known throughout the community as an Outstanding member by many, with plenty of reason for that. You da bomb
  4. The Meta awards are only after the other awards are added to your account, so currently you are at 27 and ineligible until after others would be awarded. You also only get 1 staff award each Meta Level when you reapply for that. Gamerscore Master and Forum Newb: Verified For dedicated, please have someone that can attest to you being in with a KSI tag for 3 consecutive years witness in the topic.
  5. Spring chicken is Verified. You currently only have 69 awards, you'd need to apply for the Meta award after you have 70.
  6. Verified for both awards, evidence that member subbed this month, and a total of 4 other months
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