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  1. Currently, the Divisional Milestone Program has been retired. That is not to say that at a later date and time with changes to either the program or the community that it may be used again. If anyone should have questions/comments/concerns or suggestions regarding the DMP, please feel free to reach out. Thank you, KSI Airborne 7
  2. Gamertag: KSI Hatter 77 @Hatter 77 Rank: Division Leader Recruit Date: 4/8/2013 Induction Date: 10/11/2019 Testimony: Hatter has a long history in KSI but ES is where she finally broke out. When I first got to ES it was a huge work in progress, it was going through a very much needed rebuild and was full of fluff. As soon as I met Hatter I knew where her mind was at and I knew her goals moving forward. Hatter, Jynx and myself started getting together almost daily and continuously trying to make plans for Banshee and even future plans for the divison. Hatter played a big part in the revival of Banshee before handing it over to Jynxie and her as well playing a massive part in taking it to new heights. Hatter is literally always available for her people and shes pushing her members to continue to push themselves to do better because she knows the potential of her divison. ES is on it's way to winning the 2019 div cup and Hatter played a big part of getting people on the forums for SYTYCW and PO discussions helping the rest of the 7 staff push it out to the officers and members as well as leading by example and getting them all done herself.. Once I took over as Division Leader of ES I knew that Hatter was gonna be my right hand till the end, we talked over everything and highly agreed on most if not everything we ever needed to make a decision on. As most people know Hatter is a hard ass but she gives ES everything she has. Being a loving wife and busting her ass trynna be a good mom to her kids Hatter along with Jynx and there entire gen/officer staff. When I got promoted outta ES I knew there were only two people that I would ever want to run that divison after me and that's Hatter & Jynxie I wouldn't have it any other way. Gamertag: KSI Jynxie 7 @KSI Jynxie 7 Rank: Co-Founder Recruit Date: 8/28/2018 Induction Date: 10/11/2019 Testimony: Here, she was thrown into a crap storm of helping me rebuild Banshee ES. This included getting activity on point, fluffing, and recruiting, the whole 9 yards of a massive restructure as my highest ranking staff member. Boy was this time consuming on her part. Working day and night after the New Year's break, we hit the ground running. Clearing out the dead part of Banshee was hard, but Jynx made the load lighter. She was an instrumental part in late night recruiting and helping to train up the new staff that came to us. Within 2 months time, Banshee had gone from 78 members, with maybe a handful of active, to a thriving 80 members who were all extremely active and very competitive. With the work that Jynx put in, she earned herself the coveted Generals position. Here Jynx paved the way for a more competitive, but family friendly squad. Being on day and night still, she never has left a member behind, putting them in front of many things. She’s a fighter, an astoundingly hard worker, a mom, mentor to some, and a close friend to many. She is ALWAYS more concerned about what her members are doing and how they are feeling than about herself. She puts everyone above herself. She wants better for those around her. She goes out of her way to make sure her members understand anything and everything, never hesitating to run a workshop or stop to explain things thoroughly. On June 4th, 2019, Jynxie took on a bigger project, all the while kicking and screaming, and became Co-Founder of ES. It was a decision I will never feel bad about helping make. Being over Succubus and Banshee, and incorporating herself into Angels, she has made waves, all for the good. She has influenced the staff members, giving them a reason to be proud of ES and become more active within the community. Insert Spirit Week rants, Jynx was on constantly helping run teams and make sure situations at hand were being taken care of. She played a big role in how things ran, and continues to do so for the whole Division. Jynx is a power player over here. She's the running back who breaks through the defensive line and secondary, scoring the game winning touchdown. Without her help here in ES, I know things wouldn't be the same. Her love, dedication and drive for all things community is astounding, and she never ceases to amaze the people around her. I can guarantee that she will continue to be a driving force over here in ES as well as KSI. As a beloved member, amazing team player, and my very decorated right hand man, these are the reasons I believe she deserves to be in the ES Divisional Hall of Fame. Gamertag: KSI Barb130 @KSI Barb130 Rank: Captain Recruit Date: 3/18/2017 Induction Date: 10/11/2019 Testimony: Barb has been in Succubus for well over a year. When I first joined the squad in 2018, she was one of the first individuals to respond with excitement to my introductory message. Since that day, barn has made an extreme impact in the workings of our squad. She always stated that she would never change her gamertag because she has had the same one for 13 years. However, the first time I was Gen I had to take an loa due to burn out, and barb decided she wanted to do the unthinkable. She changed her gamertag and became a SSGT. Since then, she has been unstoppable searching for and absorbing as much KSI knowledge as she can. She is very self-driving and scours the forums for information for a question or asks her leaders for anything she needs to know. She is highly organized when it comes to documentation and scheduling for our squad. Furthermore, she is a huge asset in the workings of the squad. Barb goes out of her way to help not only the members of her squad but her division, when they have an issue or if they need help. Many of us love barb as an individual, member, officer, and future leader. Even after everything that would have pushed anyone down, barb has stayed strong and has outshined many officers of the past with her loyalty and dedication to KSI and her squad. She deserved this simply because she is the true meaning of what we strive for in a KSI member.
  3. Gamertag: KSI Majesty @KSI Majesty Rank: General Recruit Date: 7/1/2018 Induction Date: 10/11/2019 Testimony: "Majesty one of the most hardworking an outstanding members in DW. Majesty since day one has a had a game plan an utilized her game night very well... Majesty has done a lot in DW became a general of Samurai, picked up the slack an hosted game night after game night for her squad sometimes pulling double duty. An all of that it great but one thing sticks out to me is her Lieutenant OTY award now she got this award with the hard work an dedication she put in as that rank now mind you she was still relatively new to KSI only been in for about 6 months. So to see that type of accomplishment in such a small time to me is phenomenal. Div Hall of Fame is supposed to be for the members who have done outstanding things in their division an there is a lot on DW but Majesty is the one who sticks out to me." Gamertag: KSI Harmony 7 @Nikki Cola Rank: General Recruit Date: 5/13/2013 Induction Date: 10/11/2019 Testimony: Harmony has been a huge asset for DW she has been on point doing all her duties for the entire time she has been with them. She recently got to general and it is well earned. She goes out on her bad days and only tries to make others smile and feel important. She works in departments AND clan ops but her heart is dedicated to her division holding gamenights by herself and meetings for all of us now she works with her new captain to keep the squad going like a power house!
  4. Gamertag: KSI MeShell 7 @KSI MeShell 7 Rank: Co-Founder Recruit Date: 7/24/2017 Induction Date: 10/11/2019 Testimony: MeShell, better known as Michelle to most, is one of the most fun, nice and Professional members in KSI I've ever come across. She is an amazing Leader and is always there for all the members in DM, no matter what squad they are in. She hosts game nights to help out whenever needed, regardless if she's even over that squad or not. Members all know and flock to MeShell, because she always makes herself available and approachable to everyone in DM. She leads by example always, and has some of the most fun and epic game nights I've ever attended by anyone. Only MeShell could get a full party on games like ROBLOX or UNO with people playing, which aren't always KSI standard typical game nights. Everyone has fun there, and MeShell puts her own spin on things to show all the members in DM the fun in KSI. She also hosts some of the best informative workshops, and is a fountain of knowledge about KSI material in general. She is there at the drop of the hat if need be. MeShell has established herself so well over the past year in DM, as she cares about this Division so much. It shows, through and through, with all the hard work and dedication she puts in. She is the most deserving inductee I could think of this time around for the DM Hall of Fame. Gamertag: KSIDntAskImAwfl @KSIdontask Rank: Lieutenant Recruit Date: 2/24/2018 Induction Date: 10/11/2019 Testimony: DntAsk, better known as Pam to most, has the most warmhearted and caring soul of anyone I know. She is well known throughout DM and KSI, and gets along with everyone! I knew who Pam was before I transferred to DM last summer - she is all over the forums, and I'm sure most would recognize her forums name. Pam makes friends everywhere she goes and so many members throughout DM join her parties whenever they see her on! Even if she can't make a gamenight her name is almost always mentioned ("If only Pam were here to see this!"). As previously mentioned, she is very caring and gives everyone attention - she will be happy to lend an ear if someone is having a rough day and just needs someone to talk to. Pam is a previous General of Venom. She was an amazing General at the time, checking in with all members and making sure everyone is having a good time. But, Pam just does all that stuff naturally, she didn't do it because she was a General, she's constantly checking in with members because that's just the kind of person she is. Everyone looks up to Pam because she is a great leader and role model. She is a force to be reckoned with and an inspiration to all members in DM!
  5. Gamertag: KSI Grifful 7 @KSI Grifful 7 Rank: Division Leader Recruit Date: 7/6/2018 Induction Date: 10/11/2019 Testimony: I cannot think of anyone more deserving of entering the KSI SL division Hall of Fame than KSI Grifful 7. Griff is by far one of the most genuine people I've ever met. You will always know where you stand with him because he is a honest man. He's always trying to help people improve either with constructive criticism or mentorship. He will bend over backwards in order to help anybody in the division. He has mentored, trained, motivated, and uplifted his division to become the second highest division in population. He has the squad splitter award and has used that knowledge and experience to help other people split their squads into two healthy, productive squads. I've never seen someone as dedicated or committed as Griff. He inspires me as well as others to become not only better officers but better people. Grifful's resume speaks for itself. When I joined KSI on May 28, 2019, Griff was only a co-founder. He earned division leader and is now running and extremely successful division. I am honored that I have been able to work with such an amazing leader within KSI. I've seen Griff go above and beyond to help his members and his officers to the point where at one time he was the only seven with in the division, yet he never complained always did whatever he could in order to help the division be successful. He sacrifices his time, sleep, and other things, even though he is a full time college student and has a full-time job, so he can make sure our division is thriving. He is truly outstanding and deserves to be recognized as someone who has bettered our division and KSI as a whole. Griff deserves to become the next Hall of Famer for SL because of his accomplishments and his actions that helped lead SL become the successful division it is today.
  6. Gamertag: @Mr. King 77 KSI xKing 77 Rank: Director/Senior Forum Mod Recruit Date: 7/31/2013 Induction Date: 10/13/2019 Testimony: when he first arrived in ES, the term "ground to make up" was basically planet sized. He had 0 respect, was only second in command, and was thrown into a division where the officer ratios were 20/1 per squad, the division itself consisted of fluff and members that were bunt out, and finally was not represented in annual events, as they were busy trying to plug holes and fix problems within the division. After changes were made and King took hold of steering the ship, I can actually say that you could feel the change almost over night. Immediately a new level of standards and requirements were introduced into the division that set the wheels in motion again. Goals were made that were challenging but not unrealistic compared to what was set prior. Communication was constant and required, if you had an issue, you go see King and no matter what hour of the day it was or how tired he may be, he was there no excuses. His commitment and dedication to the division not only helped save/grow it, but that same energy and passion spread like a fire to all of its leaders, then to its members. I truly believe that if it wasn't for the effort of King and the leaders around him, ES would not be here today.
  7. Workshops are listed in the department notification thread, not in normal nominations. Thanks
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